HeadBangerZ | Missy Elliot ft Jay-Z “Wake Up”***messymandella***

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What IS Your Interpretation Of S-Types’s – WOW VS Hudson MoHawk? ***messymandella***

We are going to connect every musical and artistic culture together here at messymandella.com.

We will open our ears and eyes and appreciate Indie Street Kings, Battle Rappers, Singers, and Artist of every age, and musical background.

Listen and ask yourself, “What Can I do with this beat?”

Some of the hottest freestyle are of course from Drake and Jay Z’s, “Pound Cake” because everyone heard something else…

Artist will stay motivated and polished if they listen to every genre of music, and respect creativity and each others’ interpretation.

IF the artist is serious about the culture and and the art form, they should be able to adapt and express themselves within any genre of music, and make it their own.

You will be surprised what artistic connections you will make that will also compliment your undying talent, and admiration for OUR music.


All of OUR music, except for Conway Twitty,or

Justin Bieber!

I don’t give a damn!




Faith Evans – Soon As I Get Home ***messymandella***

Faith Evans was competition for Mary J Blige…

Mary J Blige surpassed Faith Evans and the other diva’s albums were distributed with a very limited individual control or artistic freedom. Faith Evans was at the top, in the 1990’s and should be respected more in the musical game.  All of theses divas were competition in all arenas Grammy performances, and soul collaborations. Concert tours, endorsements, appearances and then nothing…

Faith Evan’s releases an album with little or  no promotion from anyone these days.

She is apparently on KOCH Records…

Faith was   on a reality show, with women that were of course almost C list singers, but she  quit that too. Faith deserves so much more, with her unmatchable voice and ability. She has changed her reputation, and still the same results.

Why did we forget about Faith?


Missy Elliott And SHARAYA J- Smashing Up The Place! ***messymandella***


Suprising News From Captain Obvious: Wiz Khalifa Arrested For Marijuana In Texas!***messymandella***


S  T   U


      I never imagined this would ever take place in my lifetime.


Someone who is as drug free and proud as Wiz Khalifa, would never be  arrested with allegedly 28 grams. Wiz was pinched by Texas Rangers before he could drop his mixtape,  “28 Grams” and the world suffers from abrupt shock and utter disappointment.


Who knew Wiz Khalifa smoked weed?


I tell you I am so shocked at this moment, and just can’t believe that this man had any weed on him.

This is a set up, and false charge, not this nice Mormon Missionary.

I never saw Wiz as someone who would even be around someone that smokes weed, or parties.

Peer Pressure is real in these streets!

I hope when he gets out, he will leave those druggie friends alone, and continue to be a peer counselor for his Taylor Gang AA Meetings.



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Foxy Brown – B.K. Anthem – Oh Yeah***messymandella***



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FEMCEES___^REMIX___^ Rah Digga+Missy+MJB+Da Brat ***messymandella***

Nostalgic and what not, today!

Unification in the female rap game!

We should try that now…

Don’t forget about the Da Brat, Lady Of The Rage( I wore afro puffs and looked like Minnie Mouse) Rah Digga, MC Lyte, and Queen Latifah and Missy, Aaliyah…

  Now those  box braids, over sized sweaters, body suits are makeing a comeback. Please Lord, let Finger Waves stay in the past,  but bring back that Hip Hop themed shows like “New York Undercover!” 

This time make sure Malik Yoba has lotion and chapstick…

The music and vibe bring that proud and unified and strong atmosphere. Nobody gave a damn how wet it got, or how many people you could fit in it. Then Lil Kim, and Missy popped it like Crisco, while Missy’ had urges. ” My hormones jumping like a disco..”

Those are her words, not mine.

Yes,believe it or not, they have on clothes!

They were fighting to be heard,  AND seen!




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