Black Is Beautiful!***messymandella***



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Gwen Stefani – 4 In The Morning VS Melanie Fiona***messymandella***



Eric Roberson _SHE_ ***messymandella***


ERIC ROBERSON “SHE”  is  minimal but brilliant.

Our Culture Needs To Ease Up On Lil Mama! ***messymandella***

We must stop attempting to make excuses for how horrible the urban media treats this poor girl,Lil Mama. I have previously made comments, but imagine if you were being called ugly and talentless in front of millions of people? No woman deserves that torture and humiliation. When does the line disappear between being satirical and just plain horrendously evil? I witnessed that look of embarrassment in shame, and felt guilty and horrible during that interview. As a woman, I felt her pain, and would not be able to even continue with this interview. I am a fan of Charlemagne The God, but this is a young lady that he is calling ugly and insulting was tasteless. It is so easy to jump on the bandwagon, but it takes a courageous person to admit, this was dead wrong.

Obscure Soul: Incomplete By Sisquo -Dru Hill***messymandella***


Remember That Bitch Ass Doll From “The Conjuring?” She Now Has A Movie!***messymandella***

The creepy doll who looked like  a recovering meth addict, with all that creepy make up now has her own movie.

Yes, a movie that I don’t plan to watch unless I have the Koran, The Bible, The Wiccan Handbook, and the Watch Tower from  our Jehovah’s Witness’s.

This creepy little thot is about that life and she apparently pretended to be Anabelle Higgins a little girl who died, and fooled the hell out of some night nurses.In the movie they made a scary plastic version of the doll. When in reality, she was a Raggedy Ann Doll, but they had to make her intimidating.

Those nurses either enjoyed shenanigans or were naive, because I would have fried her little creepy Mattel ass on a barbecue grill.


Apparently she would have crayons, and scribble messages, even though the nurses did NOT have crayons.

That is why my version of “The Conjuring” would have been a commercial.

I would have put that plastic hussy on the bed. If I came home and she was on the floor, I would have stuck her ass in a blender.

No  regrets.

Watch the true story and the new trailer.

Annabelle, listen here Lil Bitch,Don’t come for me!


You stay right in that museum box or your rocking chair.

I will stay the hell from you, I hope this music soundtrack and movie makes money, but it won’t  get my dinero. This little tramp makes Chuckie The Doll look like  The Easter Bunny.

Enjoy your life,you undead hussy. I don’t deal with traveling dolls  that don’t die.

I don’t know who the hell does your make up and how you move to different parts of the room?

I will not be attending your movie, and invoking that antique sorcery from you.


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I Wish Whitney Houston Would Have Known Her Own Strength.***messymandella***

         Whitney Houston lived a life that humbled most, and destroyed her in the end.

Today is her birthday.

We must tell the truth about Whitney Houston. I cried, because I was in her situation,not drugs but with someone who would play the part of a different person to the public..

She stayed with someone who made her look like a fool,every chance he got, but we were not there behind closed doors,but why treat her like nothing in the public eye?

Whitney is the reason, I know my own strength, I just wish she would have known her own.

When she lost part of her heavenly voice, and her self-respect through addiction, we were confused and disappointed.

We laughed, and comedians made multiple jokes about Whitney Houston’s addiction.

No one thought it would end like this.

I want to say that Whitney Houston has always inspired me to pick up the pieces and walk with pride.

Even when she wasn’t the Whitney we fell in love with, she still tried.

In fact, she was that unselfish, when she was going through her demons, she didn’t want anyone to know she was still on drugs and suffered alone.

          She dealt with her own pain, the worst way, but what sadly she assumed was the best thing for her life.

When you take the time to look inside  yourself use Whitney as your example.

Whitney taught me never to have anyone in your life that will publicly destroy or diminish your brand.

You are who you walk with it, if they want to be trashy you will find your ass right in the trash with them.

Don’t let anyone steal your time with their drama, and end up diminshing your talent.

People who love you and care, will not hurt you or destroy your creativity with stupidity.

It is sad, that her personal life overshadowed everything she did professionally.

Her life can be our lesson in self-evaluation. You can never carry people that WILL NEVER carry you.

She looked like a fool in the public eye and she suffered in pain and maybe that is why she turned to drugs?

She didn’t tell the world she still needed Help.

I know my worth.

You  can’t be around someone who does not want anything in life,or just will cause you pain because they can.

Why put yourself through that, when you already know your self-worth and talent for someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart?

We will miss Whitney Houston, but she inspired me not to chase trash.

If that person cares they will help you career, not sidetrack it to cause pain or drama.

I hope other women realize that even with beauty, determination, and talent the person you love the most could be the worst thing that ever happened to you.

Too bad, when you realize it, you can see what all you passed up, and lost of your own talent, time, and well-being.

Love yourself,

Thank you Whitney.

You are the reason I know my own strength.

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