Forever Young-R.I.P.-For You L.J.***messymandella***

ljI will never get to hug my little cousin again. I saw him a few weeks ago, and he got up and gave me the biggest hug, with his big ears. I felt the love in that hug. That feeling you get when you meet someone who lights up a room. We will never have another Laquan Parker Jr. We can hold on to the memories. As, I looked at you in that casket, I knew none of our lives would ever feel the same.Now, I am very private person,but when I looked into his eyes, I knew he had something that we didn’t have. I knew he was not meant for our world. I cried like a baby when I heard that you drowned, 2 days before your 19th Birthday. I can’t imagine what could come of this pain?

When I looked around as I was sitting with our family, I knew that you were here for a glimpse,and that’s all you needed.

You made that impact. You weren’t an Angel, but you were too good for this world.I will miss you. The boy I saw in that casket was not my cousin. It was a shell of who you were, but your spirit was gone. Your High School Principle and classmates, could not finish their speeches, because of the pain. You graduated a month ago. So much ahead, so we thought…

I don’t want to remember you with that  casket  shutting on you,for the final time. I want to remember  how  you were looking in your red t-shirt  and shorts! I will remember that devious smile, when you got up from the table,and gave me that hug. You will always be a beacon of light in our lives, and you will remain young. Love You LJ!


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We adhere to street codes and live and ride for our city. When you are  a “Street Star” you will remain a whisper, a legend and cautionary tale.  Karlton Hines is now a Legend but he is not living.  Talent, looks, and money  were his traits that caught the stares and jealousy from others. That will also his downfall. Karlton,a Basketball Star that family and friends revered and perceived as a Hero knew he was a leader and a born legend.  We all have a chance to get out of the hood! However, urban men are told the only practices that will gain them wealth are pimping, drug dealing or Sports. No one even attempts anything else without doubt. We are programmed to believe that these are the only components to accomplish hood wealth. We don’t realize that money is from other hands that know we will eventually destroy our neighborhoods forever.  Someone needs our men dead, and we are helping them achieve this feat, every day.Karlton Hines played Basketball, and he knew he had the fame and admiration of everyone. He was raised in a single family neighborhood.
Karlton  could be seen in PS1 Park playing at 3:00 AM.His coaches wouldn’t push his studies, because he benefited them. Game  was already in front of  him. He  was under the impression that his grades were second to his ability for the game. Karlton had over 30 recruiters at a time offering him scholarships. That power and understanding of game is that the people that are left behind, sometimes want your impending failure. Karlton  quit because of a disciplinary problem. He also lied about his address to play at the school of his choice. He was caught after hours breaking the rules, and  instead of dealing with repercussions he left school. He quit school 4 months before graduating with his High school diploma Of course, he was attractive and had charisma that would always propel him to another level. Karlton won MVP when he was only 13 and 14. Older children were intimidated by him,because of his game with ladies, and with the courts. Karlton(nicknamed “C”)did not bite his tongue on the court. He had physical and mental strength that other ballers envied at a young age. Karlton was the baby,but garnered more attention than his older brothers, and street soldiers in the game! Karlton could have made millions legally, but he couldn’t leave the hood values and backwards mentallity. His brothers were not blessed to receive Karltons gift of street intelligence,that would later be his curse. He was 6’5  and athletic, cocky and was given every persons admiration, and full attention.

He loved the “Stage!” Yes, the hood has its on stage and community that is the mecca of the dealers,players, and goldiggers. They know how to get chose, and be seen. Once you get chose to be a part of “The Life” you are too afraid to leave what you know to be morally incorrect.

  In the hood it only takes a “New York Minute” to change your entire life. Karlton and his friend were walking from the store. They were in an  altercation with a neighborhood friend “Tweedy” and  “Tweedy” pulled out a knife. Karlton defended himself with a bottle, it went across  the neck, of  “Tweedy”  and was pronounced dead at the hospital.  Karlton stayed on the run for 11 days. He was arrested but later set free, because it was ruled self defense. Karlton walks out a free man, but that one moment changed his entire life. He was damaged to recruiters,  and already entered the system and his life had a few limitations. He could no longer be  a Hood Celebrity  by the Basketball Game, so he the chose the other side of the game.

