NEW:Mobb Deep – Shook Ones (Live on KEXP) Quiet Storm ***messymandella***


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Lords Of The Underground***messymandella***


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Talib Kweli feat. Abby Dobson – State of Grace***messymandella***

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Quiet Storm ^Lil Kim And Mobb Deep ***messymandella***

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Love Advice From Ghostface Killah ***messymandella***

Don’t plot revenge!
Don’t Say You Are Sorry, if you only sorry you got caught!
This Public Service Announcement is from the one any only, Tony Starks!
Don’t Get Your Man Back Like That!




Coachella 2013—-Wu-Tang Reunite***messymandella***


Action Bronson-Strictly For My Jeeps***messymandella***

Action Bronson and his Bacon Burger Flow, is a breath of fresh air.

Yes, Action Bronson has barz and biscuits for days!

No need to hide the fact that he adores Chitterlings, we knew that!

No need to deny that Action Bronson realizes that he, is the elephant in the room.

He is damn comfortable in his skin.

Action Bronson is always be compared to Ghostface Killah

Harry Fraud is a musical genius that is a part of this Musical project straight out of Queens!

Harry Fraud has produced numerous beats from Rappers, including French Montana.

Listen to the style and recipes, of the Chef Action Bronson!

 He located  Riff Raff, to make a cameo.

Harry Fraud is helping to propel Action Bronson’s Music, and keeping him fed.

We gonna see a lot of Action Bronson, I ‘m sure of it!


Wu-Tang -El Michels Affair ***messymandella***

Styles P=It’s Over

It’s Over


M.E.T.H.O.D. Man

The Method Man

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