Spring Edition:Da Hell Is You Wearing?***messymandella***



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Kelly Rowland: Overlooked Beauty And Talent Of The Month!***messymandella***


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Aaliyah – The One I Gave My Heart To***messymandella***



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Flosstradamus***messymandella*** Flosstradamus Hoodieboyz And TheirTrap Music

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Moment Of Truth:Sponsored By Kelly Rowland***messymandella***

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Happy Spiritual Birthday- Aaliyah Dana Haughton ****messymandella***

Aaliyah”(January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001)Aaliyah Dana Haughton, also known primarily by  the pseudonym “Aaliyah”  celebrates a Birthday!

The songstress and dancer graced the world with an alluring and confident persona that is immolated by female singers in the industry today.

The late  vocalist and dancer breathed her first breathe of life, today in 1979.

Nostalgia is in the air…

I am attempting to close the door on sadness because this is the date you lived and not the date you died.

We  can’t ever  replace you “Baby Girl!”

We are blessed to have your confidence, intelligence and voice so  you will never be completely gone.

 You were  “One In A Million”  and you had “Swagger” before it was even an urban slang.

 While most of your singing peers were wearing  dresses and heels, you came into the game wearing Timberland’s, Hoodies, and Bandannas and a halter top.

You decided to take a masculine approach to your sexuality and decided to dress like the men in her videos but with her unique sexuality and charisma.

Your uncanny  ability to adorn head bands and hoodies, made you a Feminist Icon and Fashion Icon.

You decided what sexuality was and created you, and your Independence.

We still haven’t found anyone that was just like you…

 You and that angelic voice will forever be solidify you in our musical history.

I am not going to play “Miss You” …

Your  legacy and influence lives on in our lives.

Your choreography  and voice are  perfection and you can’t copy that, even  in 2014.

The music industry  still samples your voice, fashion and swagger because spiritually you are still with us.

 Posthumously, Aaliyah has a Cult Following, which is well deserved.

We shouldn’t cry today because YOU were born today!

We Appreciate you and  miss you because “Baby Girl” you are “One In A Million.”
Here is you with your musical family on “Black Ground Records.”



Aaliyah and DMX***messymandella***


Chris Brown Doesn’t Care About Kicking Your Butt!***messymandella***



I understand that Chris Brown  loves marijuana, but not as much as his fans love sweeping his disgusting behavior under the rug.

No, I mean they really love  to look over ALL of his  physical altercations!

Physical assaults with his mom,  Frank Ocean, Rihanna, parking attendant, Drake, Robin Roberts and anyone else within 100 feet of him always are in danger!

Ain’t no damn way a person could smoke as much marijuana as Chris Brown and still be angry!

All the weed heads I know are usually peaceful, because weed makes you mellow!

Chris Brown ain’t just on some weed and it is obvious. 

 Hippies   are stoned on Marijuana and they don’t go around beating up people, or starting a fight over a ten dollar parking fee.

Chris Brown is on a downward spiral and instead of  laughing it off,  he must seek help to control his anger.

When Bullies keep getting  approval for their  behavior and physical altercations, they become worst.

In this case, Chris Brown is getting a free pass because he is a celebrity.

If he worked at a  Burger King, no one would go near him and he would have a least had  6 months  in Jail for his behavior. 

Chris wants people to focus on his music, but why can’t he do the same thing?

 Chris Brown is on TMZ more that he is on MTV.

The angry little man threw  a rock at his mother, there is no damn excuse…

Chris Brown, seems genuinely sorry about Rihanna  attack.

That is the only attack, he is sorry for at all.

Actions speak louder than words.

He would stop destroying himself, and his brand if he wanted to be a better man.

 If his fans would stop defending him he would get the treatment  and discipline that he truly needs.

Money buys you time and excuses.

If he is on probation and violates it over and over  again, does he really care about his career?

Chris, you said you were deeply hurt watching your mom getting abused, but then you throw a rock at her?

You have no respect  for the  woman who gave you life, and you witnessed her physical abuse?

Can you imagine how hurt she was when you basically told her, that she was not above your  bullying?

You have to leave the low life freeloaders alone that are bringing you down.

 Stop becoming influenced by the late great, Ike Turner and wearing your hair like Amber Rose!

For  love of  God, please stop saying people are picking on you and targeting you!

If you would stop walking around like Debo from “Friday!” then we wouldn’t have these criminal moments!

You also would be able to go back on  tour and continue Lip-Syncing For Your life!

Get help, please!

What happens when the mailman delivers the wrong letter to your mail box?

Will he get an upper cut too?

Your Sister In Christ,




Aaliyah-If Your Girl Only Knew***messymandella***

Timbaland -Aaliyah-Missy Elliott***messymandella***


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