NEW:Bridging The Gap: DNA VS Serius Jones ***messymandella***

       DNA has taunted Serius Jones and numerous first generation  battle  rap legends over social media, but it is out of love and reverence. These men remind us why the underground scene has received many imitated leagues and countless new battle rap contenders.

         In the past week, the media forgot about these rappers that respect the game, and  beef for sport!  No  negativity, no prison mess hall theatrics but pure lyrical jabs.

        DNA is a young battler that popped out of nowhere, just like his tooth. DNA has garnered attention because of his freestyle ability and his stage presence. DNA and his ghost tooth are coming for the crown. Serius Jones hasn’t battled in the ring in a minute, but he is being slowly dragged out of retirement. If DNA and Serius Jones battle, it will be pandemonium and will undoubtedly become a classic. This is the culture, age disses and LYRICAL beef, that will end with nothing but a positive vibe, and countless battle verses to admonish from a Freestyle King, Serius Jones and  a Freestyle Prince DNA  that is making it loud and clear that he is gunning for  “Control” of the crown.

Kanye Kardashian Booed AGAIN, At Bonnaroo Due To His Emotional Rants… ***messymandella***

Kanye West will twist your wig, if you get in the way of his Diva Decisions!

Watch Kanye West prove why a straight jacket, should be his uniform.

Yep, Kanye has shown his ass for the 515484044TH time.

I don’t know what happened after he made it “Through The Wire”, but I don’t like it one bit.

Kanye West and his delusional importance in literature, compared himself  to “William Shakespeare” but not only did Delusional Debbie say he was going after “Shakespeare. ”

The story doesn’t end there folks, Kanye wasn’t through embarrassing himself, so the next rant he decided to tell the audience he would be better than “Walt Disney.”

“I ain’t concerned about anyone who’s living,” Kanye ranted to concertgoers. “I ain’t going after no one on the radio. I’m going after Shakespeare. “I’m going after Walt Disney. I’m going after Howard Hughes. I’m going after David Stern. I’m going after Henry Ford.”



The superficial deafening of name dropping demonstrates how far removed Kanye is from his original fan base. He used the system and Hip Hop to build up an empire on false propaganda and an artificial flow just to rub elbows with Marc Jacobs and Anna Wintour? You have stripped every authentic hair on you to become an elitist that only cares about his leather and fur coats. Children in Chicago don’t have blankets or Christmas trees this year, but you have more pressing issues with your sewing machine. Mr. West lately seems Narcissistic and complex to anyone with clarity and perception.

When Kanye West told the world that “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People!” the world laughed but agreed with him for speaking up for minorities. Now, Kanye West has his entire clothing line based on the Confederate Flag. I agree it is form of heritage in South Carolina, but we lost the Confederacy and most of the bodies that became “Strange Fruit” have that same flag flying in the background. However, even after pretending he didn’t understand the confusion, over his clothing line has a song using the Billie Holiday song that she wrote when she saw her first Lynching and it haunted her. So where is the real Kanye West?

I miss his style, beats,and love for his culture.

NEW:Mobb Deep – Shook Ones (Live on KEXP) Quiet Storm ***messymandella***


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Superthug ^ Noreaga ^ Grimey! ***messymandella***

I know you heard, I know you heard


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New Music From Kelis***messymandella***


Name Artist Time Price
1 Breakfast Kelis 4:20 $0.99 View In iTunes
2 Jerk Ribs Kelis 4:12 $0.99 View In iTunes
3 Forever Be Kelis 3:32 $0.99 View In iTunes
4 Floyd Kelis 4:59 $0.99 View In iTunes
5 Runnin’ Kelis 4:17 $0.99 View In iTunes
6 Hooch Kelis 3:29 $0.99 View In iTunes
7 Cobbler Kelis 3:19 $0.99 View In iTunes
8 Bless the Telephone Kelis 2:31 $0.99 View In iTunes
9 Friday Fish Fry Kelis 4:41 $0.99 View In iTunes
10 Change Kelis 3:42 $0.99 View In iTunes
11 Rumble Kelis 3:13 $0.99 View In iTunes
12 Biscuits n’ Gravy Kelis 4:23 $0.99 View In iTunes
13 Dreamer Kelis 3:27 $0.99 View In iTunes



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NSFW__NEW:BABS BUNNY + VAGUE presents QUEEN OF THE RING***messymandella***


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Nas and Amy Jade***messymandella***

I love Your Swagger! People Need To Remember The Talent, not the addiction.

Cherry Wine from Nas The Don and Amy Winehouse.

This song showcases her distinct Jazzy voice.

Love This Song.


Messymandella is nostalgic right now…


I Was Here! ***messymandella***

I love the fact that it is “supposedly” a mans world.

When a woman steps out of the spotlight, it intimidates some weak-minded individuals.

Are you that strong force to reckoned with, in someones eyes?

 Can you stay in the background and “bite your tongue? ”

You must not know about me?

I know that I am here to help people, and be strong!

Sometimes its hard to stay strong during adversity, but that pain and betrayal will make you free.

I don’t think any man or woman should be  quiet just to please the masses.

 Sometimes it takes that small little voice to make the forest shake! 

Are you going to let anyone bring you down?

 They will  make you second guess your destiny?

 I want freedom from liars!

I want Santra Rucker home!

Santra Rucker will get her freedom,  or at least another chance at life if we work hard enough!

I will get my people  signed with major deals, because they deserve it!

I refuse to stop teaching young women and men about emotional and physical abuse.

 I refuse to sleep with someone that has a girlfriend or partner.

If they lie, they are dead to me.

 Lying and withholding information are the same damn thing.

Don’t fall into the trap.

 I am going to make sure that I leave my mark in this world.

I strive to give love and patience  to everyone I  meet.

 I can’t be like everyone else, because I am different.

I never look back at my mistakes!

Mistakes, are free.

They are nothing but pain and reflection. 

I will not be submissive.

I have a damn voice, and you are going to respect it! 

Even if you know how your heart feels, your self-respect  means more.

 We Are all Responsible to let our light shine.

I feel freedom, when I leave a manipulative situation!

I feel free!

 I don’t care when they are mad,  if they deserve the anger!

I will never give in to self-serving people.

I will never bow down just to be loved.

Do you let the world see you?

I am not going to live to be 80 years old, I just know it! 

 I want  that the time to  be spent with true friends and loved ones that have my back , no matter what happens.

I am a very private person… 

My inspiration and dedication will guide me through it all.

 I am sure that through your emotional turmoil,  you learned a lesson.

 I refuse to settle for someone,  that does not deserve me. 

You shouldn’t either,  be free and live your life!

I want to show the world that I was here…



Travis Barker -Yelawolf – Bun-B ***messymandella***

"The South Will Rise Again!"


Bun B


Dungeon Family

Big Hawk

Texas Allstars


Missy Elliott

The Clipse




Who ever else I left out….


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