Karlton’s street soldiers  had him walking around with thousands  in his pockets. He could not forget his hood. “Duncan Hines” had that rush of adrenaline and that mental choice to be the Legend. He didn’t want basketball to  infiltrate his street credibility. He chose to leave his talent, and go for the blood money. Karlton decided to walk further into the pit of destruction. His looks and personality started to change. He also blamed Coach, old teachers, everyone  for  not having  his back, and he was too ashamed to go back to school, he went further in the  drug game!


Pistol Pete and the Blood affiliated Sex, Money and Murder gang were the scourge of the Soundview section of the Bronx back in the day. In his teens and into his early twenties Pistol Pete acquired a reputation as a ruthless killer, who made millions in the drug game in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He was known as one of the most feared and powerful men in New York during the crack era, who could get people killed with his word alone. His influence and organization stretched south from the city’s five boroughs reaching out and touching states all across the eastern seaboard. Pistol Pete was one of Soundview’s Original Gangsters, setting the bar high for his hood and the Northeast Bronx. – Gorilla Convict

       One thing some don’t understand about “The Game” is that you always are competing.  You only live once, but someone is always ready to shoot you, and make an example of you, and tarnish your legacy. What you build is a charade of evil and an “Execution chamber” This game will never have a winner.  Karlton  Hines found that out the hard way,  with his friend Carlos.  Pistol Pete who is know serving Life stole Karlton’s chance at a new life.  karlton Hines was 25 years old when he died. He was found with $5000.00 in his pockets.  It’s a game that we will not win. No matter how many times we live it and remember it,we hope it will be diffrent. Karlton Hines died on April 8th , 1994 and that money in his pocket could not keep him breathing, so what did it give him?

We are getting caught up in these movies, and images, and giving props to men behind a cell who can’t even go outside when they want, but we idolize them. We even study where they went wrong, so we won’t make that mistake. No one wins the game, and it is a trap.  Karlton Hines is in a casket  and Pistol Pete is in a a cot on a box with stories and commissary.  We are destroying our own existence and making single moms raise the babies without knowledge on how to make a man survive. Karlton Hines chose the wrong game to gain fame. Even though we know, no one wins in the game but everyone thinks they will be different…

Stop Being A Side Chick. Get Some Damn Dignity***messymandella***The CSI:Thot Investigator

1. You deserve more than a part-time person in your life, who is not helping you.

2. You get the crumbs of an unfaithful partner, that will not be faithful to anyone.

3. You waste your time hoping and praying and wishing for a sign of love, dummy.

4. You will be alone on every Thot-A-day, including Columbus Day.

5. If you stop helping the coward cheat, maybe you would find love and respect. I love mine.

6. No one respects you for being community property, and most women and men can’t trust you around their lover, family pets,or their toilet seats.

7. Where the hell is your self-love and admiration?

8.Do you ever want to walk down the damn aisle, you don’t think 3 people walking down the aisle is a little bit crowded?

9. Where the hell is your damn conscious?

10. KARMA-and you deserve it, all of it, for helping someone ruin someone else’s life.

11. What will you do, when his main girl walks down the aisle of the store with his Discover Card, and you got an EBT card?

12. Someone is telling you that you are NOT even the waterboy on their team, yeah you are purely irrelevant  (you’re just there!)

13. Life is too short to not find someone who respects you and your feelings.

14. You don’t want to face the truth of your desperation and that you might not even be the main side chick!

15. You opened your legs all year, and you have nothing to show for it. MESSAGE



wu-tangs o.d.b.’s psa for safe sex ***messymandella***

When I spent the night with friends, and we all lied and went to The O.D.B. concert.

That  will always be one of my favorite moments, with Mark and David.

Yes, I am prissy and girly, but I get along better with men. Most women want to gut me like a fish…

Yes, Old Dirty Bastard was 23 different kinds of crazy that night.

