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Obscure Soul: Brand New Heavies With Q-Tip ***messymandella***





NEW: SisQo Believes He Is A-List! ***messymandella***

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Lianne La Havas Lavishes Us With Creepiest Thing You Will See ALL Week! ***messymandella***


This video demonstrates a young whipper snapper who is deeply intrigued with an older man. Apparently she only wants men  to date that remember where they were standing when the Pilgrim’s landed on Plymouth Rock, in the early 1600’s but love is love.

I preach love is love, and it  does not matter if she is captivated by those sexxxy blue veins bulging all over the place. This is the man that  you take for dinner and stop by to get him an Ensure Drink for  “at home relations time.”

Lianna can have any man she wants but in this video, she desires a man that may have clubbed a bear during The Ice Age.

Love is a beautiful thang.  She said that this is her fish in the sea.  I did the research for you guys!

I found that fish…


arthrodire placoderms lived and existed during the Late Devonian period, about 380-360 million years ago.

Those  liver spots are the sexxxist thing about this man…..





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