SIA: Don’t Bring Me Down Today!***messymandella***


    Sia, who always stood out among her contemporaries because even with the fame, she didn’t want the exposure or the constant limelight that most songstresses’ revel in and enjoy living through the perks of their success?
     Sadly, her battle with alcoholism and depression were all hidden behind her music. She cancelled tours due to her Graves Disease diagnosis. Personally she was falling apart after her boyfriend was hit by a taxi driver and killed just days before she was due to visit him in London. This moment in her life opened up her insecurities and ability to cope in life.
 Singer relied on alcohol to get her through live shows later became addicted to antidepressants and pain medication including Xanax and OxyContin, after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it was easy access to get her drugs to accompany her alcohol. Later she called her drug dealer and asked for two of every drug. Her dependency became so strong that she assumed that she had no way out.

Sia left instructions for her dog walker and the hotel manager, writing: ‘I’ve killed myself and I don’t want you to have to suffer seeing my dead body, but a friend intervened and Sia is still here…



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E-V-E By ***messymandella***



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“North Star’s” Andrew Johnson, Can’t Get His Penis Back! ***messymandella***



Andre Johnson, a rapper who worked with members of the group Wu-Tang Clan cut off his penis and jumped from a second floor balcony in an apparent suicide attempt.

He decided to cut his Womb Broom off to commit suicide?




Suicide is not a joking matter, but why did he choose that method?

Now the doctors say they will not be able to reattach his penis, and he is still alive  but, with no penis…

TMZ reports, “A spokesperson for the hospital said it does not comment on patients, but TMZ reports that attempts to reattach Johnson’s penis failed.

Johnson is also known by the stage name Christ Bearer, and is in the rap group Northstar. Wu-Tang Clan founding member RZA produced Northstar’s debut album.

Members of Northstar told TMZ they were there when Johnson, without warning, cut off his penis and leaped. They said by the time they got downstairs he was running around screaming.”

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Diana Krall -Look Of Love***messymandella***

Jadakiss- Without You And LoxMas Part 3***messymandella***

Jadakiss will never get his proper respect!
Jadakiss has a skill set above the rest.
Everyone knows that, except for the charts.
Jadakiss is content, with his street following.
Don’t sleep on Jadakiss.
His mix tape came out, with a whisper.
Still one of the hottest of 2014.
Pay Homage, to someone that should be on your Top 10.

Listen for yourself!


What Goes Around Comes Around (360 Degrees) With Clarence 13-X + Grand Puba***messymandella***

 I am not a 5% of The Nation Of Gods And The Earths.

Here is the point of view from Clarence X-13!

All religion has division but also it has some truth.

I have said repeatedly that all Wars are fueled by money and religion.

Even the wars in our streets are fueled by money too.

Read the Book regarding Supreme mathematics!

I have read the Bible,The Koran(Quran) The Book Of Mormon,any many other religious publications.

Knowledge can be gained from any source, despite the propagandist behind it.



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I Will Never See Kate Bush’s Comeback Tour, But I Can Dream!~ ***messymandella***

I had the pleasure of listening to Maxwell’s “A Woman Worth” and researched the back ground chorus and landed on the name “Kate Bush” and  opened my ears to an ghost like songstress that currently stopped recording music, or so I thought!
When I opened  up my ears and noticed that Kate’s version was in fact the original masterpiece, I became an instant fan. 

I witnessed the unmistakable vocals and stylised movements of the writer and artist that has a new generation of fans.

The new class of fans are about to witness a timeless talent, that breathes theatrical, artistically, and  “Cloudbusting” ability in every music video  and interpretation she creates in her career.

 There is only one Kate Bush! Big Boi from “Outkast” Wants to collaborate with her and that would be an honor for anyone.



The BBC’s Colin Paterson reportsKate_Bush_21 from

 that tickets with at face value of £135 were already being offered on sale on secondary ticketing sites for more than £1000.

Bush was just 20 when she completed her one and only tour, a year after topping the charts with Wuthering Heights.”

Who do you know that hasn’t toured in 35 years that can sell out a concert in less than an hour?

Tickets for Kate Bush’s first live shows in 35 years sold out in less than 15 minutes, and that.

Tickets for the 22 dates at London’s Hammersmith Apollo went on sale at 09:30 GMT on Friday morning.

The star said she was “completely overwhelmed by the response”. “Thank you so much to everyone,” she added.

The Before the Dawn concerts, which take place this August and September, mark the singer’s first return to the stage since The Tour Of Life in 1979.

“Demand was so high that the singer’s own website, as well as some ticket-selling sites, crashed as people tried to log on.

Women In The Drug Game: Meet Shontel Adams! ***messymandella***


Are you able as a woman to enter the game, and safely maneuver with the exact ability and freedom as a man? Gender equality is a myth and sometimes gets manipulated into being too strong. A woman will climb the corporate ladder with unstoppable endurance but the pay schedule is off. When women are on their grind, it is more of an upfront face ONLY because her man is out of commission

Women like me, who are wanting only the best, can sometimes get confused as being too independent. We still need love but, we want our voices to be heard too, even when we let our partners take the lead.
Make no mistake, I am not in the drug game, or any of those underworld life hustles.
I am however motivated beyond most, and have a purpose.
Every movement is systematic, any street legend will tell you that quickly. Make no mistakes, but if you do make sure that the deliberating effect, does not over ride your plans. In this case you will watch a woman who wanted to make a name for herself and end up in the female prison. Women sometimes accumulate more life sentences than the man, ask Santra Rucker.
Now we are seen on that same stage that Rich Porter loved, but even he couldn’t win the game.
Get Out of the game or have a plan B, because you have two choices.
You either end up like Big Meech or Robert Yummy Sandifer.

Utilize that talent and make all of it your hustle!

Phantogram VS Monica- In Love—Everything To Me***messymandella***

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