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Thirsty Thursday Sermon: Don’t Let You Caviar Taste Destroy Your Sardine Budget***messymandella***

Why pretend to have money when you broke?

Why do celebrities lose their homes and have tax evasion but still have ten thousand dollars on their arm?

It is the Caviar taste, but the Sardine Budget.

So would it be better to look wealthy in your new Jaguar while you have a refrigerator ketchup packs, and cheese slices?

Would you  sacrifice heat in your home and only have  one dollar in your pocket, just to be seen in a Ferrari?

Well that happens in real life.

Some ballers  live from couch to couch but still will go above and beyond to impress their peers with materialism beyond their means.

You can get so caught up in the image and not the truth. 

When a celebrity with the flare and style of Nas has to  give Kelis that monthly check, you wouldn’t think It would have been an issue.

Oh, but it was  because even when Kelis was “Bossy” and wearing those furs and harmonizing her voice sounding like a fax machine, she did not have any money.

Kelis  had clothes, jewelry, and weaves but no real collateral,but she ALWAYS bragged about her wealth.

Don’t believe the hype.


Don’t let yourself end up like Rich Dollars, a baller that can’t  afford his  child support. $11,000.00 in child support was just too damn much for Rich Dollar’s  and other Dead beats will floss but at the end of the day, it all comes out in the wash.

Happy Halloween From 18 Time Grammy Winner Jan Terri!***messymandella***

I understand if you hate me after this…

Fashion Flair Goes M.I.A.***messymandella***



Free At Last, Free At Last! Gucci Mane Is Free At Last, In His Mind…***messymandella***

We are still creating scenes, the stage play, “Gucci Mane:The Pregnant Thug Chronicle’s“ in his lifetime,no Guccie Mane is happy behind bars?  Gucci Mane has penned a letter from Reading Rainbow     his heart, to the people.

His entire livelihood has been based on Bond Hearings and beefs, maternity jumpsuits, and inconclusive interviews with anyone that

gave him a chance to express himself.

Well he now has an extended stay in the “Belly Of The Beast,” no pun intended…

It is frustrating to witness so many artist that are begging and praying for success, and the dummies who have it keep doing everyday

broke people $hit.

Now, maybe he will be required by  court to  help out in the nursery ,for at least  a few months.

 Gucci did not send a letter to me or call me for money, I am not on his commissary list, just his prayer list.

Here is Gucci Mane’s manifesto of sorts-Thank you !



 I refuse to comment on this letter.

It  will be great to see him stepping up to the plate.

I didn’t think he stepped away from it… Baby  coming soon!

Good News Gucci Mane is registered here.


He needs

Diapers by Baby Weight

Overnight Diapers

Swim Diapers

Diaper Bags

Diaper Pails & Refills

Wipes & Wipe Warmers

Diaper Cremes & Ointments

Portable Changing Pads & Sets

Ice Cream Magic Maker – Vanilla

Play-Doh Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset


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Timbaland – Give It To Me ft. Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake***messymandella***

RiRi The Leader of The Navy***messymandella***


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