International Women’s Day! ***messymandella***

International Women’s Day

Don’t be weak, because someone wants you to be…

Speak your damn mind!

If it hurts them, maybe it will help them.

Make sure that you rely on yourself, because some humans are destined to be losers even with money. 

You need to make sure you live with a conscious and don’t change your personality depending on who you are around.

Be You!

Live with a realistic and  humanized approach and respect people.

Say how you feel, and live in dignity and respect.

We can not raise daughters with weak and needy personalities.

You deserve someone who wants your ideas and has enough intelligence to humble foolish conversations and be a better person.

You are the gift, find someone who is worthy to  open the present…

You can have any sexual orientation and love who you want!

Today, on our  International Women’s Day be a Role Model,  a builder,  and save yourself for someone who wants your best interest and won’t try to break you down.

You are worth every kiss, compliment, and hug.

You deserve the best every day.

Start today with an intellectual conversation with a positive humble being.

Find truth, and find people with a happy point of view.

You deserve  a real person in your life!

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Trap Love By Jeni ***messymandella***

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Respect, Loyalty And Truth Are The Only Options In This Life!***messymandella***

5678Don’t underestimate that indisputable influence you will encounter this year!

The Artistic world moves in a different direction and leaves nay-sayers behind in the cosmos.

We will NOT warrant a second of pity and defeat  for anyone that confides in us or comes to us for insight!

We will undergo physical and mental ridicule for following our dreams!

We garner hate when those dreams are becoming  a reality, and have to stay focused to ignore insecurity.

Yes, we have to handle business to make sure we have lights, shelter, and food.

Those factors  are mandatory, but your inner growth and legacy are just as important.

Trust those that trust you!

Stand Up for the people in your life and tell them when you think they are wrong!

Ignore those who smile in your face but still have others watching your every move.

Realize that you are better than that, you should never have to prove  your self-worth.

The people in your life may not agree with the chose that you make, but in the end it is you that will make your bed!

If you are anything like me, you will acknowledge when you are wrong, but stay loyal to those who are loyal to you.

Make your bed and sleep like a baby!


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Reload Sessions: Indie Acoustic Singer, Louise Smith***messymandella***

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Marvin Gaye+Tammi Terrell***messymandella***Ain’t No Mountain Enough


Commodores “Night Shift” Honoring Marvin Gaye ***messymandella***

        Marvin Gaye, talented and loving still could not keep his talent apart  for his inner demons.  Most artist with an abundance of inventiveness soon will become “recreational drug users.”  However, they  ultimately become addicted  to some substance, or toxic that will deplete their talent and finances. Some even admit, they have a drug weaknesses may it be “molly”, cocaine, or “lean” which is hip and mainstream acceptable.  Young addicts, become older addicts. The lure, money and class of women will change. 

       Entertainers may look like the beautiful Paula Patton at first. As the drug addiction sweeps every aspect of the entertainers life, new groupies will eventually  remind you  of Amanda Bynes. An utmost ladies man, or beautiful woman will have a grayish parlor to their lips, and empty look in his eyes. Marvin Gaye, of course murdered by father, lost his ability to function because of recreational drugs, that finally crossed that line. Once you have crossed that line, you are gone forever.




P!nk- Nate Ruess “Just Give A Reason”***messymandella***

English: P!nk performing at a secret London gi...

English: P!nk performing at a secret London gig to promote the Funhouse Album. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


New music from P!nk and Nate Ruess .


This heavyhearted song, makes you want to call up that person from your past…


This  duet  has been on repeat since I peeped  the video.


Fall in love again,  or maybe not?


 These voices really compliment each other.


P!nk looks stunning in this video.


I have always been a fan of P!nk , she is open-minded and opinionated. 


Didn’t  envision these two would share an elevator, much less a song.


That is the beauty of music!


Your heart can’t be programmed.


You can avoid or ignore  someone for weeks, months, or years, but your heart hasn’t forgotten.


“It’s written in the stars!”


“Just give a reason, just a little.”


“Right from the start you stole my heart!”


The sounds and chords can make you think of heartbreak within the first few seconds of a song.


You can fall in love again.


If you get dumped,  don’t blame me!


“We are not  broken…”





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