FLASHBACK- ***messymandella*** Sermon!Blac Chyna Blames Tyga For Hacking Her Twitter And She Needs To Try Jesus!***messymandella***


Drake has allegedly been accused of vacationing in Lake Chyna.

Yes, devastating news, now Tyga has to decide what he will do to improve his
chances as a survivor of thirst traps all over the world.

I can ‘t believe this is happening, just utter shock at the thought that a man will actually want better for himself. Good for him. He decided to choose substance over superficiality.

A rapper dumps his less than modest girlfriend, maybe he grew up? However, Now Chyna claims that Tyga hacked her Twitter, like he hacked Kylie Jenner’s virginity…

I thought a bond like Tyga and Chyna would last forever, yeah. You are surprised  Chyna  is being a Young Money pawn? Don’t be surprised when it comes to money, people will do anything.

After I read the news about the couples split I was devastated. Again, I wanted to provide an unbiased evaluation of the untimely split, but changed my mind after I realized these hoes for everybody… TRY Jesus he’s alright

Seems like Tyga  who ever  hacked this Twitter was a tad bit emotional.
I am guessing it was Tyga with his Cat Chow Cravings that even put himself in this mess from the start.

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I am here for you in your time of need!

After you help Kylie with her homework  and watch the Backyardigans with her, remember to not snitch on yourself!
Blame someone else in fact blame it on…

Update: Cleflo Dollar Is Still Pimping In The Pulpit***messymandella***

Be advised if you are sensitive and assume this will be a light hearted discussion, you should look to the left of your screen and click that red x at the top of this page. I am going to delve into the facts of how Cleflo “Dollar” stole from the weak minded and disguised his pimping behind the pulpit and destroyed the message of love for his Satanic greed.

We’ll you stayed on the page!

Now remember You did it to Yourself and I hope this discussion opens up your minds and closes some of your wallets and become Christians, not working girls for the Pimping Cleflo Dollar.

I demand to know how no one realized that Cleflo was a Pimp? Bishop Don Juan can stand behind the pulpit, but that doesn’t make his anointed by God, to teach the message of love and life. If the average person in the area of Georgia are making thirty thousand dollars a year. Religion is destroying our sense of fears, and the reason slaves excepted fate, and our parents still except untruths is because that is what religion has done to our lives. Holding a Bible, doesn’t make you a prophet? Would Cleflo Dollar buy you a Royce Royce? Why isn’t Clefo begging for a building or school to show appreciation for all the money all those dummies gave them.

Cleflo Pimp House Members, You are dummies for giving a grown ass man millions of dollars and believing that you are helping Christianity and God and anything to do with this scheming and lying man.

So, you do realize that you church members are still obligated to also continue financing utility bills for his church, fuel for Daddy Cleflo’s jet, taxes, and upkeep of that Royce Royce also, right?

If you were a millionaire would you ask people who are working fast food and struggling to give their struggling dollars to you? This is blasphemy and shame on you in Atlanta for taking money out of your children’s mouth to feed the ego and greediness of this man.


Here are 10 reasons some preachers are no different from pimps.

1. Why would God plan for working class individuals provide over 80 million for a message for heavenly hope.


2. Prosperity Gospel is pimping and simply more that tithes and offerings, and his followers are not millionaires, the people that surplus his wealth, have been brainwashed and is heresy.


3. How is Cleflo Dollar any different that Rick Ross? They are both working for the exact message. Those blessings on Earth are not any part of God, Clefo Dollar is a hustler, ya’ll. He is the preaching Frank Lucas!
4. Jesus wore sandals, and Martin Luther King Jr, walked to spread the message of God. MLK was only allowed bus fare every other day but the treasure was mental and spiritual wealth. Mother Teresa was on the streets of Calcutta!

Why doesn’t he have a Tour Bus, and when did Donald Trump and Cleflo Dollar aim for the exact materialistic items and financial gifts of this life.


5. God Satan wants Cleflo Dollar to have a jet, 2 million dollar apartments and to be a gaudy man of God for his next rap video Church event. Yes, God is spreading his knowledge through Jet Fuel and gluttony.Cleflo is proof that if we love God, we should help Cleflo become richer and God wants us to give our wages freely while Cleflo purchases another jet…


6. If Cleflo Dollar wanted to spread love and blessings, he should rent his jet to take the church members on a trip once a week, as special guests. Cleflo could rent out his 2 million dollar apartment as a time share. Hell, his church members and community provided the income and paid for their pimp’s wealth. Cleflo should think the members that blessed his greedy ass.


