Confession: Lil Jay’s Song Is Fire Yup AND Bobby Shmurda I Said IT!***messymandella***


I am against violence, and you know I will beat a dead horse to death. I will stop when we get diplomas instead of Death Certificates.Imagine would could happen if you stayed out of the gun range and stayed in studio?

      I caught myself singing the chorus, “take You out your glory” because the song is fire and you know it.

       Forgive me for showing love for  this song. I am just real enough to admit I love the song and that even with a person like Lil Jay that can only envision, survival and that is it, I  can visualize better. Drugs, and fast living can rip apart that talent. Lil Jay you are older, DON’T Take them boys out they glory, take the younger to the library and the museum. They don’t have to cry in silence while they say good-bye to K.I., Tooka,or Lil JoJo. Look at how you live and let those babies have a chance.


         I am talking to Chiraquian, and violence and dissing is the  way.   I have wrote many articles on some of your family members. I don’t want anyone to take you out your glory, but you have talent.I just hope you live long enough to watch your child get a diploma. As of now, I know you can’t think that far….



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NEW: Lil’ Kim – BEE STYLES (Mixtape) [FULL] ***messymandella***

1) Intro Freestyle
2) Hello Good Morning Freestyle
3) H.A.M Freestyle
4) I Get It Freestyle
5) Main Event Freestyle
6) I Put On For My City Freestyle
7) Lets Do It Freestyle
8) Hustle Hard Freestyle
9) Lookin Ass Nigga Freestyle
10) Warning Freestyle
11) Pay Your Money Freestyle
12) 6ft 7ft Freestyle
13) Outro (Clap Clap / Round Of Applause) Freestyle

***Celebrity Hair Twins – Chris Brown***messymandella***


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Ya’ll Reading This One! Moment Of Truth: Blue Ivy Hair Is Beyonce’s Business, Where Your Man At?***messymandella***


When I woke up this morning, I had unfaltering, but yet disturbing thought, “What if me and my partner had a little beautiful princess. She was constantly being picked on for something she has no control over, such as her hair and her clothes?”

How would I was going to discuss this topic and the foolery behind all of the controversy regarding a little innocent child being bullied online and treated like a pariah. No excuse for even disrespecting anyone’s family in that regard, and a child.

I have a few questions for the classless and delusional hair renegade who took the time to go to and not only harass but permanently stain the image with criticism on one baby, named Blue Ivy, and bully her in front of the world.

This child will be able to read one day and she will have an early complex and criticism before she enters high school. You are verbally and emotionally destroying a toddler’s image.

What your baby hair look like?

Do you write petitions to the parents in the grocery store that have unsatisfactory hair?

When do you go to playgrounds, to bully 4 year olds, or that is too old of an age for a bully, such as yourself to attack a child?

When you were writing the potential filth,  where was your man at, just saying?

Get angry, but anyone who signed that petition is delusional about what is important in our nations, and once again where your man at?

What if I started a petition because your lips were too big?

What if I started a petition about your ashy knee caps?

How would you spend so much hating on Beyoncé, than you would attack her child. Bitter Biddie, who criticize Beyoncé for wearing weave, taunt her child’s hair for being natural. Make up your mind?

You criticize Bey for wearing nothing but weave, but what do you want her to do? What your baby look like?

How dare you harass a family, and how did you sleep last night?



Obscure Soul: Soul 4 Real (1992) ***messymandella***

On I will continue digging through the crates of my parent’s obscure music and locating hits with distinction and sample worthy material worth revisiting in numerous hidden hits, or obscure soul ballads and rhythm and blues hits.

Soul 4 Real were a group of brothers from New York that had minor hits in 1992, “Candy Rain” and “Every little Thing You Do.” 

They were produced and  mentored by the late rapper Heavy D. Here are their songs that made garnered the brothers their brief, but memorable fame. The Dalyrimple brothers now reside in Georgia. They were attempting a comeback. However in 2009, these brothers had a family set back because  Brian Dalyrimple was indicted on 145 counts of aggravated identity fraud.

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HeadBangerZ | Missy Elliot ft Jay-Z “Wake Up”***messymandella***

Jheri Curl Chronicles Presents Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam!***messymandella***



Sean Price-Figure Four***messymandella***Asher Roth- Muddy Swim Trunks


“Cliff” Notes Edition: The Pissed off Pocket Pimp Chronicles of T.I. ***messymandella**

      The Wrong version was released and I didn’t realize it until 9:25. #SALUTE

  The Pissed off Pimp Chronicles will track down everytime  our little man curses someone out, because it entertains me.  TI.  AKA Clifford has been laying the smack down in everyone’s town. He has traveled coast to coast to curse people, slam the hell out, with no remorse! I LOVE the “Pocket Pimp” of the South.

T.I. is ride or die for the southern states, and he will cut you over his wife, Tiny.

In the last two months, T.I.  has traveled world-wide confronting folks and what not.

       He even confronted one of the husbands of the reality show, “Real Housewives Of Atlanta.”
T.I. Appollo Nena (Phaedra’s husband) about his federal case. He showed up at the parking lot and Apollo, kept “copping pleas.” The entire event was caught on camera. Apollo defended himself against a Twitter Follower that labeled him a government snitch.

So Apollo, being a SNITCH , and  not having any idea of the Pissed Off Pimp’s chronic anger, tweets almost  got him beat up in a parking lot.

Appollo’s Quote: “If 1 knows about the federal system its standard language in a plea agreement 1 must b put on notice if that applies to them,” Nida said via Twitter.    “Its standard language in a federal plea agreement. Michael Vicks TI’s plea it’s the same language different charge.”

            In defense of TI, no it is not!

What Apollo is doing is wearing a wire, so technically because he announced to the world he would be wearing a wire, he snitched on himself…
Next, it was Floyd Mayweather JR for parading around Las Vegas with an entourage of women including Tiny, T.I.’s   beloved wife, and beautiful Fashion Icon of the Century. She also is a singer, actress, and a producer.

         I can see why T.I is head over hills with us; she is the Southern Eva Mendez, damn beautiful. Well T.I. climbed on a ladder, and cursed Floyd Mayweather out and of course, the cameras caught the footage.

Yes, they were fighting over Tiny, and I can see why, who wouldn’t?
Now him Azelia Banks were in an argument on Twitter, at least he didn’t show up to confront her. They were in an argument and Azelia Banks hated on Tiny, and that is not right!

Tiny is gorgeous, beautiful, YES God!

T.I. called Azelia some choice names and even accused her (PG Version) of having Halitosis and having hygiene

       There are currently no tour dates scheduled for the next person who runs in to the pissed off Pimp chronicles of TI. But stay close to your social media sites and TMZ and when Clifford is in your area, pocket pimp slapping is sure to occur.

Mrs. Rita Ora***messymandella***


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Shine Your Light

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I walked in this industry with blonde hair and red lips, and I will leave this industry blonde with Red Lips, and mark my words! -Rita Ora

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