Katie Hopkins Vs Peaches Geldof Discuss Attachment Parenting! messymandella***

Peaches Won This Debate!

I love uncomfortable interviews…


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Talib Kweli feat. Abby Dobson – State of Grace***messymandella***

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REVISTED:Who Killed 17 Year Old L’A Capone?***messymandella***

L’A Capone Death

          What happened on the day of   September 26, 2013? Who decided to play God? The last 24 hours that L’A Capone, a member of the “600″ Gang with Lil Durk ended his life on September 26,2013  before becoming a legal adult. He died a child that wanted ONLY wanted his mom to bake a homemade chocolate cake for his birthday? While leaving the studio after recording music he walks outside around 6:00 PM he was dead two hours later.

           LA Capone went to look for his boys that were suppose to meet him  down the street! Someone knew he was at the studio and knew when his “ride” was picking him up. As he was walking down an alley near 70th Street and Stony Island Avenue, he was approached was attacked by an assailant on foot without any anticipation or realization that he was walking for the last time…

       The beautiful little boy in dreads looks up  and four shots were soon fired! That was the end of his night and he became a tragedy in a never-ending gang war? The bullets tore into his flesh. hitting him in his thigh and lower back.

               Lil Durk, who has been friends,and member of “600″ with him for more than five years that night was on Twitter telling fans to pray for LA’Capone! While they  tweeted prayers he let them know that their praying was in vain. Lil Durk’s wishes for La’Capone to get better would go unanswered.

Lil Durk later would later tweet “RIP Lil Bro” in Capone’s twitter around 8:00PM…

Who destroyed that baby’s life and now who should pay the price? Killing another child in Cheif Keef’s crew will not change the fate of LA’Capone. We are told never too snitch and to that I do agree, but when a child is involved, shouldn’t that change the rules of the game?

Rest In PEACE Leonard Anderson AKA L’A Capone

ASAP Live WATCH: Coachella Live – Channel 1 – Day 2 ***messymandella***


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Uncle “Charlie”, Last Name “Wilson”***messymandella***


Whites Only-No Blacks Allowed! ***messymandella***

The Ukrain In Turmoil! War Is Not The Answer! ***messymandella***

Kiev Ukraine Protest 2014 Ukraine Kiev protest camp ablaze as police move in VIDEO Ukraine protest camp ablaze as police move in VIDEO Kiev Ukraine Protest 2.

Kiev Ukraine Protest 2014 Kiev, Ukraine Long-simmering tensions exploded anew in Ukraine on Tuesday as clashes between police and anti government protesters.

Personnel are firing whippy rounds at protesters near Independence ,,,,,Tract in Kiev after injustice caught on film caught off ward.. A new front billet had emerge.

In two days, the situation has shifted in Ukraine and made it even more dangerous for the innocent civilans in this war ridden country.

After 26 died in clashes between protesters and riot police Tuesday and more deaths will soon happen because of the violence and rioting.

All wars are fueled because of greed and religion and those are the factors that send men home to their families in boxes, and leaves innocent babies dead in the streets.

These two factors will always leave a trail of body parts and unholy wars.

We are so conditioned to fight and hate without investigating the purpose and the underlying cause of these wars.

I don’t think it matters to most because the bombings and deaths are in another country.

What if we as American’s had to wake up to this before we traveled to work and school?

I think as long as some of us can’t see the genocide we don’t feel the guilt of these murders.

Find out why we are fighting and imagine if you had to face this danger every day?

METHOD MAN and Mary J.Blige *You Are All I Need To Get By***messymandella***



Marlena Shaw-California Soul (Dam Groove Remix) ***messymandella***

Marlene Shaw samples have been included in some of your favorite songs!

Ghostface Killah’s song “Ghetto” (2010) contains samples of the recording “Woman of the Ghetto

DJ Premier also sampled the same song for the Gang Starr track “Check the Technique”, and Adam Freeland sampled the track for “F.E.A.R.”

Faze Action’s track “Broad Souls” also used a sample from “California Soul”.

 9th Wonder and Buckshot also sampled “Woman of the Ghetto” in the track “Ghetto”, and Evil Dee (of Black Moon)’s remix of the same song.
  Jay Rock feat. The Game “California Soul” (2007) rap song sampled “California Soul”.
 “Squire for Hire” Nathan Haines (Chillifunk records 2003) featured Marlena Shaw vocals on the title track “Squire for Hire”.
 “California Soul” is played on the 2003 remake of The Italian Job. The song, however, does not appear on the movie’s soundtrack.
“California Soul” is featured on one of the radio stations in the 2013 best selling video game Grand Theft Auto V!

Canadian rapper Drake sampled Shaw’s “Feel Like Making Love” for the song “Come Winter” from his mixtape Room for Improvement
 Producer Diplo remixed the track “California Soul” for the recent compilation The Verve Remixed Vol. 4.
DJ Premier sampled ‘California Soul’ in the Gang Starr track ‘Check the Technique’ from Step in the Arena (1990)
  “California Soul” (remixed by Diplo) is featured in 2011 action driving game Driver: San Francisco.
A “California Soul” remix featuring Ya Boy appeared over the end credits of The Lincoln Lawyer in 2011.


Listen To DoE B’s Mixtape(Grand Hustle) + Documentary ***messymandella***


 Rapper Doe B’s  posthumous mix tape  released, “Baby Jesus”  demonstrates the power and lyrical genius that Doe B possessed while on Earth.

        The mixtape cover has a sentimental but eerie feeling due to the duplicated, Biggie’s “Ready To Die” cover art. Both of these rappers suffered the exact fate that ended their career in their prime.


We can still appreciate the opportunity Rapper T.I. gave to him and the love and admiration that Alabama and the rest of the world voiced for his talent and approval in his worthy but brief,, musical career.

     The mix tape world is a dynamic street culture that was of course is more authentic than any commercial success. 

In the video treatment  for the video “Pray For Me” notice his body language of surrendering and being at terms with his situation.

He predicted his future impending death but he still wanted prayers.It is too late to pray for him, but we can always pay homage to him.

Doe B, was coming to terms with his death, like Tupac Shakur in his video for his song “Mad At Cha” when he is rapping from heaven.

Doe B makes it clear that he was going to accept his inescapable death, and he mentioned he had enemies around him!

As a man he wanted I am sure he wanted everyone to celebrate his deal, but always voiced his frustrations that he left behind,with his past dealings outside the studio.

We will keep celebrating his life on messymandella.com and remember his skills, admiration, and humbleness in the game.

We must also live and thrive and trust our instincts in the streets and in life, because his “friend” murdered him.

It is true you never know who wants to “clip your wings, and shoot you down…”




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