Da Hell Is You Wearing? ***messymandella***





42 Year Old-Roselyn Sanchez -Movement By Myself (Neyo -FABO)***messymandella***




gary owens goes to a black church***messymandella***

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***messymandella***where fashion and hip hop meet *** kanye west and nicki minaj banging in pink



      Fashion And Music Are Cousins! All videos have fashion, and all fashion shows have music.  I love old school, Rap, Rock, Country, Jazz, and Trip Hop, and …

If you decide to imitate these looks, please conceal, prime, and moisturizer so lip color will blend and will not have that unsightly streaky appearance.



nsfw-sean price-barbecue sauce***messymandella***

Soulful Sunday:Mayer Hawthorne And Kendrick Lamar ***messymandella***




soulful sunday:featuring jill Scott / jane child / beyonce and somi ***messymandella***





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