travis barker and dj am -fix your face***messymandella***




ktod-rap battle =pat stay vs immaculate***messymandella***title match



open up your mouth ***messymandella***

Open up your mouth and speak out against racism, homophobia, and child abuse.
Your words could save someone’s life and end emotional abuse and physical abuse.
Love and support  will guide you through, but don’t suffer in silence.

You deserve respect, and protection from mistreatment from people.
Never  accept racism or homophobia. “Open up your mouth” and make a difference.


  • Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline


    Support, resources and advice for your safety

    1-800-799-SAFE (7233)




jean michel basquiat***messymandella***august 12, 1988

mrs. ella henderson ***messymandella***


bonnie godiva vs c3 sponsored by queen of the ring***messymandella***



fashion: alberta ferreti -fall 2015 ***messymandella***




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