Stop Bullying Our Youth:The Story Of Rehtaeh Parsons***messymandella***

A message from her father:rae003

“My daughter was three years old when we went to watch Babe: Pig in the City. There’s a part in the movie when Babe knocks over a goldfish bowl and the fish falls onto the floor and starts flopping around. When this happened Rae suddenly stood up on her chair in the movie theatre and started screaming for someone to help the fish. She cried for it as I tried to reassure her Babe would help (thank God he did) and that the fish would be alright.

That was the nature of my daughter Rehtaeh. She was like that her whole life. I couldn’t go for a walk in Halifax with her without her asking me for change to give to someone in need. She was always looking out for people or animals that needed help. She called Animal Control Services on our neighbors because they left their dog outside too long. Her room and her life was always full of little creatures.

Sometimes her heart was too big, sometimes it scared me.

They say parents need to teach their children. Instead, it was Rehtaeh who was my teacher. My precious gift. She was the absolute best part of my life.

There’s a wooden box in my house that holds all the memories I have of my beautiful little girl. The outfit she wore home from the hospital, a hand print in clay, art, school cards and drawings, mementoes of her life. Even a newspaper dated December 9th, 1995, the day she came into this world.

I tried to keep it all for her, to have someday when she grew up and had her own family. That day will never come.

Rehtaeh died April 7th at 11:15 PM. She was 17 years old.

She died struggling to live, much as she spent the last 18 months. She hung on right to the very end, when the nurses were telling us if she couldn’t be declared brain dead soon they couldn’t use her as an organ donor. We couldn’t wait any longer. She couldn’t live any longer. And right at the last moment there was a change in her blood pressure as the last part of her brain gave away. She knew she had to leave. It was time to let go and find peace.

It was so like her to hang on right up until the very last second. To give us all a chance to hold her hand, wipe her tears away, and kiss her beautiful face for the last time.

I tried my best to save my daughter’s life. I believe that in my heart.

I asked her repeatedly what I could do, was I doing enough, what did she want from me? She said she just wanted me to be her dad. To make her laugh. To do everything possible to keep a part of her life normal. She said it helped more than I could ever know.

I prayed for the best while I prepared her for the worst. We went to counseling together. Sometimes I was the driver, sometimes the father, sometimes the counselor.”

The worst nightmare of my life has just begun. I loved my beautiful baby with all my heart. She meant everything to me. I felt her heart beating in my soul from the moment she was born until the moment she died. We were a team. We were best pals. We often sat on my couch and laughed until we could hardly speak. When we weren’t together she would call me or text me every single day, just to say hi, to say she loved me. The life I had with my daughter was a rare thing. It was wonderful, it consumed me. I was defined by it. It made my life rich and beautiful.She was amazing.”



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Charlie Bothuell Jr. Is Alive, But His Parents Are Full Of It !***messymandella***!

“He was last seen wearing a red shirt, black and gray pajama pants and a black and gray Phat Farm Jacket.
If anyone has seen Charlie, please contact the Detroit Police Department’s Criminal Investigations at 313-596-1140.”

As the entire world waited and prayed that Charlie’s dead body would be located,  faith in humanity Well, let’s not be hasty because the story took an unexplained twist.

The child was in his own house,and discovered in his on basement. Charlie, allegedly said, “I  have been here the whole time?”

The reaction of the father is not comical by any means but, a little off-putting and quite frankly disturbing and uneasy to watch.

Yep,Charlie Jr. was at his “home sweet home” but now where did the blood come from and the PVC Pipe?

What went wrong? Were the FBI and people searched for a staged kidnapping?

Questions: Why did Charlie Sr. seemed a little Why was Charlie Brothuell’s lie detector test inconclusive?

Why did the Step-Mother decline to take a lie detector?

Why was Charlie’s step mom’s lip busted, while she seemed emotionless during the recovery of her son, what was she hiding under those shades?

Charlie looked damned surprised when he realized that Nancy Grace’s Titanium Hair Helmet wanted answers, and so do we!

 Some how the father did not have his phone charged, even though he was frantically waiting for word on the disappearance of his long-lost son.

How do you reside in the same dwelling as your family and still remain undiscovered for almost two weeks?

