Fear + Loathing: Albino Africans Survival in Tanzania -2014***messymandella***African’s Kill Because Of Color!



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September 11,2001 We Can’t Forget, Thanks To Isis We Fear Another Attack 13 Years Later!***messymandella***

Streamed live on Sep 10, 2014

In a prime-time address on Wednesday evening, President Barack Obama explained to Americans his strategy for confronting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Sunni militant group.


Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/Zhpb53

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Stand Behind The Music with Anjulie ***messymandella***

It will become more difficult  to express your art, and get someone to listen to your message, if you let close minded people’s envy get in your way.

 When you are an artist, people will discourage you from going forth to live your dreams.

It can be a Southern Bigot that can’t see anything past their summer home and 9 snooty “friends” that have basically sucked all of the imagination out of them, trying to “one up each other” their entire shallow lives.

It could be a single mom that desires to become a writer, but also has to stay at home to raise her daughter and because of stress starts writing less, almost giving up on her talent. 

Life is what you make it.
I was doing my job at a firm, and instead of them admitting I was great employee, Elsie (nickname) would dedicate every moment of her hungry life trying to cause confusion with everyone in the office. She can give you a fake smile, like no other.

Did I let that racist mammal get to me?


 I knew that a snitch, will do what they do best, run and tattle.

So I gave ELSIE something to tell  and family, ELSIE didn’t let me down.

  I laugh at her life because what does she have outside of her surroundings?

People harbor resentment when you have a strong will.

Never fall short of your dreams, live like everyday is the last day instead of a building block to your legacy.

If someone tries to make your day a living hell, PAY ATTENTION  to your talents.

The evil ones are upset  and are afraid that you took the chance, when they did everything in their power to destroy you mentally and  financially, and were just being evil in general.

Make them think you are stupid, when you are just as intelligent and aware as  them.

God Forbid, you live your life  and prove them wrong.  That time and effort you let them manipulate you, is the time you should have spent on your book,  painting, documentary and  on your music.



Phantogram – (Live on KEXP) ***messymandella***



Gravediggaz “The Night The Earth Cried”***messymandella***


Janet Jackson:The Courageous Cougar Still Got It, Ya’ll!***messymandella***



This Thirsty Thursday Sermon Is Not About Chicken Wings!***messymandella***

This Thirsty Thursday Sermon is about the damage of humanity and the epic slaughter of our God Given eyebrows. This tomfoolery must cease and desist, in regards to the eyebrow trends that don’t appear to be human, or even logical for any one to even attempt to wear.

Why would you want to look like two centipedes are doing the Schmoney Dance on top of your forehead?


Now we will have to hold internet hands and gather for this Thirsty Thursday Sermon on the Dollar Tree Soap Box, and REBUKE these eyebrows in the name of the Angels in charge Of Heaven’s hair Salon.
No more calligraphy, burnt bacon-like, or Mayan inspired decor, or black salamanders draped across thy forehead.

Do  not get discouraged, this an intervention. Even the most beautiful and famous have experienced eyebrow mishaps too.


This Thursday Sermon should decrease stress, among the eyebrow victims family.

When your eyebrows look like these, you ALWAYS look surprised, even in your sleep.


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