Full Circle TV Show Host Queen Guest Mother Of Gakirah Barnes-Alleged Female Assasin***messymandella***

As the hood legend goes, Chicago once had a little girl named “Lil Snoop” who may have killed at least twenty people.

She lost her brother to gun violence and paced those same Chicago streets with a vengeance, or did she?


When you hear her mother sob about both of her children dying to violence, you wonder how does this happen?

I have a question for mother’s that have lost their children to this Violence, you don’t wonder why your child has new clothes that you can’t afford?

If your son or daughter is wearing Gucci, Prada, Fendi and you are wearing Wal-Mart’s Faded Glory, that doesn’t make you wonder where a 15-year-old, with no job received the money to buy these high dollar items?

It is never a mother’s fault of her child’s death, but shouldn’t it be a tidbit of a  sign that maybe your child is not spending his afternoons at the local library? 

Shouldn’t this be a  clue that your child and their friends are living a dangerous life?

K.I. went into a violent tail spin that would not let her rest until she avenged her brother’s death.

Now, did she live a short life of crime or was she just a victim of a false reputation, and a chomped up legend?
We may never have the complete truth about this female teenage assassin due to the fact that she is now with her brother,  but in a casket of her own.

Now, she may be respected, and bragged about like someone with a high credibility,  but that did not stop the gun shots from entering her little body, and ultimately revoking her chance  at  life.
K.I.  was shot nine times in the throat, face and everywhere else…
Her blood was left splattered with her lifeless on the step….

Was her death retaliation or just someone else trying to earn stripes in the game?

Either way here is a brief look at the Chiraq’s late soldier in an invisible war,Gakira K.I” Barnes.


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Freedom =The Panther***messymandella***

Women Of All Races, and Sexual Preference Should Unite-NOW!


Fight to be a Sista to women of all races;we are all connected!

Be That Diva

Live and Fight for your rights

Stay Sexy

Handle Your business

Make Your Voice Heard

Never Back Down

Stay Humble

Be Proud when you look in the mirror

“Keep Your Head Up”

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Inspiration: Closer To My Dreams***messymandella***

Goapele—– Closer


I sit and wonder why I see things, the way I do?

Why do I feel the way, I do?

How did I not realize my destiny?

I guess I had to get closer to my dreams.

Reality can bite you in the ass.

I know karma, and bullying can stifle the creative spirit.

Why would you let someone else keep you from getting closer to your dreams?

You have your own swagger!

You have your own style.

Follow Your Dreams!

I get closer to my dreams every day!

Quvenzhané Wallis Vs The Onion ***messymandella***


         The Oscars of course always seem to be too contrived for my taste. Of course, have a problem with adults, calling children derogatory names. Why would an adult bully a child? Maybe we should ask “The Onion?” Whoever thought it was ok to call  a  beautiful, little girl a “C*nt” does not deserve to write anywhere for that matter.

           When will we have a chance to speak to the writer. Of course, we now that the bully is about to get bullied by the media, himself. I don’t think the writer is racist. That is a bit too much. Just remember he did not use one adjective regarding her ethnicity, or hue of  her skin. He is just an awful person, with a mean streak and shock value issues. Some people feel as if they say the meanest thing, it will be the funniest. If this was an adult, it would still be a misogynist statement. The fact that it is a little girl! That makes in unacceptable and down right disgusting.


Running=Dying To Love + Tupac + Biggie***messymandella***



“Why Am I dying to Live, If  I’m just living to die?”

                                                                    S t o p!


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