Good News! Fred Phelps Is Dead! ***messymandella***


Westboro Baptist Church Members have ruined many political funerals and demonstrations for Equal Rights.


Fred Phelps hates everyone and so did his family of inbreeding church followers and family. Here are some of their LGBT and Human Events they have protested.


They laughed at 9-11 bombing, and said It was God’s will

They also marched during the “Sandy Hook Tragedy” and stated that all of the victims were going to Hell

Yes, they even meant those innocent babies, were cursed in their churches mission statement.

All of their hatred and bigotry is excused,by saying it’s  God‘s Will.

They laughed when Matthew Shephard was brutally murdered and protested that funeral too. 


Fred Phelps also pickets funerals of dead soldiers, and the Boston Marathon bombing victims. 

So yup, Fred Phelps has kicked the bucket.

He also decided that people should be a little nicer, and was also ex-communicated from Westboro Baptist Church in his final days.

Dancing For Justice!

Dancing For Justice!


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Ellen Page Is My Favorite New Lesbian!***messymandella***

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Men Can Do That! Women Wake Up!***messymandella***

I want sisterhood. I want love and peace. I want to be able to walk out a room confident, that their want be a knife in my back. I want to be able to say how I feel and not be judged, in an ignorant fashion. I want to be able to sit in a room full of women and know that we are working to make this a better community and world. I want to be in a room full of strong women, that can all get along and work together to build each other up!

I don’t want to be in a place were women already have their own agenda to hate, before the room fills with chatter.I wish I could be in a place were a smile really meant just that!I would love to be in a room full of women that didn’t have instigators trying to split  that same room up.Men can do that. Why can’t we?

Men can party, watch the game and go away for the weekend. Women go away for a weekend and hate each other, when they come back.Why are their so many cliques among adult women? Telling lies on each other, envious, and scheming, not men? Men can do that, but they don’t! THEY DONT!

Men Beef, and handle it, and keep it moving.If women could all come together and not talk about the first person that walked out the room,we could grow.Men Could Do That!Messymandella must live in  a dream world, a fairytale, and a  fable. This  shit may never happen.

We can’t get 15 women in the same room, that like each other at the same time. Men can do that! Men could get 50, and have the time of their life!How can we teach a new generation, if we act like petty 12 year olds ourselves? The women that I love, Smile,joke,cry with me. They are all around when I need them.They are near, even when I just want to curse them out. They tell me off to my face. That is why I keep them in my life! I wish it was more women that could be like these women! I still am in that damn fairytale. Maybe it will happen one day?

Maybe one day after Queen Latifah comes out, and Antoine Dodson becomes an astronaut…

Angie Stone -Brotha


I know I am cut throat with you men, but I love you . Look down!
Angie Stone about to tell you how much!



LGBT: Love Don’t Need A Reason!***messymandella*** We Are Family!

No one wanted to discuss Civil Rights in the Segregated South!

We have to stand up and stop judging and start loving.

Do you know how mant LGBT youth committ suicide?

They are so afraid of the judgement, and shame they suffer in silence.

We as a generation must extend love and understanding.

It is ok for a Straight man, and a gay man to just be friends.

So many men worry about their manhood, that they become bigots.

Yes, other races can become bigots.

You can have a gay friend, and not be gay.

Women have Lesbian friends, that are NOT lesbians.

We create our own prejudice.

This is only the beginning.

I am a visionary that knows whole heartedly that you can accept people.

Love doesn’t need a reason and if  you look at some of the homophobic and racist comments on Youtube you will see WE still have many rivers to cross…

NSFW : Antoine Dodson Joins A Cult & Assumes You Should Lysol The Gay Away! ***messymandella***

        Umm YeahAntoine Dodson who became a reality star now wants a wife.  Antoine advised his family and community to “Hide Your wife, hide your kids! They raping everybody”  and became a YouTube sensation. Now  he ASSUMES that you can  stop being a homosexual.

