BEY STRONG- BEY A DIVA -BEY’S NEW VIDEO 7-11***messymandella***

You Will Never Berate Me! I am ***messymandella** and I will remain that Chick!

You Will Never Catch Me Slipping! I am ***messymandella** and I will remain that Chick!

Don’t ever encourage or enable anyone to turn your emotions on and your tears on when ever they get the urge.


You need  to snatch that remote back and remember who the hell you are!

“Be tougher than an lion, and keep having your moments that matter, with people who deserve it.

Motivate yourself to do exactly what they told you, that you would never accomplish.

Be around strong women and men that will speak their mind and stay sincere no matter what you believe they will always









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Timbaland Discusses The Aaliyah Movie-The BreakPower 105.1 ***messymandella***Take You Home



Dipping Dots 4 Thots***messymandella***LIP ART—

Hawa Diawara by Michael Brandt, MUA - Ayako for Suede Magazine W

Breakbot_Baby And Michael Jackson ***messymandella***


The Thirsty Thursday Sermon!Blac Chyna Blames Tiger For Hacking Her Twitter And She Needs To Try Jesus!***messymandella***


Drake has allegedly been accused of vacationing in Lake Chyna.

Yes, devastating news, now Tyga has to decide what he will do to improve his
chances as a survivor of thirst traps all over the world.

I can ‘t believe this is happening, just utter shock at the thought that a man will actually want better for himself, choosing substance over superficiality.

A rapper dumps his less than modest girlfriend, maybe he grew up? However, Now Chyna claims  Tyga hacked her Twitter, like he hacked Kylie Jenner’s virginity…

I thought a bond like Tyga and Chyna would last forever . Your surprised  Chyna  is being a Young Money pawn? Don’t be surprised when it comes to  money, people will do anything.

After I read the news about the couples split I was devastated. Again, I wanted to provide an unbiased evaluation of the untimely split and the trash that our babies glamorize that manipulates young minds into the superficial. 
Seems like Tyga  who ever  hacked this Twitter was a tad bit emotional.

I am guessing it was Tyga with his Cat Chow Cravings that even put himself in this mess from the start.

 photo erver9344ffffrr.png


I am here for you in your time of need!

After you help Kylie with her homework  and watch the Backyardigans with her, remember to not snitch on yourself!
Blame someone else in fact blame it on…

Exposing The Homeless Actors! ***messymandella***

When you ride along any city street and encounter homeless people you assume have lost their job,or a substance abuse problem.

Most people would be inclined to think that they have done a great deed.

Well, sometimes that is simply,not the case.

Now imagine the inner struggle you have whether you should give them money or food, of facilitate in many way, no one
should be lied to just to supplement anyone’s pockets.

Shouldn’t you do something, if you come across a homeless person?

Well, imagine if that homeless man is an actor. In this case, something is a miss, so they investigated his activities and you will be shocked at how acting like being homeless definitely  can be a 9-5 and believe me, it pays well.

One day while we riding through Charleston, SC we noticed that so many people were victims of the recession,this man is not hurting for money!


It Is Halloween! I Am Going To Scare The Hell Out Of You! THRILLER-***messymandella***




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