Update: Cleflo Dollar Is Still Pimping In The Pulpit***messymandella***

Be advised if you are sensitive and assume this will be a light hearted discussion, you should look to the left of your screen and click that red x at the top of this page. I am going to delve into the facts of how Cleflo “Dollar” stole from the weak minded and disguised his pimping behind the pulpit and destroyed the message of love for his Satanic greed.

We’ll you stayed on the page!

Now remember You did it to Yourself and I hope this discussion opens up your minds and closes some of your wallets and become Christians, not working girls for the Pimping Cleflo Dollar.

I demand to know how no one realized that Cleflo was a Pimp? Bishop Don Juan can stand behind the pulpit, but that doesn’t make his anointed by God, to teach the message of love and life. If the average person in the area of Georgia are making thirty thousand dollars a year. Religion is destroying our sense of fears, and the reason slaves excepted fate, and our parents still except untruths is because that is what religion has done to our lives. Holding a Bible, doesn’t make you a prophet? Would Cleflo Dollar buy you a Royce Royce? Why isn’t Clefo begging for a building or school to show appreciation for all the money all those dummies gave them.

Cleflo Pimp House Members, You are dummies for giving a grown ass man millions of dollars and believing that you are helping Christianity and God and anything to do with this scheming and lying man.

So, you do realize that you church members are still obligated to also continue financing utility bills for his church, fuel for Daddy Cleflo’s jet, taxes, and upkeep of that Royce Royce also, right?

If you were a millionaire would you ask people who are working fast food and struggling to give their struggling dollars to you? This is blasphemy and shame on you in Atlanta for taking money out of your children’s mouth to feed the ego and greediness of this man.


Here are 10 reasons some preachers are no different from pimps.

1. Why would God plan for working class individuals provide over 80 million for a message for heavenly hope.


2. Prosperity Gospel is pimping and simply more that tithes and offerings, and his followers are not millionaires, the people that surplus his wealth, have been brainwashed and is heresy.


3. How is Cleflo Dollar any different that Rick Ross? They are both working for the exact message. Those blessings on Earth are not any part of God, Clefo Dollar is a hustler, ya’ll. He is the preaching Frank Lucas!
4. Jesus wore sandals, and Martin Luther King Jr, walked to spread the message of God. MLK was only allowed bus fare every other day but the treasure was mental and spiritual wealth. Mother Teresa was on the streets of Calcutta!

Why doesn’t he have a Tour Bus, and when did Donald Trump and Cleflo Dollar aim for the exact materialistic items and financial gifts of this life.


5. God Satan wants Cleflo Dollar to have a jet, 2 million dollar apartments and to be a gaudy man of God for his next rap video Church event. Yes, God is spreading his knowledge through Jet Fuel and gluttony.Cleflo is proof that if we love God, we should help Cleflo become richer and God wants us to give our wages freely while Cleflo purchases another jet…


6. If Cleflo Dollar wanted to spread love and blessings, he should rent his jet to take the church members on a trip once a week, as special guests. Cleflo could rent out his 2 million dollar apartment as a time share. Hell, his church members and community provided the income and paid for their pimp’s wealth. Cleflo should think the members that blessed his greedy ass.


7. Apostles were business men but not spiritual criminals. Legally, Cleflo Dollar is no different from Nino Brown in “New Jack City” and behind that mask of deceitful ideology is a manipulative liar that preys instead of prays! He pretends to worry about your salvation, but he is only worried about his new purchase you dummies are going to pay for with a smile and a “AMEN.” A deceptive prophet will eventually be exposed because greed and gluttony are never going to be fulfilled. They will never have enough riches!

8. When you pretend to be a man of God, but utilize blasphemy to brain wash the masses into funding your private jet, you are worse than any criminal in this world. This is not the work of God!


9. How selfish and demonic can Cleflo be, and Jesus was homeless at one time? How brain washed are these members to believe that this behavior has anything to do with God? The ego manic can convince you of anything, just because he prays and holds a Bible, that makes him a chosen prophet?

At least a pimp admits his intentions, and doesn’t masquerade behind a pulpit?

Pimping of he Bible is damn right discerning, but people are too scared to rock the boat so they will fall for anything and remain under his easily seen facade of false prophecy. The flock of sheep always puts their heads down and just follow the leader.


10. Self righteous liars are stealing money from working class families. Your children and members are getting Student Loans and you are all on financial budgets, but you are helping a Pimp, by the name of Cleflo Dollar to fund his 65 million dollar, G-650 Jet?God, not Clefo Dollar gave you that blessing of a new home, new job, and a heavenly household. Clefo Dollar is working over time to swindle you out of God’s blessings, to facilitate his demonic greed and deception.


Didn’t Cleflo beat the breaks off his wife?


How and who and why is he even in this position to preach to anybody about anything? This should be his church song!


juicy j and wiz and lily allen share a very similar video treatment…***messymandella***

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meet the lost and contradicting philosopher, sara suten seti…***messymandella*** debate?

          Sara Suten Seti has lost every fiber of his mentally deranged, hating, segregating mind.  I haven’t witnessed a foolywang of this caliber in a very long time.  Seti believes that white people are evil, and that blacks will one day rule the land! Lord Hammercy, Seti may be in charge of the Kingdom? If you look at Seti, it is a dead giveaway that he has different racial backgrounds in his blood line. Seti is about my complexion! That means “something in the milk ain’t clean” (Someone was creeping on the plantation at a steady rate.)

        Seti contradicts himself, so much that is not even logical to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I can’t post his video of his debates because it is beyond anyone’s realm of muckery! One slide show presentation has white men engaging in sex, while he speaks on a completely unrelated topic.  A fight breaks out because they want the pictures removed from the presentation out of respect for the women and kids in the audience.  Seti apparently is angry with the I.S.U.P.K and determined to  bring their organization down! Now, Sutan Seti has even split with his loyal followers such as  Polite, an Egyptologist!
           No man or woman can think of any logical reason that I should be prejudice. We are one big melting pot, and not one black person on this Earth is a 100% black! With that being said, we fought for integration, as a means to assimilate and learn from other cultures!  Seti and his delusional ass don’t have a clue of what he believes, and how damaging his thoughts  our  to the racially motivated crime rate, by preaching this filthy funnel of lies to our culture. His idea is that white people  are evil. Well Seti, I love them more than you!

       I have family members, and friends of all cultures that came over to  watch the video below, we opened a bottle of wine and laughed like hell! This  man  wants you to buy his ideas, I don’t  even want to borrow his ideas. Seti admits that he uses Cocaine. That statement is a direct hypocritical farce of Pro Black  beliefs, because members of the Pro-Black movement know that was the downfall of “The Black Panther Movement!” They believe that  poison  was administered to destroy ethnic races! Seti why you snorting it,though?

      If  Sara Suten Seti continues to snort tunnels of Cocaine,https://youtu.be/ePnw8t9PlY0 he will be in a padded room with a custom made Strait Jacket. Oh, and  every now and then he believes nothing is wrong, with taking from the white man, it is his right.


         Seti provides religious fairy tales, thanks to his love of  “Booger Sugar!”  Seti, no white person is putting that powder up your nostrils. You will never have white slaves, because you will get high and forget to lock the plantation gate!

Just Bamboozled!

All Races Unite!



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