NSFW: Big K.R.I.T. – “Mt. Olympus” ***messymandella***

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Black Flag [Full Mixtape***messymandella***

1. 00:00 – 03:05 Raise The Flag
2. 03:06 – 06:03 Breaking News
3. 06:04 – 09:16 Peso Feat. Pusha T & Meek Mill
4. 09:17 – 11:49 Black Tuxedo Feat. Tezo
5. 11:50 – 14:38 Mind Of A Stoner Feat. Wiz Khalifa
6. 14:39 – 19:22 D&G Feat. Sean McGee
7. 19:23 – 22:23 Skate Cans
8. 22:24 – 25:51 50 (Interlude) Feat. French Montana
9. 25:52 – 29:21 Baddest
10. 29:22 – 32:37 Miss Me? Feat. Dub-O
11. 32:38 – 35:30 Street Dreams
12. 35:31 – 38:52 Swing Life Away Feat. Kellin Quin
13. 38:53 – 42:39 Home Soon
14. 42:40 – 47:38 Dark Side Of The Moon

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Son Lux -Easy I A Pocket Party ***messymandella***



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PHONTE ft. EVIDENCE & BIG K.R.I.T. – The Life Of Kings***messymandella***

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Big K.R.I.T.’s “Multi…” – Life Aspirations ***messymandella***

All kings get their head cut off-Jean Michel Basquiat

Down South, we have a strong Biblical upbringing.
Some choose to merge that in their everyday life, and some ignore that upbringing to reach that mainstream successes. Everyone wants to stay relevant, but some of us don’t want to lose their true self.
We don’t want to backstab, or betray, or sell our souls, to reach valued and typical ideas of successes.

Loyalty over money,  the money will come!
Meet Big K.R.I,T. When you listen to the chorus and his lyrics you understand that Big K.R.I.T. is pondering that same thing.
Do you sell your soul, for millions or do you remain underground just for your own inner peace?
Which one will you choose? Don’t get your head or soul get cut off!

that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken my covenant…

Genesis 17:4

Big Krit+ Slim Thug+ Lil KeKe

Let the South say AMEN!

Can we admit that the South is having a great year?

It keeps true to its form, and still gives you the barz and beats to  keep your IPOD full.

I still have a portable CD Player (people give me pure hell)!

Big Krit has a remarkable delivery and multitude of fans, but he’s been on his grind for a minute.

Slim Thug has been  missing in action since he was  hanging out with Mike Jones.

Lil KeKe also shines on this hit!


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