KeKe Wyatt, One Of The Best Voice That is Ignored…***messymandella***




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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Claims T.I.’s Wife Tiny Was “Easy Work”…***messymandella***


  The Pissed off Pimp Chronicles will track down every time  our little man curses someone out, because it entertains me.  TI.  AKA Clifford has laid the smack down in everyone’s town. He has traveled coast to coast to curse people, slam the hell out, with no remorse! I LOVE the “Pocket Pimp” of the South.

T.I. is ride or die for the southern states, and he will cut you over his wife, Tiny.


In the last two months, T.I.  has traveled world-wide confronting folks and what not.


       He even confronted one of the husbands of the reality show, “Real Housewives Of Atlanta.”
T.I. Appollo Nena (Phaedra’s husband) about his federal case. He showed up at the parking lot and Apollo, kept “copping pleas.” The entire event was caught on camera. Apollo defended himself against a Twitter Follower that labeled him a government snitch.


So Apollo, being a SNITCH , and  not having any idea of the Pissed Off Pimp’s chronic anger, tweets almost  got him beat up in a parking lot. Now this…


Floyd Mayweather mood music for his affair with Tiny


QUEEN OF THE RING JAZ THE RAPPER Cremates 40 B.A.R.R.S***messymandella***


40 B.A.R.R.S is now 40 S.C.A.R.R.S

Jaz proves how gifted she is, and why she is the best.

I expected to watch a close battle, at least 2-1.

Now, this was embarrassing.

That crown should have stayed in the car, of Carlezza.

Why would anyone not prepare for the most anticipated battle of their career?

NSFW-FKA Twigs***messymandella***2 Weeks

 Tahliah Barnett


FKA Twigs 

Formerly Known As  


NEW: Lil’ Kim – BEE STYLES (Mixtape) [FULL] ***messymandella***

1) Intro Freestyle
2) Hello Good Morning Freestyle
3) H.A.M Freestyle
4) I Get It Freestyle
5) Main Event Freestyle
6) I Put On For My City Freestyle
7) Lets Do It Freestyle
8) Hustle Hard Freestyle
9) Lookin Ass Nigga Freestyle
10) Warning Freestyle
11) Pay Your Money Freestyle
12) 6ft 7ft Freestyle
13) Outro (Clap Clap / Round Of Applause) Freestyle

Nancy Grace Goes Behind Bars (Part 1) HLN Network!***messymandella***

Fina Dean robbed a drug dealer, and has 8 different charges, she  kidnapped and stabbed the drug dealer  with the victims sword. She left victim to die, while she robbed him  for over $100,000.00 dollars of electronic equipment.
        Angela Key claims she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She assaulted someone and she was confined to 8 years. She stole about a $1000.00 dollars worth of equipment. She was spotted overhead by police and decided to hide, and she was also caught with a weapon from a unprohibbited  person.
        Armetha Bucks is in prison for Aggravated Assault as she was abused, and has 3 Cocaine Charges. She beat him  and burned him in a Wal-Mart parking lot, but she has 5 children in the outside world.
        Marissa Level – Credit Card Fraud, Robbery, Resisting arrest and tampering with physical evidence. She is a mother of twins and she can not be in the presence of her children. She steals cards, and tampering with evidence which was a bag of heroine.
          Rosa Leon was on Methamphetamine and was arrested pregnant. She threatening a woman with a hammer. She has a long rap sheet, and she has no regret but getting caught.
Stephanie Connelly is facing charges of  murder  and  she could get life in prison forever. Some all love and respect Jody Arias, yes the manipulative murderer that allegedly flipped on her boyfriend and brutally murdered him.


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