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Hairspiration From Keyshia Cole, Charlize Theron, And More! Peep These Looks “Sent From Heaven” ***messymandella***





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Happy Birthday KILLER MIKE! | “RIC FLAIR” | OFFICIAL VIDEO ***messymandella***

Fashion, Art, Films, Fine Arts, and EVERYTHING Combined contributes to your artistic growth. Who would think that this a rapper and a wrestler with a blonde mullet and pimp rings, would be able to contribute to the the culture? Imagine that, an unreleased track like this This is one of his best collaborations, and this took him outside his comfort zone and also proved that unreleased tracks and B Tracks are usually the hidden gems that some one told you were not the sound or part of your image.When you listen to what others who want to purchase instead of create in Hip Hop advise you on every single musical decisions and in the end, you hinder yourself.
That check from the record company is a beautiful thing,but digging in the crates has provided the world with classic compositions that others told you would never receive attention or create a musical impact. If you listen to what others think of your art, doesn’t that make it more of their vision instead of yours?



Jimmy Fallon:Pictionary with LL Cool J, Rose Byrne and Big Sean ***messymandella***




Kiesza – Sound Of A Woman ***messymandella***



LIL Wayne (HOLLYWEEZY) ***messymandella*** Daddy Gone! I Was Going Through A Separation, Because Bird Man And Young Thug Put Me Through Changes!


Classic ***messymandella*** because I ain’t hitting on shit…
 Birdman is not giving up on Lil Wayne and he shall not be moved. We know Lil Wayne loves his Sugar Daddy but when business and personal relationships conflict, eventually the money will always be the reason for the treason.
Lil Wayne had a jheri curl when he first met his “Daddy” but the look in Bird Man’s eyes let him know that he would always be the “Bottom Rapper” of their entire empire, of course with Birdman turning out so many at a time someone has to make sure that no one is robbing the Empire.

Lil Wayne has finally woken out the self induced Codeine Trip and realizes that he has been pimped. I would have told him that he was being Pimped. Birdman has a firm guiding hand on his stable. Tyga could kick rocks and Birdman wouldn’t lose any sleep at night but Lil Wayne can not move out of his life or his recording contract.

Couples and friends disagree and we must understand that no one wants to just walk away. Birdman is upset about the disrespectful tweets and concert announcements of their pending break up.

“I want off this label and nothing to do with these people.” was a direct quote from Lil Wayne.

Well, Lil Wayne you will have a hard time trying to “Choose Up” in comparison to “Birdman” but I am confident he will manage. So for now, end the relationship and business agreement and just do this, wait just vent. Making up is so much better.

Don’t let Young Thug come between you guys. I hate this break up has created unnecessary tension. Please make up. It, its not too late.



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