Emily King – Distance (Official Music Video)***messymandella***


 Meet Emily King, an artist that has garnered fame and respect by touring and creating the music SHE wants to create.

This is her vision and her strength to stay more in tuned with her inner self, and not compromise her talent for a watered down version of her vision.

Get familiar  with a multi genre artist that  every musical ear can easily appreciate admire in the Indie music game.

Emily King is coming to a town near you.


Bondville, VT
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Charlottesville, VA
Vienna, VA
Boston, MA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
New York, NY
Baltimore, MD
Raleigh, NC


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Quantic And Alice Russell Gives Us The Holy Spirit! ***messymandella***

Don’t underestimate that indisputable influence you will encounter this year!

The Artistic world moves in a different direction and leaves nay-sayers behind in the cosmos.

We will NOT warrant a second of pity and defeat  for anyone that confides in us!

We undergo physical and mental ridicule for following our dreams!

We garner hate when those dreams are becoming  a reality, and have to stay focused to ignore insecurity.

Yes, we have to handle business to ensure we have lights, shelter, and food.

Those factors  are mandatory, but your inner growth and legacy are the equivalent to your legacy.

Damn anyone that wants you to believe that  your talent is not adequate to reach the entire world.

They will hold you down, but when that light gets brighter they will drag you down.

Don’t ever think that  your artistic spirit, and talent should be hidden.

Think about the people in your life that aren’t trying to  use your for money, fame, or shelter.

Those are the human interactions that feed into the positive energy!

Alice Russell one of the best singers, you have never heard.

Hands Down, unsung talent that you are missing.

She has of course received favorable reviews, for her soulful  voice.

Listen, and you will agree.

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