7. Apostles were business men but not spiritual criminals. Legally, Cleflo Dollar is no different from Nino Brown in “New Jack City” and behind that mask of deceitful ideology is a manipulative liar that preys instead of prays! He pretends to worry about your salvation, but he is only worried about his new purchase you dummies are going to pay for with a smile and a “AMEN.” A deceptive prophet will eventually be exposed because greed and gluttony are never going to be fulfilled. They will never have enough riches!

8. When you pretend to be a man of God, but utilize blasphemy to brain wash the masses into funding your private jet, you are worse than any criminal in this world. This is not the work of God!


9. How selfish and demonic can Cleflo be, and Jesus was homeless at one time? How brain washed are these members to believe that this behavior has anything to do with God? The ego manic can convince you of anything, just because he prays and holds a Bible, that makes him a chosen prophet?

At least a pimp admits his intentions, and doesn’t masquerade behind a pulpit?

Pimping of he Bible is damn right discerning, but people are too scared to rock the boat so they will fall for anything and remain under his easily seen facade of false prophecy. The flock of sheep always puts their heads down and just follow the leader.


10. Self righteous liars are stealing money from working class families. Your children and members are getting Student Loans and you are all on financial budgets, but you are helping a Pimp, by the name of Cleflo Dollar to fund his 65 million dollar, G-650 Jet?God, not Clefo Dollar gave you that blessing of a new home, new job, and a heavenly household. Clefo Dollar is working over time to swindle you out of God’s blessings, to facilitate his demonic greed and deception.


Didn’t Cleflo beat the breaks off his wife?


How and who and why is he even in this position to preach to anybody about anything? This should be his church song!


The Street Games:Balling Lead To Death For Karlton Hines!***messymandella***

We adhere to street codes and live and ride for our city. When you are  a “Street Star” you will remain a whisper, a legend and cautionary tale.  Karlton Hines is now a Legend but he is not living.  Talent, looks, and money  were his traits that caught the stares and jealousy from others. That will also his downfall. Karlton,a Basketball Star that family and friends revered and perceived as a Hero knew he was a leader and a born legend.  We all have a chance to get out of the hood! However, urban men are told the only practices that will gain them wealth are pimping, drug dealing or Sports. No one even attempts anything else without doubt. We are programmed to believe that these are the only components to accomplish hood wealth. We don’t realize that money is from other hands that know we will eventually destroy our neighborhoods forever.  Someone needs our men dead, and we are helping them achieve this feat, every day.Karlton Hines played Basketball, and he knew he had the fame and admiration of everyone. He was raised in a single family neighborhood.
Karlton  could be seen in PS1 Park playing at 3:00 AM.His coaches wouldn’t push his studies, because he benefited them. Game  was already in front of  him. He  was under the impression that his grades were second to his ability for the game. Karlton had over 30 recruiters at a time offering him scholarships. That power and understanding of game is that the people that are left behind, sometimes want your impending failure. Karlton  quit because of a disciplinary problem. He also lied about his address to play at the school of his choice. He was caught after hours breaking the rules, and  instead of dealing with repercussions he left school. He quit school 4 months before graduating with his High school diploma Of course, he was attractive and had charisma that would always propel him to another level. Karlton won MVP when he was only 13 and 14. Older children were intimidated by him,because of his game with ladies, and with the courts. Karlton(nicknamed “C”)did not bite his tongue on the court. He had physical and mental strength that other ballers envied at a young age. Karlton was the baby,but garnered more attention than his older brothers, and street soldiers in the game! Karlton could have made millions legally, but he couldn’t leave the hood values and backwards mentallity. His brothers were not blessed to receive Karltons gift of street intelligence,that would later be his curse. He was 6’5  and athletic, cocky and was given every persons admiration, and full attention.

He loved the “Stage!” Yes, the hood has its on stage and community that is the mecca of the dealers,players, and goldiggers. They know how to get chose, and be seen. Once you get chose to be a part of “The Life” you are too afraid to leave what you know to be morally incorrect.

