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NSFW: Nikki Minaj “Anaconda” Spoof ***messymandella Auto Correct Spells Heaux Name as Nikki…***


Some women are upset that Nikki Minaj developed this video, but I am not at all. Nikki Minaj is about her money. She knew the more ratchet the more parodies, and the most intriguing part is that she knew this would  increase her  youtube  views and her ever-growing bank account. This parody will be completely dissed and panned by her fans. However, Niki stopped looking for barz when she started singing about Star Ships and  what not…

This is Nikki Minaj so this is what you will find if you click on her videos, and if you watched it  she has already raked in more deniro.

As long as we watch, she has alredy won over the men, and the brain-dead women that want to believe that women in hip hop are required to get naked. We will never, ever have a Lauryn Hill again it seems, and While I am a fan of Lil Kim and Nikki Minaj, it wouldn’t hurt to deviate from this blue print of rap, and prove we have much more going on than what is between our legs!

Sex sells, even if in this case little girls will study and memorize the choreography and that will set a tone in how they react in their adolescent lives! It is  too easy to brainwash teens and women in to the thinking that   everything revolves around body image,  and we should be sex slaved robots that will do anything for cash. Remember we still have women out here that are similar to Rasheeda Jones and Michelle Obama out here using their head, not bragging about how good they are at giving it….

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The Diamond Life With SADE * Monie Love And Queen Latifah …***messymandella***




Kanye West AKA Yeesus Pretended To Be Jesus And Demanded The Disabled To Walk!***messymandella***

Yep, Kanye has shown his ass for the 5011TH time.

I don’t know what happened after he made it “Through The Wire”, but I don’t like it one bit, after “Everything Falls Down.”

Kanye West and his delusional importance in literature, compared himself to “William Shakespeare” but not only did Delusional Debbie say he was going after “Shakespeare. ”

The story doesn’t end there folks, Kanye wasn’t through embarrassing himself, so the next rant he decided to tell the audience he would be better than “Walt Disney.”

“I ain’t concerned about anyone who’s living,” Kanye ranted to concertgoers. “I ain’t going after no one on the radio. I’m going after Shakespeare. “I’m going after Walt Disney. I’m going after Howard Hughes. I’m going after David Stern. I’m going after Henry Ford.”

Delusional David  is at it again, and once again it will be a night concert goers will never forget. If you decide to stop a concert make sure you evaluate your request. Don’t assume they are disrespectful, they just may be disabled.

Oh, Kanye…
 As the YouTube trolls pointed out, Kaye West MAY have noticed the wheel chair at 00:35 but let us pretend he was talking to the ghost of Shakespeare, Howard Hughes, Walt Disney…
Kanye believes because he performed “Jesus Walks” that he can make people rise to his feet, if he can’t do that is it possible to make wine?

 Kanye should realize those  people could sit, stand,twerk, or even tap dance if they wanted to, and that is that.

You know why?

 They paid to watch Yeesus pretend to be Jesus and command the unwalkable  to walk.

Janay Rice Is A Typical Abuse Victim In Denial, Just Like My Cousin’s Wife!***messymandella***Song From OLIVIA


“Why would he do it?”

“Did I deserve it?”

“Can it really change?”

“Maybe, I should stop bothering him?”

“I am stressing him out, I should have let him talk.”


“She only hits me when I come in late and I refuse to  leave my babies.”

“I can’t hit her back, no matter what but now our baby crying.”

“I can’t hit her, if I do I will get arrested. I will just leave…”


It was a cook out at a family event and one of my abusive cousin can not keep his hands to himself.

Now, he ALWAYS get his ass kicked by men.

He has NEVER won a fight, unless it was against his wife.

I am embarrassed he is my family, but we can not choose our blood lines.

This man (I use that title lightly) can preach and recite every bible verse ever written.

My Two Faced cousin is on the church choir but that is not the real him.

He  is proof that just because you can recite every bible verse,it still doesn’t make you a Christian.

We were at a family cook out and he started drinking.

We knew what would happen, we just felt it.

His Step daughter is a teenager that stays at home on the weekends just to help the mom, if my cousin decides to beat her mother up.

This teenage girl can’t live her life, because she is afraid that if she goes away, that may be the day he kills her mom.

Why is he not arrested?

She believes if he goes to jail, she can’t survive on just her check, so she hopes and prays that he WON’T get too drunk, but he does.  In her mind, she blames the liquor and herself but never him.

He emotionally abuses his wife by leaving on Friday, not answering his phone, and walking through the door Saturday evening.

She is too scared to ask who he was with, for the fear of getting slammed across the room. Shameful.

  Let’s go back to the cookout incident that changed everything.

We noticed  him over there with her while  they were wrapping up plates to take home.

We noticed her look of a scolded child, as he starts to yell at her.

Out of the blue he spits in her face.

She tries to get away but he grabs her by her hair and he punches her to the ground.

He kept pushing her head down, every time she tried to get up.

We ran over to PROTECT her! 

She  looks at us with blood  coming out of her mouth, and while everyone  EVEN HIS SISTERS were on her side, She looks at us with all that blood, and says “Don’t hurt him, you will make it worse, stop hitting my husband.”

WE looked at her like, really?

 She repeated, “Don’t hurt my husband.”

My cousin knew not to hit us, but ever since that day, I understood the brainwashed mentality of  women like Janay.

My cousin’s wife was in pain and still defending the person that was administering the pain.He was beating her she was nothing, and she believed it was her fault.

By the time my guy cousins and family ran around to beat the breaks off his drunk abusive butt, she screamed, “GET OFF MY HUSBAND” after he beat HER down.

My cousin, looks at his battered wife and says, ” lets go home. “

Once they were in the car, she was apologizing.


I am not surprised at Ray Rice’s  wife for being more protective of her husband even though he spit on her and dropped her like that in the elevator.

She is upset that her husband, who beat her like a runaway slave, is getting bad publicity.

When it comes to abuse, sometimes those beatings make you feel you deserve it.


Ray Rice was wrong and that was a criminal act but instead of her being angry he whooped her ass, Janay is more angry someone found out…



Janet Jackson:The Courageous Cougar Still Got It, Ya’ll!***messymandella***



Reasons Why Women And Men Love Chrissy Teigen-Legend!***messymandella***




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