Yuna – “Broke Her”***messymandella***



***messymandella***Style And Swagger Segment: “The Color Purple!” / Jill Scott NEW Video






Queen Beyonce Admits That People Do NOT Value Their Bodies!***messymandella***

A retrospective short film celebrating the one-year anniversary of the self-titled  album, BEYONCÉ.


Kelly Rowland: Overlooked Beauty And Talent Of The Month!***messymandella***


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Beyonce + Kelly + Michelle


Destiny  fulfilled.

Beautiful, amazing, and awesome.

Destiny Child reunites for the Super Bowl.

Beyoncé  killed it!

Her vocals, simply amazing.

I wish the sound guy would have turned on Kelly and Michelle’s  microphones too!


12 th Song To End 2012 -Beyonce $$$ D I V A

Life Is Good For The Queen Bey!

You can hate her, but It will only consume you!

Salute, Queen Bey for staying on the grind!

You know underachievers always  HATE Beyoncé!

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