Get Familiar With South Carolina’s Under Ground Rapper, Julz Jones!***messymandella***

AGE: 23
         I am thoroughly impressed with the mind of Julz Jones because his music gives him a leadership voice inside a generation that is usually more concentrated on self-worth and irresponsibility. The Julz Jones you hear in songs like “long way from home” contain messages of apprehension and distrust in relationships, something young adults complain about a lot but still grasp the the concept of. Then we have songs such as “nobody’s favorite rapper (Coup De Etat)” where Julz chooses to display his ability to match rhymes with ideas in a instructional manner as if to say “i heard you Rakim”. Lines like “ its funny how all of a sudden they into Julz, and Murphy’s Law the only reason that you been confused” captures the intelligence of the artist and mixes it with the bravado of a confident writer.
        You believe him when he raps. I spend a long time wondering if Julz is a southern rapper that has up north influences or a southern-influenced rapper with a northern accent. He seems to embody an entire coast of music.
          He does appear to speak compassionately about topics such as materialism and love which may be a direct result of his upbringing in impoverished neighborhoods in a single family household. If only his sound quality and production matched his talent.
As far as looking for this generation’s leader: the evidence is apparent. It’s Julz Jones. The kid who got kicked out of class for winning the debate against the teacher.
        The substance abuser who tells you why he prefers natural herbs over pharmaceutical-distributed drugs. The young man who got his college degree but never forgot to think outside of the box. The student who did other students work for studio time money. The artist who writes an opinion piece on himself.
          The rapper who never uses the same flow twice. The rapper who names his album “Coupe De Etat” in order to foreshadow his impact on today’s rap culture. The artist who appreciates all genres of music.
The rapper who lives life as an individual with interesting viewpoints on good energy and powerful results, has a natural talent and ability to captivate an audience.
Yes, I have found him and so should you!



Allegedly, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Family Admits ‘Reality Is Sinking In’***messymandella***

           After news broke earlier this week that the 22-year-old had been moved from Emroy University hospital to a rehabilitation facility in Atlanta, sources reveal to PEOPLE that the family had actually wanted to move Bobbi Kristina out of the hospital earlier, but her grief-stricken father Bobby Brown had delayed the decision.


“This hasn’t gotten any easier for him,” the source says of Bobby. “It has gotten harder. He really thought she’d be better by now, that there would be some change.

There hasn’t been any sign of improvement since this happened.”

Sources had previously revealed to PEOPLE that the 46-year-old singer was trying to keep “as positive as possible” about the condition of his only daughter with the late Whitney Houston. “He’s going to give her every chance to fight for her life.”

Indeed, Bobbi Kristina’s family has tried to remain positive, but now “reality is really sinking in,” the source reveals.

“We spent the first month in shock, you know? Like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe that this happened.’ But now we’ve had a lot of time to get used to it.”

The source also admits that while the “family doesn’t always see eye-to-eye,” it’s clear that Bobby is in charge of what happens to his daughter.” quote from Maria Mercedes Lara

I wish and pray Bobbi Kristina will finally have her story told through her eyes, without the tabloid scandal.She deserves people in her life, that have her best interest,and not only want her inheritance.

Whitney Houston lived a life that humbled most, and destroyed her in the end. Her daughter couldn’t seem to find her place in this world. Now she won’t have to, the families ALLEGEDLY will let Bobbi Kristina Brown pass away.

Now,it is a what if situation,but we are too hurt inside. This little girl had two troubled parents with addictions, but they loved her so much. No one could ever dispute the admiration of their little girl, Bobbi Kristina Brown.


We must tell the truth about Whitney Houston. I cried, because I was in her situation,not drugs but with someone who would play the part of a different person to the public.

      Love is standing by, and this will be a process to bury all of the family drama, but  you can not win if the spirit wants to be free.
No amount of medicine or electrical device will ever be stronger than the will to live. She fought, and no matter what a machine reads, that soul may just want to be reunited with her mama.
Some actions are too obvious to overlook, and sympathy and inner guilt and failed moments are not will not be easy, when the Houston and Brown family are still divided. What if’s are not going to bring her out of this.

