The October Edition: Da Hell Is You Wearing?

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Beautiful Sista’s All Over The World: Here Is India’s Aishwarya Rye! ***messymandella***

Age doesn’t matter!
Your size doesn’t matter!
The Color of your Skin Doesn’t Matter!



Pretty Girl Rock! ***messymandella***


Age doesn’t matter!
Your size doesn’t matter!
The Color of your Skin Doesn’t Matter!
Your hair can be long, short, natural,weave, even a 1990′s mullet and Doc Martins with Crush Velvet (I don’t even know…child…) like Rihanna’s new look is a positive, with her confidence.
You search boutiques,and online shops to find that piece of jewelry or top that no one else can find at any mass production store(Target,Gap,Wal-Mart). You feel that confidence in knowing that 7 people will not be in the mall wearing your design, and your look belongs to you. You take pride in your looks, and maybe are even considered vain,and conceited.

Honey, I hear it when I walk by too!

You have to feel that love and admiration, even from a hater.

They are envious of you because you can pull it off, and you took that fashion risk.

Three women can wear the same dress, but if you don’t have that confidence, and beauty that embodies grace, you have

wasted your time and the seams of that dress.

Take pride in yourself, and use proper hygiene.

Don’t walk around smelling like burnt pastrami, and what not…

You are amazing, and adventurous, and should make your own way in this world.
Those clothes, are an accessory for your unique swagger, and gorgeous face.

These women are gorgeous, and all of different races an and different hair styles.

Because we all our Sista’s and we all keep shining!


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Jumpsuits Find Their Own Swagger!***messymandella***


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Mrs. Independent***messymandella***

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Sista’s With Swagger***messymandella***

Queen Bey Loves Her Fans!***messymandella***

 Blue Ivy’s Mother Of Destiny has stage presence that mere mortals can only imagine. She performs all over the world, and sells out any arena. Beyoncé loves and admires her fans! Sometimes fans don’t reciprocate that love. Beyoncé will work hard to entertain her fans, she sings with them even when they pull her hair.

Blue Ivy, will sale and buy us all one day!


Momma Carter will sing and dance until her Fan Stops her, and she will keep singing even when the fan pulls on that Himalayan North Pole, Givenchy Yaky. That sista is fierce. This is the first time I have ever seen a fan, outshine Beyoncé.


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