He even stole the microphone, and told everyone to get in his van.

You can’t deny his unique flow on the beat.

O.D.B. didn’t have to ride the beat, he just complimented it.

Now, when you think about O.D.B. You  think of hin having an EBT Card, as after selling millions of Records, and  his drug overdose.

O.D.B. was always high!

At the concert, he said, “I don’t want to talk to the prettiest girls in here, I want the ugliest.”

 One of my favorite lines from O.D.B,  “I don’t want to go back to the Police Station,  they trying to send Dirt on a long vacation!”

RIP Russell Jones



classic-The Death Of Robert “Yummy” Sandifer***messymandella***



This story will break your heart.This little boy died at the age of 11 known as a Black Disciple and a killer. Robert “Yummy” Sandifer  had a rap sheet  a mile long. Some people were happy he was gone.

Some children knew how he loved to draw,and was abused and constantly had cigarette burns on his body.The Time Magazine published a story on his death,and asked the family for a picture.They only had his mug shot.

This 11-year-old who carried guns,went into his casket with a suit that was too big for his little body,and his teddy bears.

Yummy died in an alley,killed by his own gang .

This dead boy killed Shavon Dean, a neighborhood friend with a stray bullet. He called his grandma and wanted to confess. The Black Disciples heard he  would confess.

Yummy was escorted by his BGD members. They  killed him,instead of hiding him, like they promised. Yummy(who loved sweets),died in an alley full of broken glass.His grandmother(Mom) wanted to find him.She carried his clothes with her,and was ready to bring him home,to confess. Here is the documentary link  Please realize the quality is grainy,but message authentic. UPDATE: If too many people are watching the video at the same time, you can’t access the link. Here is a crime scene video on the case. from Andrew Jones. Thanks to!***Actual Funeral Footage***

Yummy had so many brothers and sisters,and they were all getting abused ,and burnt by cigarettes.The coroner report said he had 49 scars on his body One of his brothers went blind because his mom would not take him to the doctor. His grandmother was his mom. He called his mom “Reen”. This lost soul haunted Tupac.“Shorty want to be a thug” also paid homage to Robert Yummy’s short life,and other babies killed by violence.   This is the song that was made to remember the tragedy.

There is also a book based on his life, that it is read to inner city youth to keep them from ending up, like Yummy.

Here is part 2, the aftermath of Yummy’s death. Yummy’s book is read as a lesson plan in inner city schools.


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The Secret To Perfect Hair: Try Blue Magic**messymandella***Nas IS The DON!(Rihanna / Demi / Katy / K.Michelle)

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the murders of shavon dean and robert “yummy” sandifer… “***messymandella***


When Children Kill Children: Boy, 11, Is Wanted in Chicago

By DON TERRY Published: September 01, 1994

Someone stepped out of the shadows between two storefront churches on the city’s far South Side the other night and started shooting wildly at a knot of teenagers playing football.

When the gunfire stopped, a 14-year-old girl lay dead, killed by a bullet apparently meant for someone else. At first, the shooting appeared to be another senseless, though increasingly common, story of an innocent slaughtered in the street.

But the slaying of Shavon Dean has become more than that. It has shaken this city and made many here fear for the future, not because of the victim’s tender years but because of the even younger age of her suspected killer, an 11-year-old boy.

The suspect, who police say belongs to a gang, stands 4-foot-8, sports a tattoo that says “I love mommy” and has an arrest record that could belong to a middle-age thug.

And ever since the shooting last Sunday night, the boy has eluded the police and their growing child-hunt.

“This is a tragedy for everybody on both sides,” Shavon’s aunt, Ida Falls, said today. “That boy is 11 years old. He don’t know no better. The gangs tell him what to do and he does it. He’s just a child, a child that killed a child.”

The boy, who has not been identified by the police because of his age, lived around the corner from Shavon and is known in the neighborhood for causing trouble. He is also a suspect in the shooting and wounding of a teen-age boy earlier on Sunday in another skirmish in what seems like a never-ending gang war here.