No matter what was said on camera we must look in the eyes of the truth.
Her  anguish and  privacy to mourn is not based on a calender or when we think she should be finished within her personal bereavement process.
Putting on a brave face can take a toll on anyone, that lost their momma and best friend, she still could not listen to her mother’s music at times.

The family will spend eternity reading a machine to , but if the machine is the only thing that is keeping her here, she is already gone.
We must give this family privacy, and not overlook the life of Bobbi Kristina Brown to give weigh to tabloid speculation, but now that speculation may be facts!

Some are already putting light on an addiction and scene of the crim, just for high viewership.

Imagine, if it was your daughter, let her family deal in peace and they are surely inconsolable, leave that speculation behind, for now.

Give Bobbi respect, and the Houston and Brown family  deserve your prayers and love.

No doubt they need it, but they will feel the love. I wish she knew we all wanted her to pull through this  tragedy and we  loved her then.

We want to send flowers and love when it is too late, when that may be all the victim wanted the entire time.



Thirsty Thursday Sermon:The Pimping Of Cleflo (ClepTO) Dollar’s Pinky Ring:The Falsification Of A Prophet.

Be advised if you are sensitive and assume this will be a light hearted discussion, you should look to the left of your screen and click that red x at the top of this page. I am going to delve into the facts of how Cleflo “Dollar” stole from the weak minded and disguised his pimping behind the pulpit and destroyed the message of love for his Satanic greed.


We’ll you stayed on the page!
Now remember You did it to Yourself and I hope this discussion opens up your minds and closes some of your wallets and become Christians, not working girls for the Pimping Cleflo Dollar.

I demand to know how no one realized that Cleflo was a Pimp? Bishop Don Juan can stand behind the pulpit, but that doesn’t make his anointed by God, to teach the message of love  and life. If the average person in the area of Georgia are  making thirty thousand dollars a year. Religion is destroying our sense of fears, and the reason slaves excepted fate, and our parents still except untruths is because that is what religion has done to our lives. Holding a Bible, doesn’t make you a prophet? Would Cleflo Dollar buy you a Royce Royce? Why isn’t Clefo begging for a building or school to show appreciation for all the money all those dummies gave them.
Cleflo Pimp House Members, You are  dummies for giving a grown ass man millions  of dollars and believing that you are helping Christianity and God and anything to do with this scheming and lying man.
So, you do realize that you church members are still obligated to also continue financing utility bills for his church, fuel for Daddy Cleflo’s jet, taxes, and upkeep of that  Royce Royce also, right?
If  you were a millionaire  would you ask people who are working fast food and struggling to give their struggling dollars to you? This is blasphemy and shame on you in Atlanta for taking money out of your children’s mouth to feed the ego and greediness of this man.
Here are 10 reasons some preachers are no different from pimps.
1. Why would God plan for working class individuals provide over 80 million for a message for heavenly hope.


2. Prosperity Gospel is pimping and simply more that tithes and offerings, and his followers are not millionaires, the people that surplus his wealth, have been brainwashed and is heresy.


3. How is Cleflo Dollar any different that Rick Ross? They are both working for the exact message. Those blessings on Earth are not any part of God, Clefo Dollar is a hustler, ya’ll. He is the preaching Frank Lucas!

4. Jesus wore sandals, and Martin Luther King Jr, walked to spread the message of God. MLK was only allowed bus fare every other day but the treasure was mental and spiritual wealth. Mother Teresa was on  the streets of Calcutta!
Why doesn’t he have  a Tour Bus, and when did Donald Trump and Cleflo Dollar aim for the exact materialistic items and financial gifts  of  this life.