  In the hood it only takes a “New York Minute” to change your entire life. Karlton and his friend were walking from the store. They were in an  altercation with a neighborhood friend “Tweedy” and  “Tweedy” pulled out a knife. Karlton defended himself with a bottle, it went across  the neck, of  “Tweedy”  and was pronounced dead at the hospital.  Karlton stayed on the run for 11 days. He was arrested but later set free, because it was ruled self defense. Karlton walks out a free man, but that one moment changed his entire life. He was damaged to recruiters,  and already entered the system and his life had a few limitations. He could no longer be  a Hood Celebrity  by the Basketball Game, so he the chose the other side of the game.

Karlton’s street soldiers  had him walking around with thousands  in his pockets. He could not forget his hood. “Duncan Hines” had that rush of adrenaline and that mental choice to be the Legend. He didn’t want basketball to  infiltrate his street credibility. He chose to leave his talent, and go for the blood money. Karlton decided to walk further into the pit of destruction. His looks and personality started to change. He also blamed Coach, old teachers, everyone  for  not having  his back, and he was too ashamed to go back to school, he went further in the  drug game!


Pistol Pete and the Blood affiliated Sex, Money and Murder gang were the scourge of the Soundview section of the Bronx back in the day. In his teens and into his early twenties Pistol Pete acquired a reputation as a ruthless killer, who made millions in the drug game in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He was known as one of the most feared and powerful men in New York during the crack era, who could get people killed with his word alone. His influence and organization stretched south from the city’s five boroughs reaching out and touching states all across the eastern seaboard. Pistol Pete was one of Soundview’s Original Gangsters, setting the bar high for his hood and the Northeast Bronx. – Gorilla Convict http://www.gorillaconvict.com/peter-pistol-pete-rollock-2/

       One thing some don’t understand about “The Game” is that you always are competing.  You only live once, but someone is always ready to shoot you, and make an example of you, and tarnish your legacy. What you build is a charade of evil and an “Execution chamber” This game will never have a winner.  Karlton  Hines found that out the hard way,  with his friend Carlos.  Pistol Pete who is know serving Life stole Karlton’s chance at a new life.  karlton Hines was 25 years old when he died. He was found with $5000.00 in his pockets.  It’s a game that we will not win. No matter how many times we live it and remember it,we hope it will be diffrent. Karlton Hines died on April 8th , 1994 and that money in his pocket could not keep him breathing, so what did it give him?

We are getting caught up in these movies, and images, and giving props to men behind a cell who can’t even go outside when they want, but we idolize them. We even study where they went wrong, so we won’t make that mistake. No one wins the game, and it is a trap.  Karlton Hines is in a casket  and Pistol Pete is in a a cot on a box with stories and commissary.  We are destroying our own existence and making single moms raise the babies without knowledge on how to make a man survive. Karlton Hines chose the wrong game to gain fame. Even though we know, no one wins in the game but everyone thinks they will be different…

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update: 2 alleged killers have been arrested for executing 9 year old Tyshawn Lee***messymandella***

rap video

Police allegedly recovered two handguns from the men. They both were later ordered held on $1 million bail Wednesday to the sounds of gasps in the courtroom.

Court records show Corey Morgan was convicted of illegal gun possession in 2011 and sentenced to probation and five days of community service.

Law enforcement sources said Morgan is a person of interest in the slaying of Tyshawn in the 8000 block of South Damen about 4:15 p.m. on Nov. 2.

The fourth grader was lured into an alley and executed in retaliation against the boy’s father, authorities say.


The alleged ass, that executed a 9 year old boy in an alley.

The alleged ass, that executed a 9 year old boy in an alley.

Morgan is not charged in connection with the murder, which has attracted national attention because of its heinous nature.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy called the shooting “probably the most abhorrent, cowardly, unfathomable…”

The deceptive falsehood of brotherhood displayed in urban gangs are purposely utilized to destroy the black communities.
        We are just too caught up in image to stand out from the crowd, and remind others that gang life is not just about the color of bandana and the set you rep. Gangs also cause death.
         Don’t become consumed by the superficiality that you witness on television and some rap videos. Blood shed, mental slavery, and deaths of the black family are also fueled by the promotional aspect of gang related identification and the marketing of genocide.
       We stand behind  a nation of cowards that will not stand up and admit, that justice for our children has been compromised just to supply more guns and drugs in urban and poor communities.
       When the KKK murders someone it is not the one person that lynched an innocent victim, it is the group as a whole.
That also implies in the execution of Tyshawn Lee, all gangs are responsible.
 I am fully aware that we have a double standard when it comes to deaths and we are hesitant to discuss our own black victimization.

