Trayvon Martin’s Father Responds To Ferguson Shooting***messymandella***



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Taylor Swift Is Not The Next Paula Deen!***messymandella***


Taylor Swift Is Not The Next Paula Deen!
Swifter was just expressing her country yodeling form of admiration, for the culture, and denim.
Her video is not racist; it is more of a good old fashion shuck n jive.
She could have showed up dressed inappropriately with ratchet cut offs and stereotypical rap video vixens…
Wait she did…
 Taylor is an innocent angel who has had 92 boyfriends since entertainment world and became country music’s mainstream darling. She is not doing a remix on a plantation; this style is just flattery to the ignorance.
 Master Swift, is a nice fine Master….
She is swift with the lamp at night, even if she knows knowledge leads to freedom. She gives her back up dancers Swift notes, the segregated version of Cliff notes.
Leave Taylor alone.
 She can not help that she is bored with country music, and dignity.
 After the video shoot, her back ground dancers were invited to a catered dinner with field peas(that I helped pick), hush puppies, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now Flounder” and shrimps that had to wade in the water.

Collective Soul – Shine***messymandella***

Give me a word.

Give me a sign.

Show me where to look.

Tell me what will I find.

Lay me on the ground.

Fly me in the sky.

Show me where to look.

Tell me what will I find.

Oh, heaven let your light shine down.

Love is in the water.

Love is in the air.

Show me where to look.

Tell me will love be there.

Teach me how to speak.

Teach me how to share.

Teach me where to go.

Tell me will love be there.

Oh, heaven let your light shine down.

I’m gonna let it shine. I’m gonna let it shine

 Heaven send a light, let it shine on me.

Hey yeah.

Hey yeah.

Heaven send a light, let it shine on me.

It’s gonna shine on.

Shine on me.

Its gonna shine on.

Well come on and shine.

Beastie Boys – “Ch-Check It Out” -Make Some Noise-***messymandella***

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Chet Faker – Gold (Official Music Video) ***messymandella***


Fashion-Equal Rights-Love-Life-Music ***messymandella***DJ Khaled feat. August Alsina- Jeremih – Hold You Dow (Official Video)



Jessie J – Silver Lining (Crazy ‘Bout You) ***messymandella***

Obscure Soul: Incomplete By Sisquo -Dru Hill***messymandella***


Remember That Bitch Ass Doll From “The Conjuring?” She Now Has A Movie!***messymandella***

The creepy doll who looked like  a recovering meth addict, with all that creepy make up now has her own movie.

Yes, a movie that I don’t plan to watch unless I have the Koran, The Bible, The Wiccan Handbook, and the Watch Tower from  our Jehovah’s Witness’s.

This creepy little thot is about that life and she apparently pretended to be Anabelle Higgins a little girl who died, and fooled the hell out of some night nurses.In the movie they made a scary plastic version of the doll. When in reality, she was a Raggedy Ann Doll, but they had to make her intimidating.

Those nurses either enjoyed shenanigans or were naive, because I would have fried her little creepy Mattel ass on a barbecue grill.


Apparently she would have crayons, and scribble messages, even though the nurses did NOT have crayons.

That is why my version of “The Conjuring” would have been a commercial.

I would have put that plastic hussy on the bed. If I came home and she was on the floor, I would have stuck her ass in a blender.

No  regrets.

Watch the true story and the new trailer.

Annabelle, listen here Lil Bitch,Don’t come for me!


You stay right in that museum box or your rocking chair.

I will stay the hell from you, I hope this music soundtrack and movie makes money, but it won’t  get my dinero. This little tramp makes Chuckie The Doll look like  The Easter Bunny.

Enjoy your life,you undead hussy. I don’t deal with traveling dolls  that don’t die.

I don’t know who the hell does your make up and how you move to different parts of the room?

I will not be attending your movie, and invoking that antique sorcery from you.


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