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10 Reasons You Should Not Be A Side Chick!***messymandella***

1. You deserve more than a part-time person in your life, who is not helping you.

2. You get the crumbs of an unfaithful partner, that will not be faithful to anyone.

3. You waste  your time hoping and praying and wishing for a sign of love, dummy.

4. You will be alone on every Holliday, including Columbus Day.

5. If you stop helping the coward cheat, maybe you would fine love and respect.

6. No one respects you, and most women and men can’t trust you around their lover.

7. Where the hell is your self-love and admiration?

8.Do you ever want to walk down the damn aisle, you don’t think 3 people walking down the aisle is a little bit crowded?

9. Where the hell is your damn conscious?

10. KARMA-and you deserve it, all of it  for helping someone ruin someone elses life.

Stop making excuses for someone to be unfaithful.

 If they lied and said they were single, tell them to kick rocks. I know,  it will hurt like hell, but you will find love in the end. You have to be strong enough to walk away with your head up even in pain, maintain your dignity. They lied, and it is their loss. Do not alter your life into someone elses selfish circumstances. No one will ever have to live your life, but you. Can you really explain to your family why you get laid by someone in an committed relationship? I don’t give a damn how many excuses you come up with it! It is all lies, to keep your panties or boxers down. Mental Manipulation is the basis of any cheating lover.  You should be so much better than that.
Stand Up For Yourself.

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