“So(ul)Amazing” -“Soul Provider” ***messymandella***


       The human race, is not that incommensurable, as one might think, from the Animal Kingdom.

We have a dedication to flourish, but is our soul  surviving?

Do we steer clear of reasoning, and the trutgh, so are soul won’t reveal what we already have knowledge of, our own destruction?

It can’t be simple to avoid  foreshadowing of your own demise, and it is easier to chose to ignore.

We can get higher than a kite, drunker than a wino, but when that self medication disappears within that hour or thirty minutes, until you self medicate again, that didn’t change any dimension, and will  never change reality.

It is so amazing. you can enjoy yourself, party, drink, or whatever you do, you can still stay blazing, but what can’t you face in your undeniable self-destruction?

Are you running from your true self, you are running?

How long are you going to ignore the sure thing, just to get more familiar with the shallow and fake?

That soul is the part of your body you attempt to silence while you turn to self medication, and historical depriciaton, and it is all part of the plan.

Your  soul and karma should never be ignored, because of your deceptive deeds.

Most of the people who  are currently incarcerated or no longer alive, escaped through self-medication ignored the signs of impending defeat.

Listen to your soul, it will provide you with that knowledge. You know better, and you know what you can contribute to the world, and being unselfish will never destroy your destiny.

Most of the people I know wish they would have done one thing different that day, and it is mandatory that you pay attention to what is around you. You must  decide to listen to their soul.

That five or ten minutes, can be the last time your soul and logic are sent to intervene.

Your Soul is amazing, all the superficial can’t do anything for you, but your soul has sent you a message, and you know when and why, you are trying not to hear it.



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Download *The Pop Tape* By Kasha Leo From Dat Piff!***messymandella***


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IconMixtape Tracks

  • 1.Pardon My Delay – Ka$ha
  • 2.Who You Are- Kasha Leo
  • 3.Now I Know
  • 4.Intuition Mission
  • 5.Is It Ok
  • 6.Number 2
  • 7.Beat It Down
  • 8.We Keep On
  • 9.Perfect Stranger
  • 10.IUWE
  • 11.Did Me Wrong
  • 12.Feels So Nice
  • 13.Pardon My Delay feat Kasha B Leo (A Licks Rush n DJG33Zr Remix)



Gwen Stefani – 4 In The Morning VS Melanie Fiona***messymandella***



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Taylor Swift Is Not The Next Paula Deen!***messymandella***


Taylor Swift Is Not The Next Paula Deen!
Swifter was just expressing her country yodeling form of admiration, for the culture, and denim.
Her video is not racist; it is more of a good old fashion shuck n jive.
She could have showed up dressed inappropriately with ratchet cut offs and stereotypical rap video vixens…
Wait she did…
 Taylor is an innocent angel who has had 92 boyfriends since entertainment world and became country music’s mainstream darling. She is not doing a remix on a plantation; this style is just flattery to the ignorance.
 Master Swift, is a nice fine Master….
She is swift with the lamp at night, even if she knows knowledge leads to freedom. She gives her back up dancers Swift notes, the segregated version of Cliff notes.
Leave Taylor alone.
 She can not help that she is bored with country music, and dignity.
 After the video shoot, her back ground dancers were invited to a catered dinner with field peas(that I helped pick), hush puppies, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now Flounder” and shrimps that had to wade in the water.

Obscure Soul: Incomplete By Sisquo -Dru Hill***messymandella***


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