Yuna- “If you really want to…” ***messymandella***

Yuna is a Malaysian Singer that is new to the game. Obviously very pretty and talented. She gives something new to listen to, so listen! I love this sound. It’s not really pop, not really Neo-Soul.


Yuna provides a relaxing voice,and always puts me in a relaxing mood.She has her own site where you can preview her new music. Yuna also has other side projects.



She owns her own Clothing Store. She has her Bachelors in Legal Studies. She has teamed up with Pharrell for productions.
Check This Sista Out!

Here is The Link to her site .I know artist, can get agitated with comparisons to other artist. She shouldn’t mind if I compare her to Sade.


That is a damn good thing!


Check out her video for Live Your Life.



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KYRA covers (Jessie J feat. Ariana Grande- Nicki Minaj)bang bang ***messymandella***

Kyra sanging this damn song.
Listen to 90’s soul  and you will observe the power in  her voice it as rivals Christina Aguilera.

The 90’s  most romantic and respected genre when we ignored that singing in the new studios.

You know, that disturbing trend of image over voice. You know that sound when  transitioning of auto tune mixed with

helium and some old school whippets.

  You have to respect, and adore your talent, so it will improve.

We didn’t worry about selling ass, we worried about class!

Your life is about  creating  a legacy worth while.





If  we are not working towards those three  determining factors, we are living in a short-term gratification and just wasting our time on this planet. It is not about just what is  hot, not what is worthwhile,as in our  classic voices of Soul.

Women vocalist that establish a legacy can retire, make 7 to 8 comebacks, and we will STILL  will download their music and visit them on concert!


 Aretha Franklin

Carolyn King

Gladys Knight

Mary J,Blige

 Lisa Stansfield

  Patti Labelle



When I heard this GORGEOUS woman hit these high notes, I felt like this below.




The Diamond Life With SADE * Monie Love And Queen Latifah …***messymandella***




Ester Rada – Could it be? ***messymandella***

Ester Rada is an Israeli vocalist,  actress  and song writer that released her EP “Life Happens”  that illustrates her stylized  jazz  and soulful vocals. 

Ester brings  forth a reverence for artist similar to SadeEmile Sande, Corinne Bailey Rae and Amel Larrieux   and others that interpolate more than one genre of jazz, and soul into their songs.

In other continents,  Ester  is performing at Oklahoma Jazz Hall Of Fame, and currently on tour. 

She released her second video from “Life Happens” titled “Monster”  and she delivers  a welcomed departure from the pop scene where at times, singing comes second and image overshadows ability to catch a tune, even with catcher’s mitt.

Ester  has enhanced her visibility of a demographic  due to her Ethiopian  Jazz, groove  and because of her diverse background she delivers her musical vision with precision and inventiveness.

This video scenery is alluring and breathtaking and impressionable.
It is obvious through her unyielding drive and abilities which include all of the fine arts and love for the eccentric.
She is one of the reasons I ventured into every other culture, beliefs, and world music, to seek out other artist similar to Ester Rada.

This  EP from  Ester Rada will carve her unique niche in this ever changing, but flourishing independent musical scene.


Phantogram – Big Boi – A$AP Rocky***messymandella***



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Sade-By Your Side***messymandella***


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