where is south carolina’s akira barnes?***messymandella***


Akira was last seen on February 10, 2014, however she was declared a missing person November 10,2014 . She is biracial female with a slender build. Akira is African American and Caucasian descent. Her ears are pierced and she has a tattoo on her left thigh.

When Akira was last seen, her hair was dyed bright red and shaved on the left side. If you have information or leads to get her back home.

Contact Spartanburg Department of Public Safety (South Carolina) 1-864-596-2222 or you can also call 1-800-The-Lost.

Akira is too young and vulnerable out there, she needs justice.

Imagine, if someone is holding her hostage, and she can’t get home at least send an anonymous tip. Sometimes our missing are not allowed to contact the outside world out of fear and Stockholm Syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome occurs when capture-bonding relationship. It is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors even if they are being held captive and victimized.

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indie video: prospect- (colorblind) don’t shoot!***messymandella***

Instagram & Twitter: Yaladysprospect

Prospect Raps About & Voices His feelings on America, Black Community, and Black Empowerment.

Believes that Gun Violence Needs to Stop. Police Brutality should be rectified, and more Love should be distributed rather than Hatred.

Inspired by 2014 Injustice of Crimes, Police Brutality, and Every day Murders and Overall Injustice.

R.I.P Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner && Many Other Fallen Soldiers of The Black Community.

confederate flag will finally be gone, for good!***messymandella***

What does today mean for South Carolina?


Tensions are in the air as we remove the Confederate Battle flag that was only suppose to be hanging for a short period of time, but became a  constant reminder of the war that we lost.
Heritage, heritage, heritage…
Slave shackles were part of the heritage of our South Carolina ancestors, but do we need to stare wear shackles on my feet to  remember slavery?
No, not at all.
We lost the war, I repeat we lost the war!
If the Confederate States  were victorious in their quest, I would not be able to read without an oil lamp, while I would be the best house slave ever. If the Confederate Flag would have been a victorious flag, Paula Deen‘s slave  fantasies would be a reality.
Now, South Carolina still attempted to buy time for  a decision to be made regarding removal of the flag. Pro-Confederate Flag supporters were utilizing every minute and measure to  retain control over this flag. This debate ongoing until the end of the year. South Carolina representative Jenny Horne fixed that , quick, fast and in a hurry.
If their was a Nazi flag hanging on the State House would that be considered the heritage?
Wait, think about it where is the variance?
Both flags are used  by the Aryan Nation, Klux Klux Klan and other hillbillies that have no idea how to interact with other ethnicity’s?
Is the Nazi Flag not a representation of the oppression and hatred towards other race?

Did both flags represent dominance based on ethnic and  historical backgrounds?


How can anyone with eyes and ears be stupid enough to watch the KKK march with the Confederate Flag and the Nazi Flag and not assume that both flags are representations of Hate and only heritage?


No excuse for  the lack of humanity or insanity of  dying by something one has  no control over, something as minor as  the color of their skin, or ethnic origin.


Dylan Roof aka Super Douche, may have murdered nine people for  a race war by vindicating a flag, that HE BELIEVED was a representation of hate. This hate crime didn’t receive the results that he desired, but still nine people are dead.
Dylan dreamed to be celebrated by racist. Now all races are apprehensive about his stupid ideologies  and bigotry  that destroyed the separatist party and had the adverse effect on the flag debate.

Now elderly bigots are going to have tension with the younger bigots, and unity and love won in the end. 
It is always love that gets you through!

Dylan, you did not vindicate any race, in fact you caused the racist more problems and you facilitated the human race in getting that pesky flag down.

Those nine  lives are never going to be forgotten and you now our the one that racist will remember as the fool that helped the NAACP out as for the rest of the world, we say you did not win!

This is the SECOND time the Confederate Flag has suffered a lost.

Life will never be the same for you as  soon as it becomes nights out.

I am sure they are still protecting  you Dylan, but you traveled to murder people with your three stooges hair cut and shifty eyes and now what?  

You will realize in the night and shower time, color  of skin doesn’t matter after “lights out” and I hope during shower time (Bonding time) you drop the soap nine times a week for every life you stole.



South carolina’s jenny horne’s speech to demand removal of the confederate flag***messymandella***

When you encounter bigotry, the social class  and education opportunists are facilitated to create  more of a division. 
Nine people are dead, but now that Confederate Flag, is back in the news.

