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Ester Rada Vs B.o.s.c.o.***messymandella***



Glastonbury 2014 *M.I.A. -Lana Del Ray-Tune Yards***messymandella***

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Fun, Fearless At 41Years Old! ~:Cameron Diaz ***messymandella***

       Cameron  Michelle Diaz,  stays relevant and loyal to her true-blue fans and releases comedic movies, and has remained active in the business for over 20 years.

In the Film, Art and Entertainment Industry most lose sight of the craft to remain in the limelight.

Women like Cameron  employ not exploy  their comedic gift, and artistry to gain fandom and lives a private life, off stage.

On competitive women: “Women are taught that we’re supposed to be pitted against one another. I never grew up that way. I was not drawn to women who were competitive with me. Any time I did, I found myself broken-hearted. [So] I just decided that as soon as I felt that from another woman, I’d go the opposite way. We live in a society where women are self-sufficient, they can take care of themselves, and what they need are more women in their lives. We understand each other, we know each other, we can be compassionate towards one another, the same way guys are ‘bros’ and ‘buddies’ together.” From The Sydney Morning Herald

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Jimmy Kimmel VS Kanye West (The New Accent!) ***messymandella***

In my life I have witnessed many things.

I have seen natural disasters, Twerking Montana, a  black president, but I have never seen a black man from Chicago sound like Ringo Starr. Man, you don’t just purchase a voice.

You are from the South Side Of Chicago, and

Mess like this is just tomfoolery of the devil, and one other reason I will never reach those pearly gates.

What in the Chris Jenner Female  Pimp Hell, Did I just watch?


This is nothing but the working “Karadashian Coochie Curse.”

I am befuddled that he just said “If you have on a Zahra pants the and someone walks in with Celine pants….”

Watch for yourself and then peep the Jimmy Kimmel version…

Thanks Jimmy Kimmel,  You nailed it!


Song 22nd = Nas + Amy Winehouse

Remember Amy Jade before the drugs and controversy!


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