Chicago’s Chief Keef Evicted “Everybody Does Not Love Sosa!” ***messymandella***THIS MAN IS LYING TO STAY ALIVE!

Chief Keef assumed you could live in the suburbs, but not pay the landlord!

 That is how you know  people are not ready for  adult hood.

I am here to help Chief Keef with his transition, because it is never funny when someone gets evicted UNLESS they floss their money around.

All these fake ass people posing with all these tramps,money and guns are only doing this to showcase their ignorance and lack  of ability to showcase their intelligence.

Surburbian neighbors did not like Sosa.

I hope the Ghost Of Lil JoJo visits him at your next house to help him move…

The Migos didn’t get evicted, and they higher than most…

Lil Durk didn’t get evicted, and unlike you he can read his Rental Agreement!

You suppose to be The Chief, not the squatter…

Oh when the ignorance comes home to roost.

You have money and you still chilling curbside.

You did it to yourself!




No sympathy for anyone but those babies, that mother’s were stupid enough to think you would actually pay your bills and handle your responsibilities.



Message From Me! ***messymandella***



Message From ME!
      When I turn on any social media site or radio station and hear Rap News, I always pray that it is not another death. I am against violence, but I always show it on my site, for just that reason.

       Small time hustlers and pretending gang bangers are perpetuating a life that they don’t understand. The toughest most thugged out in their city or neighborhood, are not match for the real inner city goons. They are not ready for the bigger weight, and bigger ammunition.

           I utilize these images as a wake up call to our people. You do know that a lynching of urban men was supposed to end after Segregation ended, right?

Now, we are goons and considered dangerous and lost, when we are not for the most part.

         We don’t lynch with rope, now we use guns to serve the purpose and to earn stripes in these streets.
I was told to leave Gang Violence off my site, because I would be in danger. I am FAR from Martin Luther King Jr. or any other celebrated activist, but I sit in astounding horror how we are so brainwashed.



I do blame rappers that throw up their gang signs while living in their mansions. The 14 Years Old who idolize these fools are usually in dusty section eight apartments, usually with a single parent mother. The images they visualize are death or prison preparation, and this nothing but the truth… will always be gritty, personal, humorous, loving, but truth. You can’t fight against a war unless you study your opponent.
Thank you for reading.
Love for all races, unification, and the end of our babies having an obituary before they have a high school diploma.


Why Do We Shoot First And Think Last?***messymandella***


Why the hell are you in gang? Everytime you decide to Crypt walk on stage, or represent your folk nation, you put more little boys in the line of gun fire. They have to prove something to a father figure, when they lack one! You are killing your own people. I am saddened that it is easier to die in your neighborhood, than fighting for our country. When we clap when someone does the Crypt Walk, you are no different from watching a Lynching and clapping. Self destruction mentally is just as bad as destroying someone physically. You can walk around knowing that children are dying and you don’t give a damn! Everytime you put that flag in your pocket or represent your gang, you push yourself further into the 11th realm of Hell.Society we are sending the new generation to the prisons and the graves, before they can graduate from High School.


Gang violence statistics

While it is true that gang violence has been decreasing, it still exists.
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in the Department of Justice offers a National Youth Gang Survey.
Some of the results from this survey include the following gang statistics:

100% of cities with a population of more than 250,000 report gang activity.
11% of rural counties report gang activity.
35% of suburban counties report gang activity.

More than half of the homicides reported in Los Angeles, and more than half of the homicides reported in Chicago, are elated to gang violence.

More than 24,500 gangs are active in the U.S.

772,500 people are members of gangs in the U.S.

94% of gang members are male.

Only 2% of gangs are predominantly female.

Only 37% of gang members are under the age of 18 right now.

Gang member ethnicity breaks down this way: 47% Hispanic, 31% African American, 13% white, 7% Asian.

Gang violence costs more than $100 billion a year.

In the end, it is a sobering look at the picture of gang violence.

Even though the crime rate has decreased, and a great deal of progress has been made in terms of education, and providing opportunities for would-be gang members, there are still problems to be improved upon.

Statistics gathered from

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