KOTD – Rap Battle – Shotty Horroh vs Hitman Holla ***messymandella***

PREP VS TH3 SAGA SMACK/URL ***messymandella***

KOTD – Rap Battle – Pat Stay vs Charron (Title Match) ***messymandella***


            Charron and Pat Stay created a night to remember for Battle Rap and how far The Lionz Den Fight Klub, Grind Time, and of course URLTV.
           Who could fathom that  that Murda Mook  would be standing in a unified front to support KOTD ,and demonstrate a genuine respect to Organic in Canada?
         Murda Mook and T-Rex and Dot Mobb in general have proclaimed their undying loyalty to Smack White, unless you count that ridiculously Corney  battle between Murda Mook And Iron Solomon, which Mook did address lack of  early support of URL.
            However,  the culture  is at an all time high, and the originators of the culture, must be elated that battle rap has evolved in the last five years to every country. 
       Battle Rap was once a platform and a way for little black boys to  have an audience, and now it is appreciated by every age, culture and background.
         When the rest of the world were blinded, and unconcerned with this genre of  entertainment, don’t forget that these leagues and performers made all of this possible. Salute to the original legends  that blood, sweat and tears created this opportunity to everyone,they made this possible.



Bill Collector Talks Being On the Run & Locked Up for 17 Months ***messymandella***

I missed Bill Collector’s Return…

Rare Breed Entertainment: K WALKER VS KRAZY GEORGE FULL BATTLE ***messymandella***


Behind The Scenes Of Battle Rap { Busta Rhymes Vs O.D.B. ***messymandella***




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