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Why I fell in love with Hip-Hop?




Troop Suits

Big Hooped Door Knocker Earrings

Patent Leather shoes

Friday Night Videos

Rap City

Queen Latifah

MC Lyte

A Tribe Called Quest

The Ghetto Boyz

Pump It Up With Dee

I would sneak my little bad ass up with crackerjacks, my old school pony tails, and my Rail Road Pup stuffed animal!

If you ever meet ***messymandella’s*** mama, ask her these questions.
Ask my mama why my pony tails were always askew?  Why did my pony tails look like they were directing traffic?   


bobby shmurda’s girlfriend attempts to sneak shank into riker’s island and he turns down 8 year plea deal!***messymandella***

Bobby Shmurda has remained on my prayer list for his lack of support and abandonment from Epic Records. The damage of institutionalization has diminished any inkling for Bobby to leave the life of crime and social slavery. Now that he is in the belly of the beast,his life will never be the same.
       Sadly, Bobby’s  18 year old girlfriend, Kimberly Rousseau allegedly attempted to smuggle a shank in a black latex glove inside for her man,Bobby Shmurda to prove her loyalty and stupidity.
        As a former woman in her situation, I am here to tell this young lady, you can not do a damn thing for him but support and hope that when he makes out of the box.Maybe he will repay your loyalty with his undying love and loyalty and a more stable financial life.
        Sometimes that betterment that you wish for can be a dream you were sold, and a scam to improve their stay and string you along.He may do his time and have another woman to come home too,and his gang…Realistically, the same fools he was with when he got locked up,will be waiting on him as soon as his feet hit the ground.
           What that man does after he is released from the prison system  is solely up to him, after all he is a free man. Your future with that man is boldy decided in the end by his behavior,but in the end what is best for you?
         In the case of Bobby Shmurda’s girlfriend,Kimberly Rousseau, When you endanger your freedom, you are not a ride or die, you are a ride or dummy. You don’t jeopardize your freedom, little ladies. Kimberly is already 18 and now she has a criminal hit on her social security number and hasn’t reached the legal drinking age, or enter any night clubs or bars!
Kimberly, do you even understand that you will not be on that prison visitation list, because of your hasty decision?
         Little girl, you actually assume that if he does serious time that you will be the only woman he will ever glance at him through that glass?
       If you are banned from visiting correction institute, then some other female will be in that seat, peaking through that glass.
      You can hold a man down, but be strong enough to understand that when he comes home it is not a fairy tale.You are not suppose to be enticed into ruining your criminal record,to earn his respect. Kimberly, you and the rest of the ladies out there are still young enough to change your life around.  
Dear Bobby,
       If you love this woman, you don’t endanger her and her chance at her having a better life now that your life is in turmoil.
          You are already facing decades in that prison and this is going to paint the exact picture and urban stereotype that the district attorneys used to trap your  ass in Rikers Island for gun charges and trafficking. It is selfish to add that woman’s name on another one of your indictments.
         Maybe, you are desperate at this point and  she is naive but the fact that both of you have plead different to the same charge means, that you never discussed the consequences if she was not able to get your merchandise inside Rikers’s Island!




when teaching ‘hood etiquette’ goes wrong! what in the trapped out the bando hell did I just watch? ***messymandella***

I mean if I didn’t comprehend the drug game, I do now.

Is this the “Future Trapper Association For The Future Prison Trustees?”

While those babies are dancing not  one adult is listening to this muckery, or whipping on this sweaty man? 


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Reasons Why Women And Men Love Chrissy Teigen-Legend!***messymandella***



color money defense fight training: plies gets flung like a chicken nugget.***messymandella***most read story today

Destruction, havoc and ignorant movements are situations that are easily captured and thanks to the evil and entertaining phone footage that is so easily obtained these Hood moments are available to the world! You are able to witness every event in anyone’s mortifying and even defining situations. 
Some events will never be erased thanks to YouTube.
We must all thank World Star for the lengths that they will go to capture every moment that in a sense makes us look like fools, but we still can’t turn away or stop visiting the site.
This foolery could easily explain the hood incidents in the  footage floating around now with a guy that is slightly browner and a slimmer version of Bart Simpson‘s late nemesis “SideShow Bob.”

This man decided that Plies had performed long enough and he didn’t mind ending Plie’s show of imaginary hits on his own terms. These fights are reoccurring events without security, but PLIES had 30 people on stage. 5 shirts say “SECURITY” and they ain’t secure a damn thing!


    Moody Green is the one that assumed Plies wanted to hug and meet and greet. This incident happened in Coliseum, Tallahassee and in front of his security team. “Color Money” is the phrase that we should yell as soon as we are grabbed and body slammed while security looks away.


His security guard grabs Plie’s book bag instead of the man they are paid to protect. Why did they even allow a disgruntled concert goer on the stage, and not protect the bite-size rapper?

Plies would have a better chance being protected by

Call them plies


Pretty In Peach: Get The Apricot Lip ***messymandella***Lana Del Rey





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