French Montana – Ain’t Worried About Nothin (Explicit)***messymandella***

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Up Close And Personal: Madonna The Masterpiece***messymandella***

        Madonnna Louise Ciccone, is 55 years (August 16, 1958) and has flourished in the world and prestige that most musicians imitate but can never be cloned. Madonna can never be duplicate,  unless you are Lady Gaga

       In her earlier days (Prohibition), she started her musical and dancing career of course in New York, working with artist from the 1980′s Art Boom and later she  entered the “House Of Ninja” to teach us all how to Vogue.

 Madonna is the female equivocal to the late artist, Micheal Jackson.

     Miley Cyrus can attempt to push the sexual liberation button that Madonna has created but once again, could never duplicate.

      The artistry of “The Queen Of Pop” has lasted over 40 years and will not cease until she is ready to close that final curtain. 

      Madonna  makes some cringe, belittle,  and even detest but that  never infiltrates Madonna’s “Blonde Ambitions”  or her immaculate body of work.

       Madge’s  never-ending agility and experimentation makes Madonna, “The Masterpiece.”

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Lana Del Rey:Off To The Races! ***messymandella***

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Trap Love By Jeni ***messymandella***

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Oceana-Thank You Poland and Greece For Reading!***messymandella***

Oceana performing at the Radio Hamburg Top 820

Oceana performing at the Radio Hamburg Top 820 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Effortless Up-Do’s ***messymandella***


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Brother Ali-Biggie-Rugged Man-Masta Ace***messymandella***


Hip Hop Is For Everyone!
People Unite And Enjoy The Music.
The struggle, ambitions, and stage belongs to EVERYONE!


10 Reasons Lily Allen’s Video Is Not Racist! ***messymandella***


1. Lily Allen is following the typical video format adapted by most in this genre.

2. We let Mrs. Cyrus(The Christopher Columbus Of Twerking) do the same thing back a few months ago! We smiled and shucked and jived while she posed them  Spam Cutlets all over  MTV.

3. Don’t get mad because she is copying the exact format, get creative! You either at a pool, club, or street. Next they going to have women wearing Saddles,and twerking at the horse stables!

4. If you dance to someone telling you “drop that….bit$ch” then should not have any problem with this or “The Best Of Johnny Rebel.” 

5. Women are accessories in most videos every day, and we can’t get mad when a  another race immolates our buffoonery.

6. They don’t represent me,  but we disrespected by our own race!

7. We are too quick to call something racist, when it shows a  negative personification that  only a few represent.

8. You can’t get upset, with what we,as women except in any culture.

She is mocking pop culture  and repeated video treatments depicted in the same degrading way!

10.  Don’t make it a race issue NOW , when you were singing “And She Ain’t Even Know It!”



Not Here, Not Today, Not Again! ***messymandella***New-Skylar Grey-Big Sean

           Have you noticed  how a delusional person can  actually convince themselves,  they have a chance to get near you, again ?  Well, dummies come in every different race, and sexual preference. Why would you think someone who you repeatedly lied to on an hourly basis would even look your direction again?  No one else is laughing harder than me. I promise, you this!  You can raise from the dead like Lazarus if you choose, and I still wouldn’t even acknowledge your existence. Honey, you have a better chance of  witnessing a televised event awarding Honey Boo Boo Child a Pulitzer Prize.  Somethings, are so far out of your reach that you would need a compass, a map of the Bermuda Triangle and Kryptonite. Then and only then, after you come back from the Bermuda Triangle, will I even contemplate looking in your shifty cloudy eyes.  I would rather have Miley Cyrus babysit my God- Child, than even say “Hola.”

Not Here, Not  Today, and Not Again…




Kevin Hart Animated Cartoon(SNEAK)***messymandella***

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