D.R.S Gangsta Lean (1993) Foreshadowed Our War On Crime In Our Hoods!***messymandella***

Everyone misses a cousin or friend that was gunned down in the game, and had their life stolen.

This song is over 20 years old but we are still living it out the disastrous situation , every day.

Tupac discussed this, and so did Biggie, Big L, Mac Dre, Freaky Tah and others have suffered the same fate.

Sometimes those memories bring tears to your eyes, but mostly we get angry about the lost of our loved ones,  and the children they left behind to carry on through the pain.

I always say that history repeats itself…

Now we are witnessing it happening to children of the parents, that were teenagers when this song was released, in 1993.

We have a new class of young black rappers in their caskets, before they reached their  intended destiny.

This is for you men that lost your life to gun violence.

I don’t know why you were in this situation? 

I pray for your families and you to remind their children the positive components of their now deceased dad.

That is all we can do until the wars in our hoods cease!

We just need to pray we ourselves are not caught up in the gunfire.


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TuPac – Keep Ya Head Up ***messymandella***

       Keep Ya Head Up created ***messymandella*** and the reason she is who she is now! Maybe that is a positive for some and a negative for others but the truth is always unwelcomed. It is easier to hate those that want to help than to envision life as the way it was in 1996 and  still in 2014, and take part in a change. Tupac told me and others to “Keep Your Head Up” because we do have, as he predicted  “a race  of babies that hate the ladies!”  That is the truth we are fighting for equality and love but are we required to not speak our mind? Remember this song and know that a strong man wants a strong woman. A weak man only wants someone he can control. If Tupac is telling you “To Keep Ya Head Up” damn what anyone else tells you! Real men love Tupac and respect women. They have listened and know how we should be treated. He will show you love!

      Tupac did not hate women, and I convinced he did not rape that woman. He loved us, now he the difference between a lady and the other terms are used as synonyms, but are not the same. You don’t take advantage of a woman to make her become a bitch, she is the woman who can bring life into this world. You love her, and show her respect.

She deserves the same chance in life as you do!

You can listen to who you want to tell you different, but look around.

I think I am going to listen to Tupac, until I see a change in the way we are treated and the way we conduct ourselves.

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Faith Evans: Right Here ***messymandella***

“I’m really an inner spirit that only makes itself known through the music.

A lot of people think I’m an introvert, or quiet and moody.

I’ve even heard some people say that there’s a certain mystery or darkness about me.

I’m not that way. I’m just really into what I do.”- Quote from Faith Evans

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R.I.P. The REAL “King Of New York” Died Of March 9! ***messymandella***


Can you remember where you were when Christopher Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) was Murdered?

I remember seeing all that glass, and that Suburban Truck riddled with bullets.

Conspiracy after conspiracy will always plaque his demise and haunt his fans.

We may never knew who took his life!

He will forever be quoted as 1 of the Top 5.

The King of New York died on March 9!

Kendrick Lamar needs to “Control” himself and go somewhere and sit down!

How in the Google Map Hell, can you be “The King Of New York” and you from Compton, California?

Christopher Wallace, we celebrate the music and your dreamed deferred and complicated life in film and in music.

Legends may die, but the legacy will only educate us and guide us in our lives, to not share his fate.

Christopher’s rap impact will never be duplicated, he wasn’t an Angel but he lived with knowledge of self!

Hip Hop  Lives Forever, even if “The King Of New York” died 17 years ago! 

“We can’t change the world, unless we change ourselves.” – Biggie Smalls 

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2-Pac: I Wonder If Heaven Has A Ghetto?***messymandella***

You can’t do better, because you don’t know better.

You should be ashamed when you do!

So walk with your head up high; while you destroy humanity and put more children in the grave.
I am saddened that it is easier to die in your neighborhood, than fighting for our country. When we clap when someone does the Crypt Walk, you are no different from watching a Lynching and clapping. Self destruction mentally is just as bad as destroying someone physically. You can walk around knowing that children are dying and you don’t give a damn! Everytime you put that flag in your pocket or represent your gang, you push yourself further into the 11th realm of Hell.Society we are sending the new generation to the prisons and the graves, before they can graduate from High School.

