The Young Turks :Geraldine Alcorn, 28, Teacher Obsessed With 11 Year Old Girl!***messymandella***This Heffa Here…

“The level of what police in Pittsburgh are calling an ‘obsession’ that a female teacher harbored for her 11-year-old student is clear.
The teacher, Geraldine Alcorn, 28, allegedly encrypted her phone number on the girl’s math homework, exchanged thousands of text messages with her and even discussed running away with the child, according to media reports.
Yet, the idiotic police doubt there was a sexual motive behind the well-liked teacher’s alleged obsession, according to WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh, which reports:
Police don’t believe Alcorn’s attraction to the girl was sexual, but say she continued to leave gifts and letters for the girl at school, even after resigning.”
The station quotes one Pittsburgh parent, Frank DeMarco, whose daughter also had Alcorn as a teacher, as describing how Alcorn related to young students on their level.”
      This is one of the most disturbing pedophilia cases I have encountered in a while. This is sickening to say the least, because even after the teacher  “resigned” she still sent  this 11-year-old girl over 2,400 romantic text, which was highly inappropriate from an adult to any child.
     This teacher even attempted to get legal possession of this child. She planned on running away with the little girl and sent her messages of profound love and obsession. This is so insane and obscene to say the least.
     Parents must pay attention to your children’s messages and text and social media habits. Social media can disguise illegal and harmful situation.


This woman is unstable to say the least, and in her mind she could have believed she was in love.
       The obsessive mind will convince you to hurt or murder the victim of the obsession. As I looked in Mrs. Alcorn’s eyes, I realized that she is a plumb damn fool. This teacher is capable of anything, because even after resigning from school, she still harassed this child.
          I pray she gets  mental evaluations and some shock therapy, and we can agree she deserves it. Why would a 28-year-old woman feel the need to text an a 11-year-old girl 2,400 times anyway?
        This is bizarre to say the least and this child could have been molested by this teacher, but story has a few holes in it because the time line is confusing. I am positive the parents thought after Mrs. Alcorn resigned that she was no longer a threat.
          The parents were sadly wrong, and this is why if children are under the age of 15 and you have social media it should be monitored by and adult to keep that child out of harm’s way.
          This little girl felt some allegiance or misguided trust for her teacher, because she never reported it to her mom. She could have thought like any 11-year-old that her teacher loved her and she would keep her teacher’s secret.
        When it comes to molestation or Pedophilia the victim will feel the need to protect their tormentor, and I understand from my personal experience this is the case. Adults are supposed to protect these children.
Don’t just let this teacher resign, this heffa needs and indictment.

        If this was “To Catch A PredatorChris Hanson would be in the kitchen waiting for this heffa to walk outside. ARREST her and punish here as if she was a man.
        She can ‘t get away with  a  crime, due to society’s  double standard. She was wrong and she needs to be locked up with Big Bertha  and Big Sally on Cell Block 6, so she can feel love during “Lights Out.”
        She is beyond disgusting for this unacceptable behavior and this little girl’s stolen innocence will haunt her as an adult.  This experience will  unfairly change her perception of the  little  girl’s world. She was too young and this should have never happened and it is mandatory to execute justice! This lady has no scruples or respect for her decisions .
               I sadly wish that this behavior would have been caught earlier.Once the damage is done, you have to live through the abuse and still attempt to do better. Even if now the  victim  doesn’t understand how the teacher that  claimed to love her, manipulated her.


Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation Will Be Inducted In The Library Of Congress.Why The Hip Hop Culture Murder Her Message?***messymandella***

English: Lauryn Hill, performing in New York's...

English: Lauryn Hill, performing in New York’s Central Park in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






women rapped and kept their under garments on and just spit their lyrics.

Only a few pictures of men could get glimpse of a bathing suit  a bra top or  a wardrobe  malfunction but that was it, it would go no further. Lets be clear, I also adore most female rappers in this industry but these are half-naked most of the time because is it so common place these days.

When you are an avid activist of women In the arts, such as myself, you understand  Lil Kim and Mrs. Minaj and message of female expression and empowerment, even if you don’t care for the perception and the molding of the young female minds. 

However unfortunate  but obvious is that  women have abandoned the life lessons of solidarity and we are culture “Misededucated” but that money will overshadow the power to our people and education of our youth  will make millions these days.


The revised rap blue print for women   is  a paradox to the Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill and her foreshadowing on the slut like activity of women that we celebrate and even honor at the Grammys.

Lauryn was cut from a different cloth and opened our ears to self-pride and self- preservation.

Apparently the Hip Hop Nation will not be able to envision another genius who also carried herself like a queen, and not a “Trap Queen.”


Back then, a person would not be half naked every day unless she was a day time hooker.

While we as women and men  should be somewhere  somewhere protesting, and demanding fair treatment by men, we are subconsciously every stereotype to “keep” a man.

        Thanks to Snap Chat, Twitter, and  Instigram we are so disillusioned of  what is substantive or superficial?

      No pictures of Queen Latifah‘s big draws or MC Lyte‘s   panties would have been posted all over social media.

We relentlessly speak of Women Empowerment, but that is not what the younger listeners are going to identify with and embrace.

        The message of mental strength is lost with butt shots,mindless sex and  money over anything genuine in life.We have to nourish our families physically and psychologically

       We don’t comprehended how lost and fake we are in this world and Kendrick Lamar is kicking off that knowledge.

Lauryn Hill foreshadowed our mental and spiritual weakening  and the truth was too scary for her so she escaped her public existence and moved out of the industry.

      Mrs. Hill is the woman who could have been on the level of Nina Simone,but she escaped her surroundings and lost her musical vision in this ever changing hasty culture.


It is challenging to stand up for your self -respect and principles when you are trying to protect your people, usually the backlash comes from  your message from the very people you are trying to empower.


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Get Familiar With South Carolina’s Under Ground Rapper, Julz Jones!***messymandella***

AGE: 23
         I am thoroughly impressed with the mind of Julz Jones because his music gives him a leadership voice inside a generation that is usually more concentrated on self-worth and irresponsibility. The Julz Jones you hear in songs like “long way from home” contain messages of apprehension and distrust in relationships, something young adults complain about a lot but still grasp the the concept of. Then we have songs such as “nobody’s favorite rapper (Coup De Etat)” where Julz chooses to display his ability to match rhymes with ideas in a instructional manner as if to say “i heard you Rakim”. Lines like “ its funny how all of a sudden they into Julz, and Murphy’s Law the only reason that you been confused” captures the intelligence of the artist and mixes it with the bravado of a confident writer.
        You believe him when he raps. I spend a long time wondering if Julz is a southern rapper that has up north influences or a southern-influenced rapper with a northern accent. He seems to embody an entire coast of music.
          He does appear to speak compassionately about topics such as materialism and love which may be a direct result of his upbringing in impoverished neighborhoods in a single family household. If only his sound quality and production matched his talent.
As far as looking for this generation’s leader: the evidence is apparent. It’s Julz Jones. The kid who got kicked out of class for winning the debate against the teacher.
        The substance abuser who tells you why he prefers natural herbs over pharmaceutical-distributed drugs. The young man who got his college degree but never forgot to think outside of the box. The student who did other students work for studio time money. The artist who writes an opinion piece on himself.
          The rapper who never uses the same flow twice. The rapper who names his album “Coupe De Etat” in order to foreshadow his impact on today’s rap culture. The artist who appreciates all genres of music.
The rapper who lives life as an individual with interesting viewpoints on good energy and powerful results, has a natural talent and ability to captivate an audience.
Yes, I have found him and so should you!



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