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This Baby Is Not Here For His Mammy’s Late Night Shenanigans***messymandella***



CLASSIC ***messymandella***Remembering Robert Yummy Sandifer***messymandella***



This story will break your heart.This little boy died at the age of 11 known as a Black  Disciple and a killer. Robert “Yummy” Sandifer had a rap sheet a mile long. Some people were happy he was gone.

Some children knew how he loved to draw,and was abused and constantly had cigarette burns on his body.The Time Magazine published a story on his death,and asked the family for a picture.They only had his mug shot.


This 11-year-old who carried guns,went into his casket with a suit that was too big for his little body,and his teddy bears.

Yummy died in an alley,killed by his own gang .

This dead boy killed Shavon Dean, a neighborhood friend with a stray bullet. He called his grandma and wanted to confess. The Black  Disciples heard he would confess.


Yummy was escorted by his BD members. They killed him,instead of hiding him, like they promised. Yummy(who loved sweets),died in an alley full of broken glass.His grandmother(Mom) wanted to find him.She carried his clothes with her,and was ready to bring him home,to confess. Here is the documentary link http://mediaburn.org/video/weekend-tv-sandifer-murder/ Please realize the quality is grainy,but message authentic. UPDATE: If too many people are watching the video at the same time, you can’t access the link. Here is a crime scene video on the case. http://mediaburn.org/video/robert-sandifer-murder-case-5/#video from Andrew Jones. Thanks to Mediaburn.org!***Actual Funeral Footage***


Yummy had so many brothers and sisters,and they were all getting abused ,and burnt by cigarettes.The coroner report said he had 49 scars on his bodyhttp://articles.chicagotribune.com/1996-10-31/news/9610310281_1_abuse-victim-donoghue-scars. One of his brothers went blind because his mom would not take him to the doctor. His grandmother was his mom. He called his mom “Reen”. This lost soul haunted Tupac.”Shorty want to be a thug” paid homage to Robert Yummy’s short life. In this interview You can see Yummy’s mug shot in the background. This is the song that was made to remember the tragedy.http://youtu.be/eN6S8G_SXCg



There is also a book based on his life, that it is read to inner city youth to keep them from ending up, like Yummy.



Here is part 2, the aftermath of Yummy’s death.http://messymandella.com/2012/07/17/robert-yummy-sandifers-killers/ Yummy’s book is read as a lesson plan in inner city schools.


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NSFW:Why My Homie Had To Go? ***messymandella***Snitching On Thy Self!-King Lil Jay

NSFW: UDUBB NETWORK – Charron vs B Magic***messymandella***


Everyone Is Talking About Niki Minaj’s Anaconda! Watch It Here!***messymandella***


Our Culture Needs To Ease Up On Lil Mama! ***messymandella***

We must stop attempting to make excuses for how horrible the urban media treats this poor girl,Lil Mama. I have previously made comments, but imagine if you were being called ugly and talentless in front of millions of people? No woman deserves that torture and humiliation. When does the line disappear between being satirical and just plain horrendously evil? I witnessed that look of embarrassment in shame, and felt guilty and horrible during that interview. As a woman, I felt her pain, and would not be able to even continue with this interview. I am a fan of Charlemagne The God, but this is a young lady that he is calling ugly and insulting was tasteless. It is so easy to jump on the bandwagon, but it takes a courageous person to admit, this was dead wrong.

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