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Nas – Surviving The Times ***messymandella***

One Of The Greatest EVER



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Super Cat – Biggie- Diddy- MJB ***messymandella***



Thanks Zimbio, For Linking This Article:R&B Divas’ Faith Evans-Tears Of Joy***messymandella***


Faith+Evans+BET+Celebration+Gospel+Arrivals+EkaOHKQoZkMx          Faith Evans and her unsung talent,  are proof that success and voice can be a stranger, to mainstream success. The music industry never shows Faith Evan’s the attention she deserves.  Maybe, because of that entire “Faith Evan’s Is the reason Tupac and Biggie Were Beefing!”  That  drama was in the 90′s,  and  LET THAT GO!  We will never know what happened between her and both men.  Why does this overshadow this womans talent?

             Faith Evans was competition for Mary J.Blige. Now Mary always has Grammy performances, and collaborations.  Faith Evan’s releases an album with little or  no promotion.  Now she is on a reality show, with women that were of course almost C list singers.  Faith deserves so much more recognition than she has received. Her voice is  unmatchable.  She has changed her image, and still the same results.

          Maybe Faith Evans should have tried to resolve her differences  with Bad Boy?  When she was with Bad Boy we knew Faith Evans!  So many women wanted to look like Faith Evans and loved her swagger.   She will always be one of the best singers,  even if you will never see her on MTV or 106  and Park.  Maybe we should focus on her music. Maybe people are still pissed  off at Faith Evans, because of Tupac and Biggie’s beef ? That  will never bring these rappers  back !  Focus on Faith talent, and not her past, or rumors.


Brother Ali-Biggie-Rugged Man-Masta Ace***messymandella***


Hip Hop Is For Everyone!
People Unite And Enjoy The Music.
The struggle, ambitions, and stage belongs to EVERYONE!


Lil Kim VS Karmin***messymandella***

Sadly, no one will ever endorse a female in the game with less than stellar looks.When will you have a female rapper that looks like Dwight Yokam, or Forrest Whitaker? It is not happening! I am overjoyed that ALL RACES are united when it comes to equality, music,and the culture.

The song that sparked a 3 year beef between Lil Kim and Eve.
Lil Kim VS Nikki Minaj
Lil Kim VS Charli Baltimore
Lil Kim and Remy Ma
…well you get the point.

Lil Kim is the blueprint for Nikki Minaj’s story.
So, young women, forget about that new Lil Kim, that appearance is in the news more than her music. This is the outspoken beautiful sista that garnered our attention. This duet was originally on her first CD, “Hardcore” with only Lil Cease’s solo. The song as a duet, solidified her Queendom. Lil Kim’s signature looks and hair colors are Nikki Minaj’s idea, but their similarities are too close for them to be allies. Lil Kim’s small stature does not stop her from having beef with anyone.The beef between Lil Kim and other rappers also escalated as her Rap peers called her out about her appearance and lack of songwriting.
In this new rap era Nikki Minaj is the winner, no debating.
Critics will always use outer beauty and fashion as variables in the Rap Game. Lil Kim was the reason many females threw away the baggy clothes and Timberland boots, and replaced them with the Ellen Tracy and DKNY mini skirts.

Karmin consists of a married couple that the wife is the vocalist and husband is the production, background vocalist, and instrumentalist. On July 10, the first night on tour with the Jonas Brothers, Karmin confirmed that their upcoming studio album is titled Pulses, and you should listen.How can you not love Karmin,seriously? “I Told You So!” and their 227851200 cover songs catapulted them to the top!

Sadly,after filming the video for her debut single “No Time”, Lil Kim reinvented herself…

The “Crush on You” (Remix) was never featured on the “Hardcore” album, it was only featured on the “Not Tonight” single.
You can clearly detect the influence of Lil Kim in Karmin’s video.

I miss the Old Queen Bee!


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