People cough, sneeze, snore, and movement is always detected even by an small rodent, why didn’t anyone hear him?

Why was a 5 gallon drum and some food down in the basement?

Was Charlie Jr. upset with living conditions, and ran away?

The father loses patience with the media, and now we as a nation are more concerned about Charlie Jr. and who has his best interest at heart.

That stepmother and her Stepford Wife approach was dry, and agitated at best.  

The detective said, the wife left, the wife stated she was ordered to leave the premises.

Something is not right…

The media will find truth eventually and  Charlie hopefully will find peace in the unexplained situation.

I don’t know Charlie, but this story at first seemed like a nightmare, and I am wondering would the family waste time and money on a hoax.

Charlie is alive, and that is a blessing in itself.


Lil Terio And His Weight Wars, Will Not End Well! ***messymandella***


Ohh Kill Em!
 If Terrio don’t drop The Weight, that is exactly what will happen!

That little cute chubby boy with that humorous and energetic dance steps, rose to “Vine” Victory and captured the attention and entertained and even inspired Hip Hop Artist to let him tag along with their entourage and involvement in their commercial endeavors. He signed with a Talent Agent, and now will also have his own reality show.

  His weight and big body has now stopped being comical and now are harboring on plain child endangerment.
 We can get so immersed in the fame and money , but as his parents continue to embrace his fame, he keeps gaining weight to the point of him not being able to walk.

 Terio is now wobbling and now his little fame has endangered, his frame and health and fitness.

Where are his parents?

Who is feeding this baby like a prize money cow?

He is not going to bring you money if he is dead, or has heart problems.
Don’t think it can happen?


 I had a cousin named Annie and we grew up as sisters and she was always my protector.

She was so real, protective and funny and loved me.

When women wanted to fight me, she would tell them, “Yes, my cousin is prissy and girlie, but if she wasn’t my cousin I wouldn’t like her either. However, She is my cousin, so ya’ll going to leave her alone.” I would be like, “thanks, thanks a lot, I guess?” She took care of her petite little cousin, that was hated on for who I was and my outer appearance.

She was always enormous  and full of energy and life, and was not afraid to fight men either.

She and I have always been sisters and she loved me with all her heart…

Annie’s weight eventually destroyed her entire heart and the doctor told her if she didn’t lose weight she would be dead by 31.

My cousin passed away at 32 Years Old of a heart attack, and we traveled to Gastonia, North Carolina to be there when they pulled the plug, on my sister.

 As I was crying, I looked up and noticed that my sSister still had the burn mark from the iron, when she was 9 years old.

My sister is no longer with me, and I will never let her son ever lose our families love.

He will be 4 Years Old and I will make sure it will not happen to him, dying from over eating?
 It is time to stop laughing at Terio and get him some guidance.

It is ethically unfair to not step in to intervine, when his parents don’t seem to give a damn.

He can’t drive to Burger King. Stop feeding him 17 corn dogs, and feed him vegetables.

He is wearing his heart down every single day because of his weight gain and neglect from his family.
If he doesn’t lose weight, his heart will eventually be too feeble for Gastric Bypass Surgery.
 That is the only reason my cousin was unable to receive it, her heart was weakened over the years from all of the weight.

We laughed at her size, and her eating because we never assumed she could die at the age of 32 Years Old.
 She was about the size of Terrio in her adolescent years.

Obesity destroyed a mother, my sister and part of my heart,  Annie! She did not  have any time with her son.  She always said, “I know I have a bad heart, but let me see my son gradute from high school. God can take me then!”

I still have not deleted her phone number out of my old cell phone.

She will never answer, but at least that number, and her son are proof my first cousin, my sister was here!
 Help Terio survive.

It is not comical watching someone destroy their heart muscles, and suffer from hypertension before they become 35 years old. He can still have these componets and garner money, but someone should stop allowing him to eat himself to death, to feed their pockets.

NSFW:Boko Haram Documentary”Our Girls!”***messymandella***

Sandy Hook Angels: Evil Did Not Win***messymandella*** I Love You Babies!

The smiles and laughter of a child stays in your conscious and mind forever.

Those Angelic whispers penetrate the hearts on all people.

Let the families of the loved ones grieve in peace!

Become a representation, let them know we are thinking of them and in their time of reflection!