5. God   Satan wants Cleflo Dollar to have a jet, 2 million dollar apartments and to be a gaudy man of God for his next rap video Church event. Yes, God is spreading his knowledge through Jet Fuel and  gluttony.Cleflo is proof that if we love God, we should help Cleflo become richer and God wants us to give our wages freely while Cleflo purchases another jet…


6. If Cleflo Dollar wanted to spread love and blessings, he should rent his jet to take the church members on a trip once a week, as special guests. Cleflo could rent out his 2 million dollar apartment as a time share. Hell, his church members and community provided the income  and paid for their pimp’s wealth. Cleflo should think the members that blessed his greedy ass.


7. Apostles were business men but not spiritual criminals. Legally, Cleflo Dollar is no different from Nino Brown in “New Jack City” and  behind that mask of  deceitful ideology  is a manipulative liar that  preys instead of prays! He pretends to worry about your salvation, but he is only worried about his new purchase you dummies are going to pay for with a smile and a “AMEN.” A deceptive prophet will eventually be exposed because greed and gluttony are never going to be fulfilled. They will never have enough riches!

8. When you pretend to be a man of God, but utilize blasphemy to brain wash the masses into  funding your private jet, you are worse than any criminal in this world. This is not the work of God!


9. How selfish and demonic can Cleflo be, and Jesus was homeless at one time? How brain washed are these members to believe that this behavior has anything to do with God? The ego manic can convince you of anything, just because he prays and holds a Bible, that makes him a chosen prophet?
At least a pimp admits his intentions, and doesn’t masquerade behind a pulpit?
Pimping of he Bible is damn right discerning, but people are too scared to rock the boat so they will fall for anything and remain under his easily seen facade of false prophecy. The flock of sheep always puts their heads down and just follow the leader.


10. Self righteous liars are stealing money from working class families. Your children and members  are getting Student Loans and you are all on financial  budgets, but you are  helping a Pimp, by the name of Cleflo Dollar to fund his 65 million dollar, G-650 Jet?God, not Clefo Dollar gave you that blessing of a new home, new job, and a heavenly household. Clefo Dollar is working over time to swindle you out of God’s blessings, to facilitate his demonic greed and deception.


Didn’t Cleflo beat the breaks off his wife?


How and who and why is he even in this position to preach to anybody about anything? This should be his church song!



UPDATE: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s “Boyfriend” Speaks About His Guilt!***messymandella***

       Bobbi Kristina Brown, you  are still in our prayers, up high. This article of course  not any means a smear campaign against Nick Gordon, but he spoke of Bobbi Kristina as she  was already  dead.

          “I miss them both, and I lost them both!”

What in this world happen to that baby on that day and who and what could even cause her to be in this situation? This boy feels guilt, but he doesn’t appear to have attempted to murder her. He appears to be guilty that he couldn’t revive her that day. Nick blames himself, and now the family rallying for her survival should never be sidetracked by Nick’s antics, but something is  missing. Why does he feel so guilty, and threatening himself? 

Is  this a  calculated diversion?

Watch for yourself!

Brain dead, physical death and whatever terminology  is being used to describe Bobbi are not technically important at this moment.

What is important is how and when the families coming together, burying the hatchet and setting aside their  own differences to make things right for Bobbi in the near future.

     I am sure Whitney is sending her daughter love  and is torn between wanting her there with her, or letting her stay here with us a little longer, to carry out her dreams.

When you take the time to look inside  yourself use Whitney as your example.

        Whitney taught me never to have anyone in your life that will publicly destroy or diminish your brand or cause scandal.

        I wish and pray  Bobbi Kristina will finally have her story told through her eyes, without the tabloid scandal.She deserves people in her life, that have her best intrest,and not only want her inheritance.

Whitney Houston lived a life that humbled most, and destroyed her in the end. Her daughter couldn’t seem to find her place in this world. Now she won’t have to, the families ALLEGEDLY will let Bobbi Kristina Brown pass away. Now,it is a what if situation,but we are too hurt inside. This little girl had two troubled parents with addictions, but they loved her so much. No one could ever dispute the admiration of their little girl, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

     Today is her last physical day,according to reports from the family spokesperson. I felt in my heart she left us before this week. She wanted to be with her mom. Now she will be removed from the breathing machine on the anniversary of her mother’s death.

