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Inside Amy Schumer – Milk Milk Lemonade (Amber Rose) and Method Man***This Is Pretty Gross But Funny!***messymandella***


Moment Of Truth From MARY J.Blige AND Dr. Maya Angelou Recites Her Poem “Phenomenal Woman” | Super Soul Sunday | ***messymandella***

You ponder over your life and wonder should you compromise your own beliefs to become submissive, and weaker to appease lonesomeness, in some negative person’s life?

Remember Dr.Maya Angelou,when he or she calls you ugly, too dark, or too pale, or any derogatory term that you don’t deserve.

Think of Maya Angelou, when you are tempted to lower your standards to appease someone else.

Learn by your life’s mistakes but still show courage and heart in every aspect of your life. Enjoy your Soulful Sunday!



That Long Ponytail Will Always Be A Classic! Check Out Left Eye!***messymandella***





L’Orange – Need You (feat. Blu) || Official Music Video ***messymandella***





Love Thy Self: Embrace Your Unique Beauty!***messymandella*** Jade Thompson

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