Transmit your prayers in to heart!

We should still respect  their privacy.

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I Was Molested! ***messymandella***

           I am doing well, now. Things have been crazy this year. I know I am supposed to keep growing but I have kept a secret. Telling you this now, its hard trying to be strong. Sometimes it feels like the people who you show love to have other plans behind your back. The life I live has changed me forever.
I have told people who I knew that I had something terrible happen in my child hood.
        I was molested when I was 5 years old. I was told by my older cousin that if I said anything he would kill my family and it would be my fault. He put my uncles hunting rifle to my head.
           I still have nightmares about the hurt, and the loneliness. So its so hard for me to trust people at times. I have lived a life of pain, and betrayal.
         When I trust someone and they lie, or go behind my back it makes me feel like that 5-year-old girl in the bathroom, crying while covering her eyes as the tears stained my face. As a little girl I would ask myself, often maybe I have done something wrong, or is this what I am supposed to do?
Some people make you feel like you are nothing. They just lie, and show no regard for a child’s life.

               I am hurt, that my cousin died, and I never got to ask him “Why?” I have always felt that if you are a an older cousin you protect a five-year old. I was a baby.
Why is messymandella telling you this story? Everyone should know your story, and how you survived. I pray that this story will open the eyes of most that assume family won’t molest children. Sadly, most of the people I know who suffered from child abuse admit that their abuser was indeed family or a trusted family friend. It took time for me to realize that being molested wasn’t my fault.
              It was devastating to me but I had to keep going. If you have a friend that has changed for the worst, be truthful. NO ONE SHOULD TREAT YOU LIKE YOU ARE NOTHING. When someone hurts me I turn into that crying little girl for a second. Then I remember the woman I have become. I will never respect people who molest children. I am naturally petite as an adult. Can you imagine me at 5, begging for a 6 foot, 300 pound person to stop overpowering me? I was terrified, and I later found out I wasn’t the only one.

           My other female cousin was abused as well. She had to have surgery because he messed her up terrible. She can’t have children because of the abuse. instead of my uncle, letting his son rot in prison, he decided to put a lien on the house to pay for his sorry son’s attorney, and bribe my cousin to drop the charges, and say she was lying. Now that house is out of our family because he never could pay to get the lien from house, and went into debt. Lives have been ruined. You should never blame yourself, when people hurt you. As the terrific things start to happen, you will find that will give you inner strength to help others.
                I told my dad when I was a teenager about the abuse. He had this look in his eye that I will never forget, and he looked at me and said, “Thank you for not telling me then, because if you did I would be in prison now for manslaughter.” It is so damaging when I hear children and women being abused mentally, physically, or manipulated with no regard. Your life is special and I have nightmares, but it makes me fight harder for our babies. No one should steal your innocence, or use you for there sexual gratification, just because they can do it.


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9 Year Old -Lil Poopy-D.S.S. Get’s His Dad In Some Real Sh#t***messymandella***

Dear Lil Poopey’s Dad(Big Shit),
I have not one single positive thing to say, to you! I have witnessed horrendous parenting in my lifetime, but you? You have already trained your 9 Year to disrespect women, that being a “Cocaine Cowboy” is something to brag about. The fact that you can’t detect your mental abuse to a child, is baffling! You have atrocious behavior, and I can’t think of one instants where a 9 year-old should be touching a womans’ ass! Big Shit, you are a Cancer in The Hip Hop Movement. So what should parents do to rectify this situation? Get DSS involved? No, not enough to take away your child. You do suck as a parent,no debating! Maybe arrange to have a Social Worker, and School Teachers unite in this baby’s life. Maybe if they unify Lil Poopy can not grow up to be “Big Sh*t Jr.” Maybe they can erase the evil and sadistic thinking you have programmed in your little son. Adults, not willing to sell their soul for temporary gratification.Responsible adults may attempt to erase all of the misogynist and ignorant behavior in this 9 year old. Don’t keep this buffoonery up, and try to become a good father. At least French Montana, had a wake up call, and stop co-signing this mess.Thank God, D.S.S. stepped in, before he ends up a repeated customer of the State Pen. Now at 9 years old he should be rapping about Diego and Dora, and Nick Jr.

Your trifling ass…

Your Sister In DSS,



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