Common ft. Lauryn Hill – Retrospect For Life ***messymandella***




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T-Pain – And Maino (Rendition) by Grace Lada!***messymandella***…


Really what do you see
When you looking at me?
See me come up from nothing,
To me living my dreams
I done been to the bottom,
I done suffered a lot,
I deserve to be rich,
Headed straight to the top
Look how I ride for the block,
Look how I rep for the hood,
I get nothing but love now
When I come through the hood
Getting this fortune and fame
Money make all of us change
The new benz is all white,
Call it John McCain
How the hell could you stop me?
Why in the world would you try?
I go hard forever,
That’s just how I’m designed,
That’s just how I was built
See the look in my eyes?
You take all of this from me,
And I’m still gon’ survive
You get truth from me,
But these rappers gon’ lie
I’m a part of these streets
Till the day that I die
I wave hi to the haters,
Mad that I finally done made it
Take a look and you can tell
That I’m destined for greatness…




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Style Hunt – On the Streets, Paris Fashion Week! ***messymandella***


The Queen Of Pop Madonna:Dancing Since The Civil War! ***messymandella***


Remember Madge in her Golden Years?

Wait, these are her Golden Years…

We love this Golden Cougar, and her longetivity!

Madonna has been a favorite of all women that are fighting to live their seventh childhood.

Some women use Madonna as a reminder of why everyone does NOT  have  to spend their Golden Years, in a nursing home.

I mean really, just look at Madonna, still sexxxy and confident.

She can send  Activia, Geritol, and  AARP  at a  stand still.

You can’t imagine, how much love Madonna has reserved in my heart.

When she throws those powdered shanks all over the stage,WE LOVE IT!


NSFW: MixTape Of The Week: French Montana – Mac & Cheese 2 (Full Mixtape) ***messymandella***


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Jay Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Brillz & Z Trip Remix)***messymandella***

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Harlem Matriarch Music! NEW MIXTAPE***messymandella***

Harlem Matriarch-Stand Up Harlem

Wait so Harlem On Top?

Harlem Matriarch is Giving Us That Fire!

We must download this because downloading numbers are misleading and has absolutely nothing to do with  talent.

Tell A Friend to tell a Friend that Harlem, New York  is still making noise in the Hip Hop World. Don’t forget even those are doing bids and resting in peace still have love in the music industry.  Let us remember rappers all from all over the world!

RIP Big L and  Stacks Bundle and “keep your head up” MAX B!



I pray for Max B and his family!

Here is a link to Max B and Harlem Matriarch’s Blog Spot and where you can also purchase the music!

I am sure Max B is proud that The Harlem Matriarch is still holding everyone down!

Here is the link below!

IconMixtape Tracks

  • 1.Live it Up —– Boss Goonberg, Henny, Biggie Rozay, TrevIce, Killadownload
  • 2.Ok —– Lil SNS, PT, Project Rocdownload
  • 3.Same G —– Fettuccine P And Big Tymedownload
  • 4.H.O.T. Anthem —– Charlie Clips, Henny, Lil SNSdownload
  • 5.Hold On —– Nijay Sincere Feat. PTdownload
  • 6.Feeling Myself —– Rob Rillzdownload
  • 7.Me And U —– Nijay Sincere And Harlem Matriarchdownload
  • 8.Get Your Weight Up —– Henny Tha Don And Mascotdownload
  • 9.Looking Like A Star —– Brandson Feat, Chaundondownload
  • 10.I Can Give You —– Nijay Sinceredownload
  • 11.About Creme —– Jerz Jodownload
  • 12.Rollin —– Keith Murray And Redmandownload
  • 13.Hit It —– Harlem Matriarch, Lil SNS and PTdownload
  • 14.Breath Away —– Fettuccine Pdownload
  • 15.G Lean —– GMBdownload
  • 16.See-Us-B-Us —– Henny Tha Dondownload
  • 17.Flyin —– Que Butter And Head Icedownload
  • 18.Beni —– GMBdownload
  • 19.Tyme Out —– Big Tymedownload
  • 20.Letter To Max B —– Point Blankdownload
  • 21.Ryder —– Henny Tha Dondownload
  • 22.Swear To God —– Jerz jodownload
  • 23.NJ Devils —– Duece Dapper and MEKdownload
  • 24.Outro —– Harlem Matriarchdownload

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Bonobo ft Szjerdene – Get Thy Bearings***messymandella***

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Boom Boom Clap (Audio Motion Novel) – Fuze the Mc ***messymandella***

Boom Boom Clap

Look and listen to an audio-visual from the Genius, Fuze The MC.

Fuze The MC is an artistic underground artist that takes Hip Hop to a place that stimulates all of your senses. Fuze doesn’t have women twerking while he smacks their ass.  Some will not understand his vision and that is cool. We should remember artist Jean Michel Basquiat, had the same problem in the beginning.  Innovation takes heart and focus and it will continue to grow if you expirement with every art form. When you hear and witness this audio-visual, you will expand your mind and be in awe because you have never seen anything like this before, because this format is new to me. Innovation and ideology originates from a new breed of rappers that are looking in the way of Kanye West earlier projects. Fuze The MC has opened shows for J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar and received approval from Big Boi from Outkast, School Boy Q, Melania Fiona and countless others in the industry. Respect Fuze The MC, because he shows love to everyone. His talent and humble approach proves he wants more out of life, but respects people to reach success. Find him on Twitter @fuzethemc. 

Fuze The MC has over 34,000 views and he posted the video 6 days ago!

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Create A Positive Life! ***messymandella***

Our Optimism and commitment radiates into love and life, and provides testimony to our hardships that made us stronger.

 So many opportunities and so many exceptional things are destined for you!

 Promise yourself that your work and determination will be warranted by your allegiance, to do what is best for you.

You have to continue your quest through life, with focus and loyalty for your loved ones.

Don’t let negative emotions get involved with your struggle.

Avoid insecurity and negativity!


1. The insecure person  is always angry  at someone for no damn reason.

2. They want to always believe that every situation has to do with them, because of their lack of self-confidence.

3. The insecure person always has a look of hatred in their eyes, but you don’t even know their last name…

4. Insecure people always have negative criticisms for you every day.

5. They don’t want better in life, but they throw shade at anyone else  that has goals.

6. The insecure person overly talks about their sexual ability, size or proportions in public situations, and even on-line. Desperation.

7. An insecure person likes to divide friends and family, to keep confusion and cause drama.

8. An insecure person usually has different personalities, depending on who is around.

9. Do they get involved into every situation, and always have advice (like you care what they think?).

10. An insecure person ALWAYS finds faults in others.

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