FEMCEES___^REMIX___^ Rah Digga+Missy+MJB+Da Brat ***messymandella***

Nostalgic and what not, today!

Unification in the female rap game!

We should try that now…

Don’t forget about the Da Brat, Lady Of The Rage( I wore afro puffs and looked like Minnie Mouse) Rah Digga, MC Lyte, and Queen Latifah and Missy, Aaliyah…

  Now those  box braids, over sized sweaters, body suits are makeing a comeback. Please Lord, let Finger Waves stay in the past,  but bring back that Hip Hop themed shows like “New York Undercover!” 

This time make sure Malik Yoba has lotion and chapstick…

The music and vibe bring that proud and unified and strong atmosphere. Nobody gave a damn how wet it got, or how many people you could fit in it. Then Lil Kim, and Missy popped it like Crisco, while Missy’ had urges. ” My hormones jumping like a disco..”

Those are her words, not mine.

Yes,believe it or not, they have on clothes!

They were fighting to be heard,  AND seen!




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Talib Kweli feat. Abby Dobson – State of Grace***messymandella***

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