Obscure Soul By Brenda K Starr – I Still Believe(1988)***messymandella***

On messymandella.com I will continue digging through the crates of my parent’s obscure music and locating hits with distinction and sample worthy material worth revisiting in numerous hidden hits, or obscure soul ballads and rhythm and blues hits.


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RIP Frankie Knuckles: LGBT Icon And Our Musical Pioneer! ***messymandella***

“While the name Frankie Knuckles may not mean much to some people, it means a whole lot more to a multitude of others around the world. He was a DJ, music producer/remixer, Grammy Award-winner and house music pioneer. But more than that, he was a genuinely nice man and it is not every day that you meet a man like him.

He did not simply play records; he was an evangelist, preaching the virtues of house music to the assembled masses from his DJ console pulpit. He was the DJ that other DJs aspired to be; a man with hits such as Your Love and Tears, who helped to make house music the dominant music of his time.


We first met in the Nineties, in Ibiza I think, at a time when the house music scene was once again in its ascendancy. He was the “Godfather of House”, the man who had worked with the pop royalty that is Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Yet he was extrememly down to earth; there was no Don Corleone-style presence, no big entourage, just Frankie Knuckles.

And over the years nothing really changed. No matter where we saw each other, whether it was in Ibiza or a fleeting meeting at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Frankie always greeted you with a big smile. And his infectiously warm demeanour spread to everyone he met or was listening to his music.” -personal tribute from



I AM Every Woman! -By Whitney Houston + Chaka Khan! ***messymandella***


Michael Buble A Song For You ****messymandella***

       Canadian singer, Michael Buble is one of the most phenomenal singers of our generation.

His jazz and soulful chords reach every demographic and genre.

In this case he reinvents Donny Hathaway‘s timeless classic “A Song For You.”

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Believe In You, I Do! Whitney Houston +Mariah Carey***messymandella***

Don’t ever think that your artistic spirit, and talent should be hidden.

Think about the people in your life that aren’t trying to  use your for money, fame, or shelter.

Those are the human interactions that magnify your positive energy, and put that energy into actions!

Hands Down, Your ability and talent will connect and give you what you have missed.

You will have those that willfully hurt you to destroy your faith in yourself, and your ability.

Those insults they hurl at you are just diversions from their unhappy life and a distraction from yours, if you allow it to happen.

They want to bring you down, and you will stop believing!

They want you to be manipulated by your demons.

Keep Pushing, keep living, keep fighting for what you believe!

You will stop believing in your ability as Whitney Houston did…



Listen, and you will find that the “Under Dog” can reach the top, as long as you keep pushing…

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Whitney Houston I Want To Run To You***messymandella***

I Look To You-Kim Burrell +Whitney Houston***messymandella***

Whitney Houston   -   Concert in Central Park ...

Whitney Houston – Concert in Central Park / Good Morning America 2009 (Photo credit: asterix611)

Who do you look to for guidance?

When you are in your darkest moments ,and no one will listen who do you turn to at those life changing moments?

What motivates you after someone breaks your heart?

Do you think you are doing it alone?

No matter what you believe and feel about your faith;  have faith to know you are not doing it alone.

You will have to go through Hell to Get To Heaven!

If you don’t believe that, look inside yourself and find your answers to your  happiness!

You deserve peace and happiness in this life.

 You deserve to look within your heart and mind  to choose your own moral compass to follow.

Sometimes, you will find that voice that you keep hidden under bills, heartache, and exhaustion.

Listen to your voice,  and move toward happiness.


Dolly Rockers Cover Rihanna*Diamonds*


Meagan Good Is A Banger!


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