Phantogram – Big Boi – A$AP Rocky***messymandella***



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Oct 05 ACL Festival Austin, TX Tickets RSVP
Oct 10 ACL Festival Austin, TX Tickets RSVP
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Sade-By Your Side***messymandella***


NOW! Cherish The Day__SADE***messymandella***


As the minutes tick away, passes by each day,

I wish there was a way to keep the time at bay.
Diligently the seconds go on, Morning after dark after morn.

With each new memory born, the older ones are faded and gone.
So cherish
the melody of the reminiscences we’ve got, for,in joy and pain,were they wrought.

In the mind the memoirs may blot, Write them in the heart where they tarnish not.

Pauvel Jétha 


What are you going to do, sit around scared of your own shadow? Are you too scared of rejection? Never underestimate yourself!Your life is happening NOW! Can you believe, that you have made it this far, even when others tried to bring you down to that gutter with them. You almost fell for it, hook line and sinker but you reached inside yourself, and became You!You know people will try to destroy you at work, at home, and in the streets. You have a blueprint to guide you through your own destination! I believe we turn off our hearts, and our intuition.
Now, look around you and breathe. Look at who tried to bring you down and laugh. They didn’t win! While you are enjoying your new lease on life,they will tomorrow, next week, and even next month still try to destroy you. Love is in all of us, and we have so much to give. Let them live in the past failures we can’t change. You better live NOW! When someone hates you its like them drinking Clorox to kill you! The hate will not poison or kill you, so who is it hurting?

The Kiss Of Life

Sade Such Beauty. Timeless Voice. Innovative Style. Sade. Never as Good As the first Time. When Will the first time happen?                      


  Yuna is a Malaysian Singer that is new to the game. Obviously very pretty and talented. She gives something new to listen to, so listen! I love this sound. It’s not really pop, not really Neo-Soul. Yuna provides a relaxing voice,and always puts me in a relaxing  mood.She has her own site where you can preview her new music. Yuna  also has other side projects. She owns her own Clothing Store. She has her Bachelors in Legal Studies. She has teamed up with Pharrell for productions.  Check This Sista Out!Here is The Link to her site .I know artist, can get agitated with comparisons to other artist. She shouldn’t mind if I compare her to Sade. That is a damn good thing!Check out her video for Live Your Life.   These are my favorites from Yuna. Come As You Are (remake of Nirvana’s hit). Yuna has the potential to become a pivotal part of 2012 Best New Artist Movement!


Sade-Somebody Already Broke My Heart

Somebody Already Broke My Heart -SADE

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