Honestly, in South Carolina, you will meet people that will invite you to dinner or on the lake, while wearing a Confederate Hat.
            Do all supporters of the Confederate Flag have hatred for minorities ?
Nope, and black soldiers fought in the Confederate War, but was it by choice? 
Take it down
Take it down for the nine deaths in Charleston, South Carolina
Take it down for the strange fruit that hung from the the Southern trees.



the confederate flag is about heritage? heritage my ass…***messymandella*** let love rule*




brittany bre newsome snatches the confederate flag down!***messymandella***#keepitdown #freebre

Welp, this sista is sitting in  my local county jail house but damn it she makes me  beam with her impatient decision  and irrational, but practical solution to all of the bickering.


We demand love for the state  of South Carolina and our united nations.  Brittany climbed  a 30 feet pole and snatched Dylan Roof’s symbolism and interpretation of what that flag represents all the way down, and it is time.

Nine people died and heritage had nothing to do with that flag.
Dylan, I hope you have a slow fall to hell, and take that flag with you!
Keep it down!


charleston, south carolina hate crime incites retribution and unification***messy

Living and traveling through this ambitious world, we are cautioned upon entering dangerous situations and using our voices to connect to the outer world to explain our perspective world.  When a family is among their spiritual family, we are asked why? When we travel the world to each tragedy that will inpact history, we ask “Were was God?” “Why did God, not save them?” We are outraged but determined to remain unified in South Carolina, but when and where did this terrorist, get the idea than murdering 9 innocent people made him pro-white? Why did 9 people dying give the 21 year old terrorist power, and who and what gave him the idea that he would garner respect from non blacks? Who did he intend to impress? As details emerge regarding the deaths and brutal murders it is time to look at Fox News and Donald Trump and the KKK, for pathetic brain washing and underhanded tactics to separate the nations by economic class and color of skin.
             I once worked for a bigot. They will never donate money for children for Christmas or help out  in poor neighborhoods, because they are better and richer than them.   I understand that a bigot  will  spend endless money on themselves and trips to look down at the common folks. Self obsession and greed motivates them to hold tightly to all of their money  and judge those who are not the same color of skin, or not in their tax bracket.   
            When you encounter bigotry, the social class  and education opportunists are facilitated to create  more of a division.  Nine people are dead, but now that Confederate Flag, is back in the news. Honestly, in South Carolina, you will meet people that will invite you to dinner or on the lake, while wearing a Confederate Hat.
            Do all supporters of the Confederate Flag have hatred for minorities ? Nope, and black soldiers fought in the Confederate War, but was it by choice? 

Nope, but the KKK has decided to lay that flag near dead black bodies, and burn crosses with that flag as part of the presentation of ignorance. Everytime the KKK sent a message of fear, that flag was part of the presentation.  When they came looking for my great grandfather and he had to hide in a barrell of potatoes to not be lynched, do you really think that flag wasn’t near by the KKK?

If the pro white people in South Carolina  don’t understand what has happened, let me explain  the predicament at hand and how their hatred finally will tear down the evil past that we don’t like to discuss here, in South Carolina.  The “Flag Debate” has died down, because most South Carolinan‘s assumed that it would NEVER get removed.

              Well, that flag is now back in the news and so now, did the 21 year old terrorist exposed the ignorance of the debate and now this flag may come down, finally. Racialism is the cataylist that propelled a young bigot to  murder innocent people, destroyed the history in our oldest black South Carolina church, and will undoubtedly the rest of the world wants to know why that flag is still flying?


South Carolina became a prominent landmark  from Walter Scott‘s death, but 9  people were murdered in our oldest black church, while the Confederate Flag sways over the State House.  I understand that some people will be upset if the flag will come down due to heritage, but as a South Carolina native that flag has NEVER been my flag, and it will never be…
Take it down and create a memorial for the nine people murdered and interview the family  of the terrorism and find out who gave that 21 year old that gun?  I am not concerned about the gun debate, but that is not a gun you need to hunt with, unless you are hunting humans.  We can’t escape justice, but now that flag will be given to the KKK as a  momentum for the brainwashing and self hate that they continue to spread.This time racism will be addressed, and American‘s from everywhere will attend memorials and President Obama will be in Charleston. The time has come to take that damn flag down!

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