 If a black man murders a black child, we don’t march.
Instead of protesting Hilary Clinton and politicians . We as a culture must seek justice for Tyshawn Lee and should march and protest for him.

Will we have a press release with Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, marching for justice and visiting Tyshawn?
Hell no, the shooter was presumably black so not important for an opportunist.
WE must stop making excuses when we a minority is behind the trigger.
  #BlacklivesMatter in Chiraq too!




         Chiraq gun violence continues to occur and we just don’t assume it is news worthy. Well, if you read the post below, you will notice this happened in the gang infested streets of Chicago before, in a little town call Roseland.


If it is that important to be part of the organization, it is just as important to blame a group as Tyshawn’s killers.
       Chief keef , Lil Reese, Lil Mouse, and all marketing the destruction of  our people.
       Record companies know exactly what they are doing.
          We will follow the plan to exterminate our men, or to keep them behind bars.
Tyshawn’s father should feel responsible for his son’s death, and it was his decision to  cause beef and to put his son in harm’s way.
        Tyshawn’s father  didn’t murder his son, but his ignorance and begging to belong by a group that uses foot soldiers for greed and manipulation, murdered his son.
Tyshawn’s dad’s lifestyle destroyed his own family.
It is hypocritical to hate George Zimmerman or Eric Garner’s killers and load up our guns to execute our own black men.
         Whoever would execute a 9-year-old boy over something his father did, doesn’t deserve to live. Help find the murdering bastards that would murder your child to prove allegiance to their gang.

I pray that the people of this community will one day  be able to take back the streets, from the savages.
Stop feeding into ignorance, people.
The forefathers of hip hop didn’t expect or insist on this destruction of their community.
Tyshawn will is in heaven. but his father had a choice whether to live in the gang life, or  protect his family so he will live in guilt in his private hell.

Tyshawn was executed, and treated worst than any animal…

A nine year old boy was murdered by the same adults that should have protected him. Imagine how he felt in that alley. Imagine him pleading for his life.

You have to admit, nothing or no color of affiliation should be responsible for destroying an innocent child’s life.
So many  black children are in their grave because they were dying to be Chief Keef, Lil Jay, Lil Reese, and other lost souls.
Tyshawn is in a casket  because his father decided to not be a valuable asset to his community.

I just can’t understand the brainwashing. No color of bandana  or ignorant affiliation is justification for the execution of a 9 year old.

Good bye, Tyshawn you will not be forgotten. If only your black life mattered to the black person that murdered you. 





sia breathe me ***messymandella***

thinkpoz.org – the simple things we forget *Marc’s life***messymandella***

stop bullies: braylee rice***messymandella***


“MARION, Ind. – Police in Marion are investigating the suicide of a seventh-grade girl at McCulloch Junior High School on Monday.

Braylee Rice, 14, hanged herself with a necktie on the bleachers behind the school, where she was found by a group of students

“She was in a class in the gym. At some point, she was able to go outside. We believe, at that time, she hanged herself,” said Marion Police Deputy Chief Cliff Sessoms.

There was some buzz on social media that Rice, an honor roll student, may have been bullied, but the school district denied the claims.

“There has been speculation about a connection to bullying, but at this early point in the investigation, there has been no indication of such a connection,” the district said in a statement.

Some parents told RTV6 that Rice had warned on her Facebook page that she was planning to commit suicide. mcculloch_jr_high_1367861302721_411140_ver1_0_320_240

Students were kept in their classrooms for the day, instead of moving from class to class or being released early, but school officials stressed that the building was not on lockdown, and many parents opted to pick up their children.

“In light of the tragic circumstances, we decided, after consulting with the State Department of Education, to keep school in session today on a modified schedule. The board is concerned for the safety of those children who may have gone home to empty houses, we opted to keep school open and in session,” the district said in a statement.

School officials said counseling was provided to students during school hours and on the bus that Rice rode.”What could have been so terrible that she decide life was not worth living? How does bullying and emotional abuse begin? This little beautiful girl, had to feel some imense pain. Poor Braley hanging herself, and not realizing that it gets better. I really wish she would have changed her plans on that tragic day. I hope the children that tortured her seek mental help. Speak out against bullying.

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