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As the hood legend goes, Chicago once had a little girl named “Lil Snoop” who may have killed at least twenty people.

She lost her brother to gun violence and paced those same Chicago streets with a vengeance, or did she?


When you hear her mother sob about both of her children dying to violence, you wonder how does this happen?

I have a question for mother’s that have lost their children to this Violence, you don’t wonder why your child has new clothes that you can’t afford?

If your son or daughter is wearing Gucci, Prada, Fendi and you are wearing Wal-Mart’s Faded Glory, that doesn’t make you wonder where a 15-year-old, with no job received the money to buy these high dollar items?

It is never a mother’s fault of her child’s death, but shouldn’t it be a tidbit of a  sign that maybe your child is not spending his afternoons at the local library? 

Shouldn’t this be a  clue that your child and their friends are living a dangerous life?

K.I. went into a violent tail spin that would not let her rest until she avenged her brother’s death.

Now, did she live a short life of crime or was she just a victim of a false reputation, and a chomped up legend?
We may never have the complete truth about this female teenage assassin due to the fact that she is now with her brother,  but in a casket of her own.

Now, she may be respected, and bragged about like someone with a high credibility,  but that did not stop the gun shots from entering her little body, and ultimately revoking her chance  at  life.
K.I.  was shot nine times in the throat, face and everywhere else…
Her blood was left splattered with her lifeless on the step….

Was her death retaliation or just someone else trying to earn stripes in the game?

Either way here is a brief look at the Chiraq’s late soldier in an invisible war,Gakira K.I” Barnes.


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Nas And Quan-Just A Moment***messymandella***

nasNas is that “Fine wine, that get’s better with time.”If you hear any of his songs,he pays homage to all the Rap Elders that came before him.He never forgets his own faults, and his personal errors in life and parenting. Nas has played the King and The Pimp, which can be a contradiction,but one in the same. I have that love For Hip-Hop, but want to bop someone on the head(pull a Rihanna) when I notice women dancing to shit,calling them a bitch or a hoe. I am bias, in that aspect because the stinging doesn’t come from every song. It is just a few that make me appreciate Huey from “The Boodocks!” Nas and other rappers need to make money in the industry. Some of Nas’s best songs, get overlooked. Even Jay-Z, and Fabolous mention they dumb it down for the audience.Do you know our history can be traced? No matter what racial background you have a legacy that is spiritually built inside of you! We have generations that can give wisdom. Wisdom, and tradition that we can bestow to the nation. Nas also wants the new hip hop artist to “Carry on Tradition.”
So many people get a hook and a beat and become famous,without substance. Isn’t that the reason people brag about cars they don’t own, and fake designer clothes?
Nas stays controversial but is a highly intellectual, and brutally honest! Nas has solidified his spot in the game not releasing filler, but with quality not quantity.

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