NEW: Lil’ Kim – BEE STYLES (Mixtape) [FULL] ***messymandella***

1) Intro Freestyle
2) Hello Good Morning Freestyle
3) H.A.M Freestyle
4) I Get It Freestyle
5) Main Event Freestyle
6) I Put On For My City Freestyle
7) Lets Do It Freestyle
8) Hustle Hard Freestyle
9) Lookin Ass Nigga Freestyle
10) Warning Freestyle
11) Pay Your Money Freestyle
12) 6ft 7ft Freestyle
13) Outro (Clap Clap / Round Of Applause) Freestyle

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NSFW: Lola Monroe – Band Up ( HAHAHA) + Murda Mook Cypha***messymandella***

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CyHi The Prynce – Black Hystori Project (2014)***messymandella***


New mixtape from G.O.O.D Music’s Cyhi The Prynce “Black Hystori Project.” The 18-track mixtape touches on various social issues and cultural figures, including Nelson Mandela, Huey P. Newton and more. Kanye West serves as the projects executive producer.

Mixtape Tracks
2.Intro (Black Hystori) (Prod. TEC BEATZ)
3.Huey ft King Louie (Prod. Anthony Kilhoffer, M 16 TEC BEATZ)
4.Mandela (Prod. Sekou Muhammed & TEC BEATZ)
5.Napoleon (Prod. M16)
7.Be Great (Prod. TEC BEATZ & Anomaly)
8.Basquiat (Prod. Grizzly)
9.3 16 (Prod. M 16)
10.Bury White (Prod. Million $ Mano)
11.Is It Me ft Tate Dumonde, Crystal Renee (Prod. Sekou Muhammed, Jeff Leahr TEC BEATZ)
12.February 29th Jon Connor, Zip K (Prod. Sekou Muhammed, Chris Tucker TEC BEATZ)
13.Cydel Young (Prod. M16 & Anomaly)
14.Coretta (Prod. TEC BEATZ & Jeff Leahr)
15.Good Night ft Marian Mereba (Prod. Watson The Great, TEC BEATZ, Roark Bailey Aktual)
16.Guitar Melody (Prod. TEC BEATZ)listen download
17.Outro Interlude
18.Black Pride ft Miloh Smith, Kissielee (Prod. Jeff Leahr, TEC BEATZ Space Jonez)

Charli Baltimore – Hard 2 Kill (Full MixTape)***messymandella***


 1.BMB (Ft. Trick Trick)
2.I Be (Ft. L Streetz)
3.1 Queen
4.Hunnids (Ft. Trick Trick & Cash Paid)
5.Rated M
6.Used 2 (Ft. India)
7.Goodybye (Ft. India)listen download
8.The 1 (Ft. Mel)
9.Queen 2 Be
10.You Ain’t Gangsta (Ft. L Streetz & June E)
11.Gettin It (Ft. Cash Paid & Marley)




Sean Price-Figure Four***messymandella***Asher Roth- Muddy Swim Trunks


K Camp – SlumLords (Full Mixtape) ***messymandella***

Wiz Khalifa – 28 Grams (Full Mixtape)***messymandella***

Wiz Khalifa – 28 Grams (Full Mixtape)

1. Wiz Khalifa – AW Shit (0:00)
2. Wiz Khalifa – Maan! (3:16)
3. Wiz Khalifa – LetR (6:50)
4. Wiz Khalifa – James Bond (10:35)
5. Wiz Khalifa – What Iss Hittin (12:15)
6. Wiz Khalifa – Pure (14:20)
7. Wiz Khalifa – Get That Zip Off (18:04)
8. Wiz Khalifa – Foreign (21:59)
9. Wiz Khalifa – Incense (24:59)
10. Wiz Khalifa – Like Jimmy (27:49)
11. Wiz Khalifa – Samo (30:44)
12. Wiz Khalifa – Jim Brown (32:39)
13. Wiz Khalifa – Up, Down (35:08)
14. Wiz Khalifa – On The Way (38:23)
15. Wiz Khalifa – Word On The Town (40:33)
16. Wiz Khalifa – On A Plane (44:13)
17. Wiz Khalifa – Banger (46:28)
18. Wiz Khalifa – Comb Over (49:58)
19. Wiz Khalifa – The Last (53:42)
20. Wiz Khalifa – Handle My Biz (56:42)
21. Wiz Khalifa – My Nigs (59:52)
22. Wiz Khalifa – How To Be Real (1:02:57)
23. Wiz Khalifa – Something Special (1:05:42)
24. Wiz Khalifa – Ouy (1:09:02)
25. Wiz Khalifa – OG Bobby Taylor (1:12:46)
26. Wiz Khalifa – Won’t Stop (1:16:31)
27. Wiz Khalifa – The Rain (1:19:36)
28. Wiz Khalifa – Different So Fast ft. Uzi (1:23:

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A$AP Rocky=Demons ***messymandella***

Suprising News From Captain Obvious: Wiz Khalifa Arrested For Marijuana In Texas!***messymandella***


S  T   U


      I never imagined this would ever take place in my lifetime.


Someone who is as drug free and proud as Wiz Khalifa, would never be  arrested with allegedly 28 grams. Wiz was pinched by Texas Rangers before he could drop his mixtape,  “28 Grams” and the world suffers from abrupt shock and utter disappointment.


Who knew Wiz Khalifa smoked weed?


I tell you I am so shocked at this moment, and just can’t believe that this man had any weed on him.

This is a set up, and false charge, not this nice Mormon Missionary.

I never saw Wiz as someone who would even be around someone that smokes weed, or parties.

Peer Pressure is real in these streets!

I hope when he gets out, he will leave those druggie friends alone, and continue to be a peer counselor for his Taylor Gang AA Meetings.



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