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CAMP LO Meets Bobby $hmurda || Nappy Needles ***messymandella***||

Dominic Newton “The Jacka” Murdered In Oakland, California.***messymandella***

How many black men are going to die today?

How many shirts will get printed with “RIP”, this week?

Will we  throw a party for you because you got out a prison?

I keep crying and praying, and pleading for our men to survive.

They have to want it… that these gang members. Men have to  finally get jobs, and a sense of humanity.

Seems, it just gets worse, if you a rapper let that be your profession,but give up that other…

Gang Violence will ultimately destroy lives and communities. 

So  for the killer, you should walk with your head up high; while you destroy humanity and put another brother in the ground. It is tearful to know that and another child fearful and confused will be watching as her dad leave her before his time.



OAKLAND, California —   Dominic Newton “The Jacka” A Bay Area rapper was fatally shot  in  East Oakland.

KPIX 5 Reporter Christin Ayers confirmed that the shooting victim was 37-year-old Dominic Newton, a rapper who went by the stage name “The Jacka.”

Witnesses said they heard several shots fired around 8:15 p.m. on MacArthur Boulevard by 94th Avenue.

Story developing…


112- You Already know***messymandella***



Keyshia Cole – Let It Go ft. Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim***messymandella***

Faith Evans – I Deserve It (feat. Missy Elliott & Sharaya J) ***messymandella***

        It is obvious to anyone that reads that Faith Evans is one of my premier taste. Her beauty admiration and her personal struggles always outweigh her voice. One day, the world will stop wondering who she slept with and all of the history between her and Biggie. Some even blame her for the beef between the two,but not only is  she is a singer and a mother that is but a writer and actress, so spend time learning about the First Lady Of BadBoy! Men will torture and shame and blatantly disrespect a man by communication, liking pictures or even adding their enemies wife or girlfriend on Social Media without any forethought. In this case, it is no different than when Tyga and Drake were acting like twelve year old boys on Instigram and Twitter and using Blac Chyna as bait, to sneak diss each other. Faith Evans deserves her due, for her voice not the choices she made in the 1990’s. MOVE ON!
Let Faith Evans live.
Let her enjoy her memories and some details are between her and her late husband.
          So today, if someone decides to listen to her music and they bring up  to you fans of Faith Evans past situations and rumors circulating Faith’s name, please explain to them that it was 1996 and now it is 2014. Shouldn’t we be embracing her talent? Remind them the past can not be changed. Faith Evans only gets better with time and she is in her own lane, and definitely “Incomparable!” Let this woman live!




Pretty In Peach: Get The Apricot Lip ***messymandella***Lana Del Rey





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