“Brave” Artist Take Chances! ***messymandella***




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Björk – “Robusto Soprano” ***messymandella***




GaMe Time: Second Edition- Meet Thelma Wright! ***messymandella***

    Thelma Wright shares her story of falling into what she calls “crazy love” with one of the City’s purported kingpins of Philadelphia’s flourishing drug trade in the seventies and early eighties. When her husband, Jackie Wright is murdered, Thelma becomes a major player in the game, a veritable queen-pin, running major drug operations from Los Angeles to Philadelphia.
Women like me, who are desire only the best, but can sometimes get confused as being too independent because we know our worth.
We still require self-love love but, we want our voices to be heard too, even when we let our partners take the lead.
Men and women are going to attempt, OR be curious about the street life, but as we know from the prisons, and the 2 for 1 caskets specials, you can’t win in the end…

Kingdom – Bank Head (feat. Kelela)***messymandella***

Cham + Damien Marley + Gwen Stefani ***messymandella***

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The Pleasure Is All Mine! Bjork + Rahzel ***messymandella***


Björk Guðmundsdóttir,  a residential eccentric with a voice without comparison  uses imagery and natural sounds from weather and animals in her surroundings.

The art of Bjork stands apart from her contemporaries because she infuses jazz, pop,  rap, electronica,  and pop music.

She is a walking art exhibit that borrows influence with the surrealist.

She has received harsh criticism with regards to her voice, but that is heavily because of her accent.

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Game Time: Can A Woman Be A Boss? Meet Lady Duval!***messymandella***NSFW

        Women like me, who are wanting only the best, can sometimes get confused as being too independent. We still need love but, we want our voices to be heard too, even when we let our partners take the lead.
Make no mistake, I am not in the drug game, or any of those underworld life hustles.
I am however motivated beyond most, and have a purpose.
          Every movement is systematic, any street legend will tell you that quickly. Make no mistakes, but if you do make sure that the deliberating effect, does not over ride your plans. In this case you will watch a woman who wanted to make a name for herself and end up in the female prison. Women sometimes accumulate more life sentences than the man, ask Santra Rucker.
       Now we are seen on that same stage that Rich Porter loved, but even he couldn’t win the game.
Get Out of the game or have a plan B, because you have two choices.
You either end up like Big Meech or Robert Yummy Sandifer.

Utilize that talent and make all of it your hustle!

You don’t want to sit back in regret with humbling tears wondering why you left your children behind?
I am planning to network and set up a team to help go through Santra Rucker’s case, and help her get HOME! Women all over know about this “Cold War.”

Keep the person that loves you in your life, but speak your mind because you will live with that guilt if you didn’t stop them from entering Club Fed.


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