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The Thirsty Thursday Sermon- From Tim McGraw/Natasha Bedingfield***messymandella***

Yes, this sermon is to benefit anyone that may have a rat or a snake in their life. Get you some mothballs, courage, and loyalty in your life.Get rid of that old stench of a memory,that will never do you any good.

Trust those that trust you, don’t lock yourself up in with their shenanigans, when you desire  an eventful, but honest life!

Stand Up for the people in your life  that love and revere you. 

We have all made mistakes, sometimes we have to look at the facts.

If you have a week to live, would that person want to spend time with you?

Will that person assist you in your last hours of life?

Answer that question and follow your intuition you  are not incorrect,the first thought was the truth.

Ignore those who smile in your face but still have others watching your every move.

Realize that you are better than that, you should never have to prove  your self-worth.

The people in your life may not agree with the chose that you make, but in the end it is you that will make your bed!

If you are anything like me, you will acknowledge when you are wrong, but stay loyal to those who are loyal to you.

Don’t destroy your creativity,for a taker, or any person that is only intrigued by temporary people and superficial materials. Your life, your time, why waste it?

Why The Title, The Thirsty Thursday Sermon?

My soul get’s lifted  when Tim McGraw says, “Phoooo- Mannnn Choee


Kevin Hart (Conan) And The Bucket Challenge (Kevin Hart, Chris Paul!)***messymandella***





NSFW-Trill Entertainments-Lil Phat and Interview From Lil Nussie!***messymandella***


   Lil Phat’s Baby Mama having to raise another child without a father, and what can those expensive clothes and fake friends do for him now? Lil Boosie and Webbie will have to wonder why they lost their boy?We can celebrate his music. He accomplished so much for such a young man.

   Everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame.  He was loved by his family and talent doesn’t expire, neither does the legacy of our men. This is the time to hear about these young men and their 15 minutes of Fame…

    The welfare of your people has to mean something to you, evaluate your life if it means nothing to you. You don’t want your rap career to lead you there, a million miles away from the tears of your families cries and tears. We  also should remember Lil Nussie because no matter who had beef, that is also sadly in the past.


     Did Lil Boosie murder Lil Nussie, nope. It was music, sometimes fans get too caught up in rap beefs and become enemies of someone and rally for someone they have this undying loyalty for and it becomes STAN like. This inherited beef sadly kept Lil Boosie from his Soccer Team full of children. HE DIDN’T KILL Lil Nussie and it is sad that he had to ponder and possibly rot with the chance of not seeing his soccer team again,or his next album release. This happens. Choice 1-The ground or Choice 2 the belly of the beast? When did that become Hip Hop’s Grand Design?
We should change that.



Def Jam Drops Trinidad James***messymandella***


When I first witnessed Trinidad James it was in the early 90’s.

He has sadly lost his record deal, and but he did win the “Players Ball.” 

Trinidad James would show up and bother Gina and Pam on “Martin”, every few episodes. Once Trinidad James remixed, his hit song “Jerome Is In The House.”

I knew that he had potential to be the “Original Player From The Himalaya” and we will never forget his player call to Sonya and asking her, “What’s the matter, you can’t call nobody?”

He always knew how to finesse the women, by letting them  run their fingers through his hot steamy activator.

 He had a chance to make himself a millionaire, but after he “popped a molly and was sweating”  his activator dried up,just like his dreams and record career.

Now Trinidad will perfect his Player stance, and regain his life by working at Cash For Gold, and will take that final drive on his bicycle into the sunset. It was good, while it lasted.


Don’t Let Your Life Pass You By! ***messymandella***Tyler Stenson-MAXwell

      So, are you afraid to fail?

I have been in a situation where the richest person I knew personally wanted to remind me every day I was not part of the team.

 I refused to let someone who would rather brag and throw money in the trash and watch me struggle dictate my future.

Should I have been stressed?

Hell yes I was, stressed!

Remember, Scrooge didn’t win, and in the end neither will that person.

Life is about compromise and love. When you go above an beyond to snitch or risk someone’s future just for brownie points, in the end you will lose.

I have never been the one to smile in the face of the person who wants to see the worst in me. However, I can honestly say with  the humbleness ,“I MADE IT THROUGH.”

        Now when someone wants to witness your failure  materialistically, they are saddened at who they have become. When someone jeopardizes your life and career,  like a hall monitor,they are not getting enough love at home.

That gives them more time to  purposely put you down, that is because they dwell in  sadness and hate their pathetic life, not yours…

Life can be full of regret and grudges that harbor resentment towards others.

  Do not allow people to lessen your quality of life.

Keep  pushing towards your dreams.

The same situations that brought forth tears and shame also are  the catalysts that either made you a negative or positive person. 

Which one are you?

Now when you  interact with the so call friends that betrayed you, don’t be fake.

They don’t deserve your time or consideration, but if it is someone who you live with, work with, or even in your family, let them drown in their own deception.

If I wasn’t treated like shit, by someone I once respected, it would have never met you, my family and readers all over the world.

That pain and deception inspired me, and I hope it inspires you.

I will never let bitter broads ever stand in the way of my dreams.

I believe in Sista Hood  for all.

However, if anyone would damage your life, income, or your well-being, are they capable of Sista Hood?

Share your life with other women that don’t question you and desires and are for you,not against you. They pray that you will give up on your dreams, and be just like them, bitter. 

If you have to wonder if you walk out the room will they trash you, stay. the. hell. out. of. that. room.

They are salty because they were not brave as you.

They envy you for following your dreams, while they let their lives past them by…



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