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Classic- Kyaim Livingston! Women Also Die In Police Custody!***messymandella***

This is a letter I received from the family of Kyam. They had a march on 21st and I was not able to come but I wanted them to know they were in my thoughts and prayers with LOVE!
     Thank you for telling the story of my relative, Kyam Livingston. Our family understands that medical neglect as a form of punishment in our city’s holding pens is nothing new.

That’s why, in addition to demanding justice for Kyam we are asking for changes in the arraignment process and in the inhumane and filthy conditions in central booking holding cells.

To that end, we are having a Community Speakout on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 6 p.m. at the Flatbush Reformed Church, 890 Flatbush Avenue (at Church Avenue), in Brooklyn, NY.

If you are an organizer and you are concerned about how citizens (mainly citizens of color) in NY are treated as they wait to see if they will even be charged with any crime, please join us.

If you have been through the arraignment process and have a story to tell us about your experience or an experience you witnessed while in central bookings, we urge you to come before your elected officials and tell your story.

For more information about this event, email us at restraining order only said that Kyam couldn’t be drinking or arguing loudly with her grandmother in the home the two women shared.

Kyam had been out at a birthday party for her boyfriend on that Saturday night and had a few drinks. She came into the apartment to shower and go back out again.

When she came into the apartment there was a VERBAL DISAGREEMENT between her and her grandmother over a remote control she was accused of breaking.

The argument ENDED and Kyam went in to take her shower.

When she got out of the shower there were two officers from the local precinct there to arrest her for allegedly having violated the restraining order.

The allegations that she went buck wild and destroyed property are hearsay.

The allegations that Kyam was alcoholic are also hearsay.

Kyam never had a chance to tell her side of the story in court because she was executed by the police prior to coming before a judge.

However, her mom, Ms. Anita Neal, was on the phone with Kyam during the entire incident (and can prove it) and has explained the other side of the story.


***Kyam’s Family member has a message!
“Hi everyone. That was a crazy storm! Thanks to those who were able to come out to our Speakout on 1/21/14 and we totally understand that many of you could not make it due to the weather and had to be there only in spirit. We will have another one in the Spring and hope those of you who missed us this time can come to the next one. Video segments from the speakout can be seen compliments of Javier Soriano on youtube, facebook and on our petition page at

If you have a central booking story that you want to share you can always send it to us at We are collecting these stories for future compilation into a report that will be sent out to public officials who can assist us in having BCB inspected and improved.

Our next event is a rally in front of Brooklyn Central Booking, 120 Schermerhorn Street between Smith St. and Boerum Place, at 6 p.m. We hope the weather will be kind to us at this next one. If not the same message applies — we will be there but only come if it is safe for you to travel to and from our event.

Much love, and thanks so much for allowing me to send you updates.”


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This is one of my favorite songs!(1999) I am not ashamed, well  maybe a little…

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