But gunplay and funerals are not confined to big cities and their street gangs. In the apple-growing community of Wenatchee, Wash., about 160 miles east of Seattle, two 12-year-old boys were recently accused of killing a 50-year-old migrant farm worker.

The boys, the police say, shot the man 18 times with two stolen pistols after he told them to stop making noise and, they boys said, threw a rock at them.

In each case, the common thread is the ability of children to get their hands on guns.

Shavon Dean lived in a working-class neighborhood of single-story homes with neat lawns. But so much gunfire had rattled the area in the days leading up to her slaying, residents say, that most parents were telling their children to stay on their tree-shaded street — where it was supposed to be safe. One of the churches on 108th Street had even erected a curbside basketball hoop so that teen-agers on the block would not have to go to school to play and risk being caught in a crossfire.

“When I was coming up,” said Kenneth Reed, 22, “I had role models, somebody to look up to. It ain’t that way any more. Now, you look up to the person with the biggest gun.”

The 11-year-old boy wanted in Shavon’s death has the kind of scarred personal background often associated with later violence.

“This is a tragic, tragic case” the Cook County Public Guardian, Patrick T. Murphy, who represents children and the elderly in the courts, said today. “This is a kid who has had nothing going for him his entire life.”

The boy grew up amid gangs, drugs and rising unemployment. Mr. Murphy said the boy’s mother was 15 when she first gave birth; she was 18 when he was born. Martha Allen, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, said that when the boy’s mother was 21 he and four of his siblings were taken from her because of neglect and, in the cold code of bureaucracy, “risk of harm.”.

The boy and his siblings were placed in the custody of their grandmother, who is now 46. She told The Chicago Sun-Times: “They are lying that he is supposed to have done some shooting. He’s a nice kid, until he gets with the wrong group.” ‘A Time Bomb most read stories are these 3. These 3 stories have over 76,2345 views as of 06-07-2013 “Men Lie, Women Lie Numbers Don’t” I appreciate the love and you men and women all over the planet reading. The internet connects every country in the world together.***messymandella***

I have to tell the313 story, of Robert”Yummy Sandifer as the victim, but also as the murderer. The life of Shavon Dean’s life ended while walking home with her cousin.  She is a the catalyst that started the nightmare on Roseland. Robert Yummy Sandifer Story has been the story that kept me out at night.This story is embedded in my life forever. Shavon’s life was important, but she  also is a ghost of Gang Violence.She lost her life, sadly on one somber  night that will remain a part of mournful history.During The black night, on the lonely heavily destructive neighborhood of Rosewood, Yummy shot and killed Shavon Dean. We know that is a common gang ridden area in Chicago, Illinoise.Robert “Yummy” Sandifer decided he wanted to be a full fledge member of “The Black Gangster Disciples.” After he shot in the crowd, and wounded some, Shavon wasn’t as lucky.Here is a link to the story. 

          Now Shavon Dean will be a reminder of senseless gang violence. You will always live in a world of money, evil, and manipulation. Both children died the same week because of a Gang. No one lived long enough to enter High School. The Hardaway brothers are now in prison, since teens. The streets if Chicago, are still a gang nightmare for all of the residents, that just want peace. Shavon entered the dirt, and so did “Yummy.”They are laying in a casket, and resting before even entering puberty. I  have reached a decision that its time to find the man that ordered the hit on Robert Yummy Sandifer life. Who told the 11-year-old boy to even shoot in the crowd. Who ordered Yummy’s Hit on His Life?

Theses children  preceded the beautiful  little Angel, Johnylah Watkins!

It’s time to give Shavon Dean  justice, and Robert Yummy Sandifer’s death can finally  be avenged. It’s time to locate the gang member that ordered Robert Yummy Sandifer’s life.

       How many babies, teens, and Shavon Dean’s have to enter eternal sleep, before we say no to gang violence? When will it end? Thank God there is no Statue Of Limitations for murder.

Please find the bastard that decided that a child’s life meant nothing.


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