Los Angeles Police Shooting, Black Homeless Man Dead (VIDEO) ***messymandella***


They murder us and walk away, and never face a day in prison because it is ALWAYS justified.
While  we march and cry  for stolen lives, they may never face and indictment or even have to explain themselves for their power hungry actions.
We march, we cry but we soon forget!
Why is this this scenario is a recurring nightmare that never finds a resolution?
No one is getting punished for killing us! 

The law protects are killers, if  they are wearing a badge.

Now, if their is a badge on their shirts, they have the authority to murder you, curse at you, put the dogs on you,beat you with not even an indictment.

They will  make it home for dinner after they have laugh about it  with their fellow officers.

Last step is to have a police conference, and at their own discretion explain what happened 4 days later.

If we are at the scene of a crime, do we are 4 days to explain what happened?

History has taught us that we never walk away, from these situations, with justice.

Actually in these situations, we  are usually driven away by an ambulance or a coroner.
If a family member demonstrates unrest and tears they will also be at fault.
Families are suppose to watch their loved one murdered and not ask why.
Some mothers and daughter show up to the crime scene and are tasered, beat with billy clubs and

also arrested and verbally assaulted, because of questioning authority.
How dare they ask why their loved one is on the ground shot to death, or strangled to death?
If the killer is wearing a badge, it is justified, right?
Anything is possible when the wrong person is wearing that badge.
What direction should our little boys take, when they are approached by the police?

Should they stay and fall to their feet with a barrage of bullets, or should they take their chances to run?

We are instructed to follow the rules but it appears that we were not told, holding a badge gives you free range to murder, assault, and receive paid  vacation time .

We must do this while our men lay  at the morgue for no damn reason.



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