      Unless Mr. Dawson has a magical genie, he is full of insanity and pure lack of self. You can not turn on and turn off the gay switch. You will always be gay! You just stopped having physical interaction, but you can’t turn off physical attraction. You still are attracted to big strapping men. You still have a visual perception of what you want at any time. Now you are planning a family, and that is a beautiful thing but be truthful.

         Why should we care? That sends the idea to youth that something is wrong with their orientation, and they are not people of God. People have to come out, like it is unveiling of themselves because they are embarrassed and fearful  to acknowledge same-sex attraction. Why is it an embarrassing? How can we pick and choose what sins are the worst.
        The Bible, written forever  and a day ago,  followed all laws  completely but man has changed and remixed the Bible to profit them and their religious denomination. The Bible condones many things, but being ashamed of  being gay is the same as being ashamed of being black or a woman. You will be gay today, tomorrow, leap year and on Chinese holidays.


         Congratulations on becoming a Hebrew Israelites, they hate women,  gays,  and white folks. You are joining a swell organization that curses out people on the street, that also creates their own Bible books. They promote unity too. Yep they are unified to bully, laugh, and mock  everyone that has a brain. Black Hebrew Israelites seem to be the only people to validate their own reasons of segregation and gay bashing. They also have segments on how women should remember to Hold Their tounge, because we are not smart enough to make decisions.  I can’t wait to see Antoine Dodson in his religious smock/ dashiki. Oh, as you watch the video below, you will notice that the Hebrew Israelites dress just like the Last Dragon…dragon-25

Skip video to 1:35 unless you want to hear a singing a nightmare.

Christianity And Misdirection: Disassociation Of Gays And *AIDS*Victims-***messymandella***God Does Not Hate!

I can’t change, even If I wanted to…
I am not crying on Sunday
I grew up in a religion that condemns you for being homosexual
I hated watching people have to leave home because of being gay,transsexual,or a lesbian
I wonder why God didn’t love them?
I wanted to go up and hug them as a little girl,but I couldn’t
I had a friend that was a gay man, that would give me candy and hugs
I am writing this for you!
I watched as we turned you away from God
I saw you get AIDS, when the epidemic finally reached us
I remember you telling me you couldn’t talk to me,
I cried at the outside of that Kingdom Hall, and asked you why?
I can recall hugging you and your long fingernails as you telling me bye
I didn’t understand why you didn’t try to come back to our congregation,
I asked where you were and I was told you were in the hospital, alone
I can recall crying when they said you died from AIDS,
I cried,when as a little girl it hurt me, that only your mom came to your death-bed,
I got a whipping that night because I said at 7 years old “That is mean and stupid,”
I will never forget you and I will never let anyone die alone,
I miss you and you died over 30 years ago, and you were my friend,
I know you would be proud of me, and surprised that you had an impact on my life,
I will always make jokes about LGBT issues,but that hides the pain of your last days
I am so sorry, I never said Good-bye
I know you would be proud that currently AIDS victims have support
I am old enough to know I was 100% right then
I know you died before making it to your 30th Birthday
I think that God loves you, and I hate that no one was around to tell you!
I will not forget you, and you sleep in peace knowing that at 7- years old I knew how to be a real friend…thank you!


“I Won’t Cry On Sunday!”

Gay Guys Thoughts While Grocery Shopping***messymandella***

This might be why I love My Twitter Illegitmate Cousins, and their flair for the Fluffery Of It All.

This arrived in my mentions, and I needed a laugh.

Yes, LGBT do our dying day.

Is that the set you claiming?

This video follows every stereotype, thought, and assumption of straight people that don’t know a gay person.

Today, I asked for  a laugh, it is my testimony that I was delivered!

This Sista right here is the wind beneath my wings.

You better work that shopping cart, Girl!  

Hey Frank Ocean, he is so pretty.

Frank, I am sure he would swim in your ocean…



Song 3 *Frank Ocean *I Miss You*

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