We must tell the truth about Whitney Houston. I cried, because I was in her situation,not drugs but with someone who would play the part of a different person to the public.


When she lost part of her heavenly voice, and her self-respect through addiction, we were confused and disappointed and with Bobbi, we refuse to accept her fate.




Thirsty Thursday Sermon: Future Prostitutes of America, Take Heed!***messymandella***The Gospel Of Teena Marie*(1981)

Once again aint talking about adults pimp or prostitutes.
They have free will. This for  the teenagers that are lost. 

         If you are an adult and have limited self-esteem and dignity in life that is your pathetic and superficial life. This message is for the little girls and under 21 year old that are kidnapped, manipulated and  only searching for love. You don’t know what a “daddy” does in life. My daddy is the man that paid my tuition with his entire check just so I could attend school and read me stories and kept a roof over my head.

              Your “daddy” promises you wealth and plays upon your weakness to build up their cash. It is not funny when someone says they are a pimp that is their business, but it is too easy to manipulate these little girls and the vulture should feel ashamed.
Do what you want to be one of the  worn out ones…

Leave our young women alone and stop destroying their  a chance to succeed.

Is your pinky ring more important than those teenage girls future livelihood?

If you a real “daddy”  buy them a house, but buy yourself one too.  Pay her tuition.

No man that loves you will sale you. Once again this is for my teenager readers and people who are watching some little girl get brainwashed on Social Media or in school. You are amazing teenage girls and your body should be your temple.

I speak from experience, I knew a square pimp.

He would preach hate to those dummies and they would fall for it every single time. IT was a bunch of brain dead fools that are helping to destroy the family structure.

Be the “Square” that  has your own possessions and a reason to hold your head up high!

You will regret that you wasted years of your life and gave away your body to watch new sisters  added every day, courtesy of “daddy.”

My theory is that men who are like that are loosing their hair, or have a small penis, or just can’t fight on stage. Yes,that Summer brings madness!

Here are the 48 Laws of Pimping from Pimpin’ Ken:

  1. Purse First, Ass Last
  2. Get a Name in a Game
  3. Don’t Chase ‘Em, Replace ‘Em
  4. Keep a Ho in Arrears
  5. Prey on the Weak
  6. When Pimpin’ Begins, Friendship Ends
  7. Pimp the Game
  8. Don’t Let Your History Be a Mystery
  9. Learn the Rules
  10. Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
  11. Avoid Gorillas and Godzillas
  12. Ain’t No Love in this Shit
  13. Pimp Like You’re Ho-less
  14. Better a Turnout than a Burnout
  15. Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
  16. Give Motivation and Inspiration
  17. Get YouBottom Bitch
  18. Cop and Blow
  19. Turn Ho Ends into Dividends
  20. Get in a Ho’s Head
  21. A Ho Without Instruction Is Headed for Self-Destruction
  22. Keep Hoes on Their Toes
  23. A Ho Joins A Stable to Ruin It
  24. Set the Trend
  25. Grind for Your Shine
  26. The Game is to be Sold, Not Told
  27. Keep Your Game on the Low
  28. Be a Leader
  29. Play One Ho Against the Next
  30. Prosperity over Popularity
  31. Look out for Suzy Choosy
  32. Turn a Tramp into a Champ
  33. Bring Your People With You to theTop
  34. Show Respect to Get Respect
  35. Trust Nothing but the Game
  36. Be Internationally Known, Nationally Recognized, and Locally Accepted
  37. Let a Ho Know
  38. Wreck a Hater
  39. Switch Up
  40. Don’t Down ‘Em, Crown ‘Em
  41. Keep Your Front Up Till You Come Up
  42. Talk Shit and Swallow Spit
  43. If You Can See It, You Can Be It
  44. You Need Fire and Desire
  45. Get Rid of the Word “If”
  46. Move and Shake Like a Pimp Shakes
  47. Pimpin’ Is What You Do, Not Who You Are
  48. Don’t Believe the Hype

These laws come from the book Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Gameby Pimpin’ Ken. Ken is a loser that should have went to a temp agency instead of making slaves of his own women.


