Kate Bush – The Sensual World – Official Music Video***messymandella***




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I’m Going Down, But I GOT TO HAVE IT! ***messymandella***Mary J. Blige AND ED OG AND DA BULL DOGS

Life of a Kid in the Ghetto is the debut album from Boston emcee Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs, released in 1991.
He released his first album in 1991 with his group Da Bulldogs, titled Life of a Kid in the Ghetto. The album included the song “Be a Father to Your Child,” which received airplay on local Boston radio stations, and “I Got To Have It”, which was sampled later by Mary J. Blige on the track “Ooh!”. The group was dropped from Mercury Records in 1993. They have worked with Pete Rock, DJ Premier independently but still remain active on mixtapes.



41 Year Old-Roselyn Sanchez -Movement By Myself (Neyo -FABO)***messymandella***




Nikka Costa And Betty Davis: Unsung Females OF Funk! ***messymandella***



Kid Sister AKA Jane Jupiter with Malibu’s Most Wanted***messymandella***


YOKO ONO – O’ Oh —“Don’t Hate What You Don’t Understand!” ***messymandella***




Jessie Ware – Tough Love***messymandella***



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