Timbaland Discusses The Aaliyah Movie-The BreakPower 105.1 ***messymandella***Take You Home



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INXS: I Need You Tonight****messymandella***

Living Fast
Rock Legend
One Of The Sexiest Men Of All Time
I Need You Tonight!

INXS is one of the prolific Rock Groups in the 1990′s.
I’ve seen recently that they have hired a new singer and even have new songs.
There in only one Michael Hutchence who died 16 years ago, on November 22 1997, had a controversial death.
Some believe it was hanging by Sexual Affixation and others believe it was Suicide.
We don’t have answers but we have his music!
We still have his music!

Dipping Dots 4 Thots***messymandella***LIP ART—

Hawa Diawara by Michael Brandt, MUA - Ayako for Suede Magazine W

Breakbot_Baby And Michael Jackson ***messymandella***


Scarface – Someday ft. Faith Evans***messymandella***


Jamaica ***messymandella*** Traveling With The “Della” [CLICK ON EACH PICTURE]



Inspiration From Marcus Garvey***messymandella***


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