Square Biz

If some men condone this we as women must stand up for our rights. It is not love and you are not a business transaction.

Make him get a  job and treat women they way he would want to treat his future child. Don’t hate him, he is ignorant to your self-worth and thinks he is above you, so he uses you.

Girls are getting younger and easier to manipulate by a seasoned manipulator.  

He doesn’t love you, when he says “break bread.”

Pimping is a mind game!

They use the word “square” like it is a curse word to lower your self-love. Look at everyone around you and on TV baby, this hate teaching is bull, from a manipulative con-artist.

They are manipulating you to erase all truths that are self-evident and eventually you will prostitute why he buys more rings.

You little girls are lost, because after you sale yourself so he can buy chains,while he is traveling the world sleeping with other dummies.

You are letting a asshole convince you to give up family, love, and life to follow their message of hatred and commercialized deception.

Look at the truth, celebrity couples  and real couples love, and love does exist.


You want him to love you and you figure if you stay blinded, any interaction with is better than none.

Do you think he would have sex for money and hand the money to you? 

Baby, you dancing with the Devil.

We have demonic people in this world that use deceit, steal and manipulate you, but would flip if it happened to  their nieces or sisters. It breaks my heart to hear girls say, “No square here” because the brainwashing has already taken place. If no one teaches them to strive for better, our daughters are lost for good.

“If Daddy’s love you,  daddy won’t have sex with you!”

What happens at 45 years old when you have wasted your time destroying your temple?

Are you going to be into that hotel still turning tricks, you are content living that room service life?

He will not spend his life with you, and he makes fun of love to lure you into making  him money.

You girls are getting younger and sadly dumber by the minute, because the best looking pimps are the most deceptive.

Loyalty has nothing to do with sleeping around and taking care of them financially.

You would hope and pray that their soul would be less heinous, but it is not and you have wasted your life being passed around like an animal,but you are a  human.

  You are someone’s little girl.


You have  allowed someone to manipulate every goal, wisdom, and ambition to keep them fed and fund their travel money.

Let him convince his mirror that he is preaching the gospel, but only a hypocrite would lie to convince you to leave boyfriend, to get used to supply his wealth.

When you sale ass, that don’t make you a queen.

 We know the truth.

Ain’t no queens at the Grey Hound Bus Station turning tricks and Kings and panderers will never be one in the same. A king takes care of family. A king never uses you to make his empire bigger!

People think the fake anti-love living is strictly about sex.

No, it is  primarily about breaking down your self esteem, because they have lost their soul and need company in hell. How is he taking care of you if he is passing you around to increase his wealth?

You can become a doctor, singer, mother and you don’t have to ruin your life to appease him. Being a square means less disease, and potential to have a real life and write your place in history.Pimps will even mock their own religion to further their selfishness and greed.

Square is a good thing. It is never cool to sleep with naive girls and bring that negativity to promising little girls that just want to be loved but they do because that gold is built on deception.

You blinded baby.

I am proof you can have all your own shit and use your brain, not your body to get it.


They are programming these girls on Instigram to only think about money and sex, and to be shallow and fake.

Those girls neglect their career for a little Instigram fame, but what happens when that pimp moves on to another fool?

If he loved you, he would sale HIS ass to take care of you.

He doesn’t think enough of you to protect you.

A father will protect your body, not sale it.

It is time to remember who you were before you became a  misguided statistic and fell into the trap of a monster.

If it hurts your heart to read it, you still have a chance to grow and flourish in a positive life.  I am dumbing this article down, because you deserve a chance. You may have a hard time reading big words while on the on hoe stroll.

We all know, “knowledge leads to freedom.”




KOTD – Rap Battle – Shotty Horroh vs Hitman Holla ***messymandella***

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