Full Circle TV Show Host Queen Guest Mother Of Gakirah Barnes-Alleged Female Assasin***messymandella***

As the hood legend goes, Chicago once had a little girl named “Lil Snoop” who may have killed at least twenty people.

She lost her brother to gun violence and paced those same Chicago streets with a vengeance, or did she?


When you hear her mother sob about both of her children dying to violence, you wonder how does this happen?

I have a question for mother’s that have lost their children to this Violence, you don’t wonder why your child has new clothes that you can’t afford?

If your son or daughter is wearing Gucci, Prada, Fendi and you are wearing Wal-Mart’s Faded Glory, that doesn’t make you wonder where a 15-year-old, with no job received the money to buy these high dollar items?

It is never a mother’s fault of her child’s death, but shouldn’t it be a tidbit of a  sign that maybe your child is not spending his afternoons at the local library? 

Shouldn’t this be a  clue that your child and their friends are living a dangerous life?

K.I. went into a violent tail spin that would not let her rest until she avenged her brother’s death.

Now, did she live a short life of crime or was she just a victim of a false reputation, and a chomped up legend?
We may never have the complete truth about this female teenage assassin due to the fact that she is now with her brother,  but in a casket of her own.

Now, she may be respected, and bragged about like someone with a high credibility,  but that did not stop the gun shots from entering her little body, and ultimately revoking her chance  at  life.
K.I.  was shot nine times in the throat, face and everywhere else…
Her blood was left splattered with her lifeless on the step….

Was her death retaliation or just someone else trying to earn stripes in the game?

Either way here is a brief look at the Chiraq’s late soldier in an invisible war,Gakira K.I” Barnes.


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Confession: Lil Jay’s Song Is Fire Yup AND Bobby Shmurda I Said IT!***messymandella***


I am against violence, and you know I will beat a dead horse to death. I will stop when we get diplomas instead of Death Certificates.Imagine would could happen if you stayed out of the gun range and stayed in studio?

      I caught myself singing the chorus, “take You out your glory” because the song is fire and you know it.

       Forgive me for showing love for  this song. I am just real enough to admit I love the song and that even with a person like Lil Jay that can only envision, survival and that is it, I  can visualize better. Drugs, and fast living can rip apart that talent. Lil Jay you are older, DON’T Take them boys out they glory, take the younger to the library and the museum. They don’t have to cry in silence while they say good-bye to K.I., Tooka,or Lil JoJo. Look at how you live and let those babies have a chance.


         I am talking to Chiraquian, and violence and dissing is the  way.   I have wrote many articles on some of your family members. I don’t want anyone to take you out your glory, but you have talent.I just hope you live long enough to watch your child get a diploma. As of now, I know you can’t think that far….



Gorillaz – Kids With Guns (Live In Manchester) ***messymandella***


Free Cyntonia Brown ***messymandella*** She Killed Her Pimp…



She fought her abuser  and I wish more women would follow suit.

Society makes it even harder to save these little girls when this is the message that we send.

If you are an adult and you decide to sell your ass, that is your decision!

A child can not make that decision and  Cyntonia deserves a chance at life when she was raped, lied to and deceived by the people who promised her protection.


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R.I.P. -Gang Violence Kills -Watch Hadiya Pendelton

 It takes a lot for me to cry.

I have so many demons that haunt me.

So much pain in my heart for innocence stolen.

I want to scream and I want to cry.

So, I will do both of these things, and call you out.

Wacka Flocka

Gucci Mane

Lil Wayne

The Game

and other rappers that brag about gang affiliation, You did this to her.

You can hide behind your platinum status, and mansions.

You killed her, blood is on your hands.

You should attend her funeral, now.

You helped kill her.

Anytime you put your flag in your back pocket, remember Hadiya.

The part that makes me so tearful, is she wanted to be successful.

 The beautiful intelligent, lady could have made a difference in someone’s life.

Now, let’s hope her death is not in vain.

Here is a young Hadiya Pendelton, doing a PSA for Gang Violence.

This is when the tears come…

Are You Married To The Streets, Well Will Death Will Soon Do You Part?***messymandella***

At times, it is so easy to get real gangster confused, with studio gangsters. Some of your favorite rappers are false flagging to get that street recognition. Once, you go to any child’s funeral, and watch someone get beat up for wearing the wrong color there is zero tolerance. Snoop Dog, is a gang member, but he is not a street soldier. The street soldiers expire earlier, the closer they are to the streets. I plan to show as many gang funerals, and speak out against them. The adults that want to destroy and enslave our community are on their own. If we educate these little boys and girls left in our community, they will not suffer the same demise as Lil JoJo, and Robert Yummy Sandifer. If you know a boy and girl that you want to save from this never-ending trap, show them enough to scare them straight out of this foolishness. Obviously they can’t look up to other gang members for support, because they are ruthless bastards that money takes over respect, heritage, and self preparation.STOP KILLING OUR RACE!
It is pathetic that a woman has to stand up, and speak up for our well-being. Everyone’s hands are dirty in this game and you can’t have a conscious, putting that flag in your back pocket. The black family in the hood is looked at as ignorant, lazy, and uncivilized. Gangs infiltrate the black family, like a hurricane. I want to be able to know that I never sold out for a dollar, or ethical beliefs. I am convinced that gangs are evil, and set up by the government to infiltrate the urban communities. Yes, they belief that if money is thrown our way, we will sell our souls. It is starting to look that way in the music business, and our communities.

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