Kid Cudi- Mr.SoLo DoLo***messymandella***


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NSFW: Brooklyn Baby…Lana Del Ray ***messymandella***Ignore The Titty…

New album Ultraviolence out June 16 (UK) / June 17 (US)
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Laura Welsh – Here For You (Acoustic) ***messymandella***


Glastonbury 2014 *M.I.A. -Lana Del Ray-Tune Yards***messymandella***

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NEW: Lana Del Ray***messymandella***

Lana Del Rey:Off To The Races! ***messymandella***

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French Montana New York Minute-FREE MAX B***messymandella***

Wavy Crockett and French Montana


This is new to you new French Fans! Watch the best version uploaded by Alex on 09-10-2012..HD  

Here is a  song by  Jadakiss and French Montana. New York Minute!


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Big JAZZ/JAY Z -ORIGINATORS***messymandella***Meet Rail Road Pup(O.G.)

THIS is the  first rap song I fell in love with, I was a little girl playing with Rail Road Pup, who I still have now.

I don’t think ya’ll ready to see Rail Road Pup, he has sadly lost his eyes and bandanna.

My older cousins have put him up for ransom, on ceiling fans, in a tree, in the ditch( boy cousins are evil) and I had to unthaw him out the freezer.

He has had a rough life,but he still shining.

Meet my child hood toy that is still ride or die!


let me find out someone been laughing at him….

We would sneak up in the middle of the night, and watch all the rap videos we could find that my little ass shouldn’t have been looking at, but it happened.

My parents tell me that I have had this toy since I was a toddler,just started walking, and grabbed him and cried and screamed in the store, and would not put him down.

I had to have him!  

He is still in the house!

Rail Road Pup still Repping the hood. I don’t care that he is old and on his last leg, I stay loyal to fam.

He was my partner in crime, and any person in my life must show his respect.

This is the first video that made me want to be ***messymandella***

I loved Rap music before I had all my teeth.

I loved Hip Hop when Rail Road Pup had eyes…

Lana Del Ray- Burning Desire And Summer Wine -***messymandella***

Fake Lips
Fake Hair
Fake Swag
Fake movements

Real Talent

Jessie Ware-If You Never Gonna Move***messymandella***

Listen to music that infuses Soul and  Hip Hop!

Listen to music that you are accustomed to hearing on your Pandora.

Critically acclaimed singer Jessie Ware, always uses a myriad of styles.

Jessie’s  unique approach  has garnered her national attention.

I Love This Sista!

“If you never gonna move, I’m coming to you!”

Don’t get Catfished….



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